Dr Baldhead


New ID for DeviantArt!

There are my two personalities feat. Faust and Baldhead.

Left: Dreamy Artist (principal), it’s my joy and friendly personalities but also very shy and clumpsy. It’s the first thing you can see of myself: always smiling and ready for the party. The color dominante will be blue and white and the weapon is the spear/scalpel.

Right: Deadly Artist (alternate), it’s my opposite side of my personalities which sadness and loneliness but also hate and get anger quickly so, possibly a bath blood with sweet tortures. It’s always wear a mask to hide my face for hide my tears and shame. The “colors” dominante are Black and White, and the weapon is a axe (that sadly, I didn’t find a cool logo on it ._.;)

The reason I put Faust and Dr.Baldhead? Well, it’s to show that everyone has two personalities: the good and the bad.

I’ll probably color them, I’ve some pleasure to draw them so… Time to color them!

Mun: Awwww… I just made a profile about Baldhead but I found not so much information about Dr. Baldhead (execpt on wikia GG but anyway ._.;;;; ), I’ll have some lil’ difficult to play with… I’ll do it in my style! (like I do with Faust .w.;;; *shoot*)

I hope nobody it’s again this… That will make me embarassed if that bother you, specially Guilty Gear Fan and Rper .x.;

Please, don’t kill me… T-T