Ahhhhhhhhhhhh S***!!!

“Deep Waters” by Dr. Dre ft Kendrick Lamar | Choreography by Mikey DellaVella

Dancers: Mikey DellaVella | Devin Solomon | Josh Lildewey Williams | Julian Ray Carmolinga | James BDash Derrick | Link to full video
Dr. Dre Searched By Cops in Alleged Racial Road Rage Case
"Dr. Dre was reportedly cuffed and searched at his Malibu home after a reported road rage dispute. Police reportedly handcuffed and searched Dr. Dre following an apparent road rage incident on Monday afternoon. According to TMZ, sources close to Dre said the 51-year-old rapper arrived at his Malibu home to find a car blocking his driveway. At Dre’s request, the man behind the wheel moved his vehicle, but sources say he began to scream obscenities at the Compton mogul as he did so. After Dre parked his car in his driveway, the man reportedly wouldn’t stop yelling, so the rapper took out his camera phone to video tape the verbal assault. But the screaming man claims it wasn’t a phone that was pulled—it was a deadly weapon. Sources told TMZ they heard the man say "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun." The motorist then called the police, who arrived at Dre’s house to cuff and search him for the weapon but found nothing. The police then uncuffed Dre and let him go, but the man who reported the gun was adamant about making a citizen’s arrest, so he filed a report detailing his claims...”

Relieved that he was not tasered or shot. Grateful that he kept his cool under pressure.