Dr Baldhead


Some miifoto to show Mii I create in Miitomo X)

The only Mii are from a nice website MiiCharacter.com is Link but all you see there are unfound in there; I create myself. :3
It was fun to make them, I’ll put the code if you want to use in your Miitomo, WiiU, 3DS or even in Tamagoshi Life (I wish I have this game TAT)

- Yume, Metana and Lilly
- F.A.N.G. vs. Faust/Dr.Baldhead
- Iron Tager
- Bendy
- Link and Yunobo

Uh… I don’t know how I can put the Mii QR Codes in MiiCharacter.com. I don’t have a 3DS or WiiU in hands.

So uh… How?