“I’ve sold thousands of pieces of latex in my life and I’m a doyen of the fetish scene. I love to get people from ‘here’ to ‘there.’ ‘Here’ is having a fetish and hiding it. ‘There’ is exploring it. Trust me, your dark secret is nothing I haven’t heard before. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just what you’re into. And there’s plenty of other people who are into the same thing. You should never feel shame. Unless of course shame gets you off.”

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I'm gonna be honest that the quote about Liam and the baby made me doubt a bit but your blog always helps me and reassures me. But I also like to hurt myself so I listened to the audio and if the audio came out before that quote I wouldn't have doubted for a second. Melly, Liam can barely sell it unless it's on print. I can't help laughing cause he seemed like he forgot his lines. Live interviewers are so telling

Here’s the thing! No matter how many Cherliam Lifetime Original Movie moments Team solo!Loammy have spun in the last two weeks, that’s still not going to make me and my Boobs Instincts forget the Lemony Snickett of fuckiness that occurred before that baby was born.

Let us put on our best Investigation Bras and go on a Journey of Fuckiness:

- Cherliam was announced as a Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive (February 27)

- The CheriamNews update account was created 2 full days prior to the Dan Wootton article revealing them as “secret lovers” (ohmygod i cannot type that with a straight face)

- Cheryl and Liam’s relationship immediately gets called out for being fake, because duh:

- But not before grossing everyone out by spinning a romance narrative that featured a 24 year old Cheryl and a 14 year old Loammy

- Cheryl’s 874 year long pregnancy begins, with pregnancy headlines running almost immediately, beginning in March 2016. Bump watch headlines begin in May:

- Which then leads to another Dan Wootton Hoofsclusive from a “source” that was 100% Cheryl that they were “trying” for a baby (never mind that they were dating for 10 minutes or that she was still legally married or that he was embarking on a solo career or who the fuck would announce to Dan Wootton they were “trying” for a baby in the first place ):

- Cheryl was baiting the press before she was even pregnant by wearing sack dresses one day with hand pressed to her belly, and the next wearing well tailored outfits. While all this was happening, she was also selling stories to the tabloids almost daily while simultaneously calling for her privacy. I can’t.  

- Through all of this, Loammy is only seen with Cheryl a small handful of times, having fucked off to LA for almost the entirety of her 874 year long pregnancy. To try and mitigate that, daily stories are run that seed reasons for Loammy’s absence during her pregnancy and for why Loammy won’t be present for raising that baby shortly after its born. 

- If that’s not enough fuckiness for you, there was also the fuckton of ran and solved blind items about Cherliam that were simultaneously running counter narratives.

But sure, nothing to see here, everything looks totally unsuspish and unfucky!


Horizontal Sections of the Adult Male
Top-to-Bottom: Mid-section of skull, section at maxilla [hard palate between sections], section below mandible

Eugène-Louis Doyen was a revolutionary (if flamboyant and controversy-loving) Parisian surgeon who lived between 1859 and 1919.

Long before the Visible Human Project created its 1,871 “slices” of Joseph Paul Jernigan at 1 mm intervals, and created over 65 gigs of anatomical data (and later created 40 gigs of data with a female cadaver), Doyen presented a new way of visualizing the cadaver: longitudinal and horizontal sections, showing exactly how the human anatomy goes together in each area, without the context of seeing the full organs or bones.

Though the full usefulness of these unorthodox sections wasn’t truly appreciated until the advent of tomography in the early 1970s, they were noted to be helpful to early radiologists, and especially to the burgeoning fields of criminal forensics and forensic archaeology.

Atlas d'anatomie topographique. Eugène-Louis Doyen. 1911.

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melly, i saw liam's titanic interview and i think he was joking? like, it sounded a lot like playful teasing between friends or something

Alright, so here’s the thing. Like most things in life, timing is everything, and I belieb the Lemony Snickett timing for this has a lot to do with the reactions that it got. Couple it with the fact that Zayn can’t swim (which I don’t at all think Liam was thinking about at the time), and you’ve got yourself a real fuckstorm.

Let’s just thrown the video down here for all the folks at home:

So you have to look at the context of this for maximum impact - less then 12 hours prior to Loammy saying this, the Dan Wootton podcast aired, and we got these comments about Zayn that were like a grenade to the boob:

I won’t go into the problematicness of the comments again (and they were problematic), but  before the fandom could nurse its wounds with some soothing carbohydrates or Spanish power ballads, or  even move on to the next dumpster fire, in ass o’clock in the morning UK time the very next day, Loammy did the interview that netted the Titanic comment, and that seriously compounded the issue and made it feel like a Zayn slag fest. 

I do kind of think Doyen Global did some Business Hoe miscalculations in terms of fandom discourse. Just gonna throw this out here and leave it on the table next to my Cheetos, but some of that could be a byproduct of the fact that Doyen Global is a company run by dudes, that up until recently was focused on dude sports (that also has a fandom comprised of - you guessed it - mostly dudes) and might not fully get why a fandom largely comprised of women looked at the Zayn comments over those 12 hours and were like

But yeah, to sum this up, I think that if that Titanic comment had been delivered a few days or a week or whatever later, it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal as it was.


Britain in Pictures series 

The books were designed to boost morale but perhaps also record the British way of life in case the Germans completed their European campaign by successfully crossing the English Channel. The books were slim volumes with distinctive elegant covers, but it was the star-studded array of authors that made the series really special.

George Orwell wrote about the British people, Cecil Beaton wrote about English photography, the great poet and printer Francis Meynell wrote about English books, John Betjeman (who penned the immortal line” Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough” in 1937) wrote about cities and towns, Graham Greene wrote about dramatists, the doyen of sports journalists Neville Cardus wrote about cricket and Edith Sitwell wrote about women. Some of the authors have faded in obscurity but they were all experts in their field during those dark days of World War II.

A wide variety of subjects were covered from battlefields to boxing, clocks to mountaineering, butterflies to farm animals, and from waterways and canals to maps and map-makers. In all, there were were 132 titles. The books also covered the Commonwealth – John Buchan’s wife, Lady Tweedsmuir wrote about Canada while Ngaio Marsh and R M Burdon wrote about New Zealand.

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Who is Adam Kelly and what meaning does he have? Because he recently followed two (?) Ziam accounts on twitter and I just don't understand why and how that is relevant.

Adam Kelly is a Business Hoe who is the Digital Manager for Doyen Global, also known as Team Loammy.  I was going to look for a real photo of him, but I’m really busy setting up my new Kindle, so here’s a gif of him doing some kind of shimmy next to Loammy and looking like a pleasant faced nondescript white man from a distance. Its a pretty thrilling gif, because Liam’s chain narrowly misses clubbing Adam Kelly in the face:

You can tell Adam Kelly does shit because he has a very large man satchel strapped to him. 

Suhhhh, why is Adam Kelly following the ZiamNews significant? Well, two reasons, I think. The first is that it says they are well aware of Ziam as a “ship” and what it means in terms of interfandom relations (and really, any Business Hoe worth their salt would have done a really lengthy study and analysis of their artist’s fandom anyway). The second is that it means they’re likely smart enough to have figured out how to make what other teams might consider a problem work for them. So, with that, I’m pretty interested to see how their solo!Loammy social media strategy shakes it in the next few weeks/months/whatevs.