Last night I experienced some @sixpenceee shit. I was walking around in my home town (which is actually really high in paranormal/spooky stuff like we have a new age store downtown. I live in the bible belt) and I had this pulling feeling to go down this road (first picture) and at the very end of it was this house (second picture) and I just got bad vibes all the way down the street. Before I go on I just want to mention I have a bit of a sixth sense. I get vibes from people or places and usually it’s only if I feel like they have bad intentions or if there is just a negative feeling or something, it’s a gut feeling and I usually listen to it. Anyway, about half way down there was this one road I felt like I needed to go down but the pull to this house was stronger.

I turned around to go back to the main road. The whole time though I kept turning around and checking out the house and stuff and I swear to god the hall light on the second floor was getting brighter the farther I walked away. I finally got to that crossroad again and I was just going to go back to the main road but I felt that pull again so I was like “this is a bad idea” but I did it anyway. Bad idea. I found out this crossroad ended near the cemetery. It was getting really dark and I knew it would be quicker to cut through the cemetery because it’s literally two blocks away from my house. So I went in. At night. There are only lights at the entrances and really dim ones on very few of the tombstones.

So I’m walking and I know I don’t need to freak out, it’ll just attract bad things but it was really dark and that house spooked me a bit. So I kept walking, occasionally turning on my flashlight on my phone to look at the paths a bit more clearly. I saw the gate near my house and thought this path I was on would lead me right to it but I took a step and stopped. There was no direct path, which was really weird because I swore there was a path there before. And I have a thing about cutting through the yard and being among the tombstones so I had to go around and take a longer path.

At this point I felt Something coming from the back/opposite side of the cemetery (for a small town, this is a huge cemetery) and I freaked and called my friend. I finally made it to my gate and went through. I was talking off my nerves and everything and I was starting to feel less bad vibes. I looked back and checked the gate a couple of times but one time I turned around and looked longer than just a glance and I got the worst feeling of the whole night. Whatever was following me made it to the gate. I’m a little mad I didn’t take a picture but I really didn’t want to stop for one. But just imagine a dark street with bare trees on one side of the road and some rough looking houses on the other with a gate at the end. And this gate is only tangible because of the yellow light cast upon it. Nothing seems to exist past this gate, there’s just black space behind it. It was eerie. I hightailed it out of there and stayed on the phone with my friend until I got home.


There is an incredible (and attractive) man in downtown Denver, Colorado that sits in front of the Tattered Cover book store that (for a tip) will make up a poem on the spot about whatever topic you want. He’s amazing! I chose Sunflowers as my topic and this is what he came up with. 🌼 I recommend anyone in the area to go see him. He’s really really nice too.


World of Disney by Sabrina Hazen
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Downtown Disney, CA

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40 and Peter Parker?

Characters: Reader x Peter Parker

Warnings: swearing

Prompts: “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.”

Word Count: 334

A/N: tbh this prompt sums up my life anyway here you go !!

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“Shit,” Peter muttered as he grabbed a hoodie and stumbled out of the door. “Shit, shit, shit, I’m late!” 

Quickly grabbing his backpack and stuffing his Spiderman suit inside, he sprinted out of the house and down the street. He didn’t had time to put the suit in it’s usual hiding spot. He looked down at his watch, cursed again when he saw he was now ten minutes late, and tried to run faster.

He had just come back from stopping some thieves at a jewellery store downtown. It was a pretty easy job, he had just handed the guys off the the cops when he remembered: he had a date! A date with you, one of his best friends that he had secretly had a crush on for ages! It took him weeks to build up the courage to finally ask you out, and now he was – he checked the watch again – fifteen minutes late.

Out of breath, he ran up to the cafe that the two of you decided to meet at. Relieved, he saw you standing outside, nervously straightening your shirt. You scanned the street, and your face lit up when you saw Peter.

“Peter!” you called out, waving to him. 

“I’m am so sorry I’m late.” Peter blurted, and you smiled and shook your head.

“It’s fine, Peter, I-” you paused abruptly, looking at him up and down. Peter stuffed his hands in his pockets, suddenly feeling self conscious. “Are you okay?”

“Why’d you ask?”

“You’re wearing two different shoes.”

Blushing, Peter looked down and saw that you were correct. 

“God!” he exclaimed, running his hands through his hair. “When I finally get you out on a date, I manage to screw it up by looking like a dork.”

“Busy day, huh?” you laughed, and Peter sheepishly shrugged. You took his hand, and he blushed again. “Well you do look like a dork, but that makes me like you even more. Now come on, let’s finally go inside. I’m starving.”

Black and Red
Title: Black and Red
Link (if posted elsewhere): AO3
Square filled: Lingerie
Ship: John Winchester x female reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, unprotected sex   
Summary: John pays you a visit. You show off your new purchase.
Word Count: 1357
Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Author’s Notes:  Written for @spnkinkbingo. Also for #52 on the Kink List requested by an anon.

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one day i’ll see you, again,
we’ll both pick up a macchiato
or i’ll bump into you at the grocery store
downtown and we’ll pretend
we never knew each other;
not a simple nod, not a wave or a glance…
and that scares me.

i walked into a downtown clothing store and asked for something that goes with my style and she came with a hoodie that has 2 topless siamese chicks on the back what im trying to say is this is really all im gonna wear now