"McDonald's and Walmart can afford to pay the $15 minimum wage!"

You’re right, they probably can. You know who can’t? Mr. and Mrs. Smith who run the corner store downtown. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are going to go out of business because they could never afford to pay the workers that much if they were legally required to. And McDonald’s and Walmart aren’t really upset about paying the higher wages because they’ve just driven all their competitors of business. I don’t want to hear you complaining about big corporations running small businesses out of town if you support raising the minimum wage to a level that small businesses could never reach.

~A List of Things to Live For~

•The breeze in your hair when you roll down the window
•When the rays of sunshine pour into your room when you wake up
•Taking the laundry out of the dryer and it’s soft and warm
•Hot Cocoa in the winter
•Wearing clothes that make you happy
•Finding someone who inspires you
•Discovering new music
•Seeing a dog while taking a walk
•Not being able to put down a good book
•Going on a drive with no destination
•The smell of old bookstores
•the sound of the waves when they break
•Taking walks downtown and looking at store windows
•Having someone run their fingers through your hair
•Watching old movies
•Getting cheesecake even though it’s 3am
•When you can’t stop smiling until it hurts
•Soft blankets

Feel free to add more❤

Last night I experienced some @sixpenceee shit. I was walking around in my home town (which is actually really high in paranormal/spooky stuff like we have a new age store downtown. I live in the bible belt) and I had this pulling feeling to go down this road (first picture) and at the very end of it was this house (second picture) and I just got bad vibes all the way down the street. Before I go on I just want to mention I have a bit of a sixth sense. I get vibes from people or places and usually it’s only if I feel like they have bad intentions or if there is just a negative feeling or something, it’s a gut feeling and I usually listen to it. Anyway, about half way down there was this one road I felt like I needed to go down but the pull to this house was stronger.

I turned around to go back to the main road. The whole time though I kept turning around and checking out the house and stuff and I swear to god the hall light on the second floor was getting brighter the farther I walked away. I finally got to that crossroad again and I was just going to go back to the main road but I felt that pull again so I was like “this is a bad idea” but I did it anyway. Bad idea. I found out this crossroad ended near the cemetery. It was getting really dark and I knew it would be quicker to cut through the cemetery because it’s literally two blocks away from my house. So I went in. At night. There are only lights at the entrances and really dim ones on very few of the tombstones.

So I’m walking and I know I don’t need to freak out, it’ll just attract bad things but it was really dark and that house spooked me a bit. So I kept walking, occasionally turning on my flashlight on my phone to look at the paths a bit more clearly. I saw the gate near my house and thought this path I was on would lead me right to it but I took a step and stopped. There was no direct path, which was really weird because I swore there was a path there before. And I have a thing about cutting through the yard and being among the tombstones so I had to go around and take a longer path.

At this point I felt Something coming from the back/opposite side of the cemetery (for a small town, this is a huge cemetery) and I freaked and called my friend. I finally made it to my gate and went through. I was talking off my nerves and everything and I was starting to feel less bad vibes. I looked back and checked the gate a couple of times but one time I turned around and looked longer than just a glance and I got the worst feeling of the whole night. Whatever was following me made it to the gate. I’m a little mad I didn’t take a picture but I really didn’t want to stop for one. But just imagine a dark street with bare trees on one side of the road and some rough looking houses on the other with a gate at the end. And this gate is only tangible because of the yellow light cast upon it. Nothing seems to exist past this gate, there’s just black space behind it. It was eerie. I hightailed it out of there and stayed on the phone with my friend until I got home.

An Aquarius watched me as I tried to assemble something for her, and she watched with her arms crossed and laughed at me struggling and said, “Do I always have to do everything myself, or what?” And I finally gave up and looked at her, laughing sheepishly. A simple table. A simple problem. A simple us.

An Aries said, “No, stop right there mister…” teasingly as I kiss her neck, her hand placed around my head as she stood on the balconey with me. “You play too much.” she turned to face me and push me inside and closed the doors behind her and seductively walked towards me. I messed up. She always love to take the reigns.

A Cancer and I were out on a picnic one night, and she laid down and pointed at the stars and the constellations, and I watched her as she explained each and every one. Then she pointed at something and said, “That’s Cancer.. like me!” she laughed, and closed her eyes as the wind blew through. “Being here with you is beautiful.. thank you for being with me, love..”

A Capricorn sat ontop of me and showed me her scars. She placed my fingers on each scar and explained why she did this, but I was busy looking at her as she was explaining. She then looked back at me and said with a smile on her face, “I’m not that person anymore, so don’t worry, okay? When I have my lows I’ll come to you. Okay?” She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest and looks into my eyes. To think she was at an awful place in her life and now she’s this woman I’ve grown to love and saw amazing changes from her.

A Gemini slowly pulled me into her arms, and kissed me softly on my cheek, then let me go. Then all of a sudden got pulled back again and squeezed my cheeks. “Goodness, I’m so in love with you. I hate you. No, I love you. I love you so much, but you’re so arrghh..” Kissed me again and just pulled into a hold and not let me go.

A Leo twirled her dress for me and then made a pose and asked me what I thought of it. Before I could answer she shook her head and rushed back into her closet to change, and I can hear her muttering how she wanted everyone to turn and face her when walked in. I said it was typical of her to say that and laughed, only for her to come out in her underwear and sitting down on the bed and told me to take it back or we’ll be late because of me.

A Libra sat infront of me and held some crystals she bought from her favorite store downtown. I looked at her and back down at the crystals, she laughed at my expression and explained me what they were for and what they have to offer. “I trust the vibes and the energy, baby. So trust me on this..”

A Pisces and I were out driving one night, and stopped at this beautiful and secluded area, and we watched the stars together. We talked the whole night about our dreams and passion, and she suddenly climbed ontop of me seductively, reaching for my hands and holding it in hers. She smiled down at me and said, “Will you drown in me? Come and jump the waves for me. Explore me, devour me..” Inching herself closer to my lips. Everything felt just right with her…

A Sagittarius was too busy with her computer game, cussing as she dies and talks to herself as the other members of her party mess up. She then notices me looking at her, and smiles at me, then looks back at the screen. Suddenly, she places her headphones down and walked towards me. Cuddled with me for 4 minutes, and slowly stood up and walked towards to the computer. “I needed your healing powers..” and laughed.

A Scorpio shot me when I stepped into her apartment, and she laughed as I stumbled back. I looked back at her, and she had a smug smirk on her face. She then threw an extra gun at me and told me I have 10 seconds to hide. This was typical for us to do and coming home to her like this is always something I always look forward to.

A Taurus covered me in kisses and laughed, rolled herself on her side of the bed and then suddenly turned around to face me, then hurriedly back to roll ontop of me, laughing. She placed her hands on my chest and looked down at me. “God, look at me. Look at what you’re doing to me. I used to be so cynical about the world and I made sure to had my head up high all proud and.. you, you beautiful asshole. You’re bringing back the old me..” She leans down to kiss me passionately.

A Virgo rested her head on my chest and trailed her fingertips on my chest, “You mean well and I can tell.. But look me in the eyes and tell me you love me, honestly. I don’t want to play anymore games. This is my ultimatum.” She lifted herself up to look into my eyes. I stared deep into those brown eyes. Her lips a little quivering. She was scared, she’s been hurt too many times and she’s opening up to me. I slowly leaned to kiss her, and said I do. She slowly let out a sigh of relief. “Good. You didn’t lie..” and smiled and started to act goofy with me.

—  The Little Things

Person A and person b are laying in bed cuddling.

Person A-“you know, I was skeptical about this, but you were right, it feels great ”

Person b smiles -“See, I told you you’d like it and it’s not even awkward at all, is it?”

Person A-“no babe, you were right, I’m glad you talked me into doing this, I love you”

Person B-“love you too you big dork” playfully messes up their hair

Person A turns around -“how about a kiss, since we’re being daring today?

The two lock lips but are interpreted by a loud voice on the intercom

"ATTENTION, can the couple in the mattress section please refrain from making out, either buy it or get out, but definitely don’t start what we all think is going to happen ”

Person a turns red-“so you wanna buy it?”

Person b-“nah, let’s just go”

The two walk out of the store buying nothing and getting strange looks from everyone in there

Person A-“so what now babe?”

Person b-“there’s another mattress store downtown, if you’re interested”

Person A-“I’ll get the car!”


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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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Hello may I request a hc ^^ because I love makeup I wonder how the rfa + saeran would be like shopping at a makeup store with mc and they see mc gushing at the pretty eyeshadow colours of an eye palette or they see mc trying on lipstick in the store. Or a hc where mc is excited to them their makeup collection and mc is explaining to them what their fav products are. I hope this isn't too much. Thank you lovely~ <333

Cute! Hope you like these~


  • You were just shopping in the mall when you saw a new store open up
  • You dragged him inside
  • Zen knew a little bit about make-up because of his career
  • But honestly, he mostly knew about foundation
  • Could tell you which brands are the best and going into style
  • Thinks he knows a lot about make-up because of his modeling jobs….well…
  • “MC, look at this eyeliner.”
  • “Zen, that’s for your eyebrows.”
  • His pride was hurt
  • He listens to you ask you talk about countour and different lipstick shades and all that
  • In the end, he actually buys himself a bunch of masks and beauty products
  • “Zen, you bought more than I did!”


  • He had been shopping in GameGo (Gamestop lolol)
  • You saw a new make-up shop Seforah (lolol try to stop us) across the way and begged for him to tag along
  • He agreed, but he was lost the second he stepped into the store
  • He thinks the eyelash curler is an instrument of torture
  • Constantly asking you what all these colors are for
  • “Who wears purple lipstick???”
  • You chuckle and put a sample of it on your lips
  • He’s stunned for a few moments
  • “You’re an exception, MC. You look good in anything.”
  • After you try on several eye shadows, he wants to buy it for you as a gift
  • You ask if he’s sure, considering you had one pallet and two lipsticks  in your bag
  • He insists thinking it’s going to be like 30 bucks
  • Then you get to the register
  • You see his face and you’re kind enough to settle for one lipstick for now so he doesn’t feel bad


  • She doesn’t wear much make up
  • She watched you do your make up once and asked how you did it
  • You drag her out to the closest make up store
  • She’s very confused as to what to buy
  • You help her pick up some eye shadow and new eyeliner and mascara
  • She likes a natural look, so you stay with those tones
  • Surprisingly, she kind of goes crazy in the lipstick section
  • She buys a set of bold red colors
  • When you get home, she gets a whole make over
  • She doesn’t get dolled up every day, but definitely on special occasions


  • His company is about to buy off a new brand of make-up that opened
  • Before the deal is finalized, he wants to check out its potential
  • He asks you to come along and check out it’s store downtown since he hears you talk about make up a lot
  • You didn’t realize he was taking you to heaven
  • You’re going crazy hopping from product to product
  • It takes you an hour to realize he’s been putting everything you said you liked in a cart
  • “Jumin, no! This is really expensive stuff!”
  • “But if you like it and it makes you happy, you’ll put it to use. It’s not like it’s going to be wasted.”
  • You did make him put back half of the cart.
  • He refused to leave without buying you something
  • You have a supply of make-up for a year


  • He needed to stock up on Ph.D. Pepper
  • He thought you were right beside him, but he lost you when you passed the make up aisle
  • You tell him that you were thinking about doing galaxy-inspired eye shadow
  • He walks past you and skillfully picks out two or three pallets and throws them into the cart
  • While you’re looking at some brushes, you hear him gasp loudly
  • He holds up two small boxes that have those soda flavored chapsticks
  • He buys the Ph.D. Pepper ones for each of you
  • Just before you leave, you’re fascinated by one of those electronic blending brushes
  • A few days later, you find one in your make-up bag, except there’s a cat on the top
  • You didn’t need a note to know who it was from


  • He doesn’t know how he got here
  • But somehow…he got dragged along and was now staring at a wall with colors he didn’t know existed
  • You ask for his help in picking out a color scheme for the next party
  • For some reason, he keeps picking out different shades of burgundy or mint
  • He swears all the colors are the same
  • You two actually end up bickering over which shades are lighter or darker or just the same
  • He’s fascinated by the facial care gadgets
  • He’s asking the sales clerk questions about how they are built
  • No, Saeran…they only sell them. They’re not engineers

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“Thank you for calling [chain store], this is [my name], how can I help you?”

“I need to speak to Jeff please.”

“Nobody by the name of Jeff works here. Were you perhaps looking for the downtown store?”

“I need to speak to Jeff.”

“There is no Jeff here sir.”

“This is [chain store]?”


“The [chain store] on [street]?”

“[Street] and [cross street], yes.”

“Give me the number for the store on [street].”

“This is the store on [street], sir.”

“Well then I need to speak to Jeff.”

“There is no Jeff here, sir. But we have two other stores in town. I can give you their numbers.”

“Sure, give me the number for the one on [street].”

“This… This is the one on [street].”

“Well then let me speak to Jeff.”

I handed him off to a manager  ._.

Autumn – [BTS] Yoongi!Au

[A/N] Song: Dead Leaves by Prod. Min Suga.

“Autumn is really at its height now, look at all the dead leaves on the street.” Mother huffed.

Who’d knew that cracking eggs could be so therapeutic?

Two. Three, and four eggs into the large bowl. Until Yoongi’s mother handed you a large fork as she past, and her voice intruded your thoughts. “…The infamous egg roll we’ve all missed. I never thought I would be tasting that again.” She smiled fondly at the onion she peeled and chopped them into halves. You grinned sheepishly, feeling kind of proud that they’ve spoken about it even when you’re not there. The last time they ate it, was at least three to four years ago. “I’m going to make it extra delicious today, with little bits of sausages,” you started whisking gently.

“…Do you need salt?” You heard her asked and replied a simple nod. “…It’s been awhile since we do this, isn’t it?” She proceeds to chop the onions thinly next, before moving to the carrots. Then she inhaled and exhaled deeply, as if she had been thinking a lot if she should say this or not, but knowing you since you were a teenager, she didn’t hesitate. “… Why can’t Yoongi just date you? You’re smart. You know how to cook. You’re absolutely adorable.” She blinked to the blade and your smile thinned a bit, as if you know how she feels about it. That unfortunate feeling. “…Mom,” you affectionately called her, even if you were not blood-related. The relationship you shared is as close as the one a mother and a daughter would share. “…Everyone has their own type. Yoongi has his. We don’t have to be in a relationship for this to happen… Didn’t you say he brought some of them home to you? The girls,” You prepared the skillet on the stove and turned the heat on before sprinkling some oil on them.

“He dated a few girls. I don’t think it was dating. More like, how should I put it?” Yoongi’s mother pauses before snapping her head up when she had the word in her head and out her lips, “…Passing time.” You snickered lightly. You never understood people who has a relationship in order to pass time. You’ve always thought that relationship are something very intimate between two individuals, and if the relationship is because of love and affection, then it should have preceded to marriage. That is the very objective of dating—to be married. “How were they like?” You thought changing the subject would divert the attention from you but Yoongi’s mother wasn’t intending to leave you behind just yet. “…Just pretty.” You snorted at her answer and she giggled along with you. “Ah! Mother! That’s not very nice.” Your wrist rotated the pan to let oil even out before you take the bowl filled with whisked egg.

You pour the entire amount into the pan at medium heat. The sizzling sound filled the living room, and down the hallway of Yoongi’s apartment. The laughter died down. “But it’s true. That’s all they were. Just…pretty.” Mother laid her knife to rest and leaned her back to the counter watching you at work, expertly controlling the stove and pan. Hair tight in a messy bun, dashing to the counter to grab the chopped onions and bell peppers. “…But boys will be boys, mother.” You stated and turned to her and her puppy eyes, begging for what you already knew. Her gazes spoke louder than words, just pleading.You had to break contact, and stared at your feet, shaking your head lightly, “…Would you want him to be with someone he doesn’t like? I mean, it’s Yoongi.” You shrugged your shoulder, turn off the stove, and then goes leaning against the counter, oppose to Yoongi’s mother.

“…I want Yoongi to be happy. What matters most, is that.” Your eyes slide to hers slowly and you tilted your head to the side, smiling, hoping to mend her heart by it. “…What a fine daughter-in-law you’ll make to someone, one day,” she murmured, and averting her eyes and body to resumed chopping green onions, and, “…I’m already jealous of her.” The front door beeped open, and before you could even see his face, he was mumbling through a short walkway approaching the kitchen. Paper bags in arms, a couple of fruits, heavy footsteps with socks, muttering, “I had to go all the way downtown, because the convenient store downstairs? They ran out of meat. I bought watermelon and some honeydew.” He placed them all on the counter. “…Did you get the flower beetroot?” You inched next to him as he got rid of his jacket. He looked down and nodded on the list you wrote. “This one was a bit tricky. Who’d knew there was so many types of mushroom?” Yoongi whined and his lips becomes pouty, like always. You giggled, and start to organize the things. “It’s your turn now.” You said to him, passing him a bowl. “…Braised spicy seafood? It’s my time now? Let me wash my hands.” He started rolling up his sleeves and a flash came from mother’s direction. “You two really looked like a married couple.” She excited safe the photo from her phone and Yoongi started groaning in dissatisfaction, “…Mother! We are handling serious issue here. Is this the time to take pictures?”

You pinched him by the sleeve and urged him to go wash his hands quickly instead of bickering with his mother and he wordlessly go. “I have to do the squids right? Take out the guts and everything?” He asked while drying his washed hands. You nodded while taking a bite from the cookie in his hand, he took the rest of the unbitten piece in his mouth like it’s the most natural thing in the world. “…You need to strip the squid and wash the guts off. The tentacles needs to be skewed with your nail. That’s where most of the dirt are,” before exclaiming in full-mouth, “Is this soft cookie from Betty’s Cookie Jar shop?” Yoongi took the knife from Mother’s chopping board and started to clean the squids, nodding. You turned your head up to where Mother is, but she disappeared to the hallway with her phone, “…How small do you want your squid?” Yoongi’s question made you resumed plating the eggrolls on a cute plate.

“Bite-size.” You shot. Yoongi’s lips protruded as he focused. “How’s work?” He asked, and you clicked your tongue immediately, right after. “I think I have my answers.” He smacked his lips together and slightly nodded while you throw your head back, laughing. “We agreed not to talk about work on this fine weekend!” You scolded him, slapping his arm playfully. “…I went on a blind date…” You started. “Oh?” Yoongi replied, his smile is gone and all that’s left is that stoned expression as he gathered his squid into a plate. You took the pot from the side and placed them on the stove. “Yeah. He was nice.” You recalled. The guy wore loose white Polo shirt with jeans. He had this ridiculously gorgeous smile and an expensive wrist watch that he made sure, was seen by you. Or maybe you were a bit sceptical.

You also remembered that he liked reading. He was reading when you came. And you noticed that he was honest, too. Provided in the way you eyed his phone when a message came he promptly answered your questioning eyes with a blunt, unpretentious, “…A notification about a book I ordered. It says it’s coming tomorrow.” He gave you that same smile again, and you nibbled the piece of meat from your fork. “…You know, you’re the first girl I’ve ever went on a date with, who ordered steak instead of salads.” He tips his head back then to the side, as if he had been contemplating to say it, all this time you were here. “I like my steaks.” You gushed, shamelessly and the twinkle in his eyes tells you that it wasn’t something he would be despised of, but yet, something he actually adored.

“It’s a compliment! It’s really a compliment,” he showed his toothy smile, hiding the embarrassment behind his large pair of hands. “I’m sorry if I made it sound like it’s a bad thing.” His laughter cools down and you suddenly starting to feed on his adorable grin, with your cheeky eyes. “Everything you say sounded like a government’s mans’ speech. Maybe it’s your deep voice. It’s very sexy.” You blurted out, confidently. He cleared his throat and reached for a glass of water, before it tips overs splashed the liquid over the carpeted floor. You handed him your glass and waved for a waiter. The dinner date ended shortly after, and unlike his confident expressions before, he constantly look away, apologizing and staying oddly quiet. The event affected him. He sent you off with a taxi, fully paid and you knew from the way he turned his back to you, you were not going to see him ever again. Not because you weren’t a potential girlfriend, but because he couldn’t forgive himself for making a mistake, no one intended. And you knew from that, that he is going to be hard to please and he will self-blame himself until it consumes him. A relationship with him will become toxic if he doesn’t reciprocate an approach you initiated.

You blinked, and you were back in the kitchen with a very silent Yoongi. And the conversation ended there, until Yoongi’s mother walked back in.

“Everything good?” She greeted.
“Yeah.” “Yup.”

The lunch on a Saturday began shortly after Yoongi finished making his braised spicy seafood. You were listening to mom ranting about a shop assistant who wouldn’t explain why her coupons couldn’t be used, while Yoongi stays very quiet. You noticed that and looked at him, from across the table. You placed an eggroll in his bowl, he picks them up with his chopstick, took them in his mouth and snapped his head to the side, chewing. His jaw muscle tensed. “I mean,” Mother began, “…I don’t understand.” Yoongi cleaned up his plate with a single swipe of the spoon. “…Why won’t you guys date?” Mother finished her sentence and you dropped your gaze to your bowl. Yoongi took his away and pushed the chair back, signalling that he’s done with his lunch, “…I know right.” Yoongi started to rinse his bowl, tilting his head back a little, gawking an insincere smile.

“…Why won’t we date?” He dried his hands, take the plate of frozen honeydew from the fridge and to the table where you were. “You guys will be perfect for each other. I like her. Tell me, darling, is it Yoongi?” Mother patted your knee underneath the table. A broken smile crept on your lips, hesitantly. The chopstick you used to eat seemed so heavy. As you recalled the events that unfold in your head when you heard the word ‘date’ and ‘Yoongi’ in one sentence.

It must have been a week after the summer ended, and autumn began, several years ago. The autumn leaves started to scatter every time the wind blows. Yoongi’s attention shifted to the ground while you gaze up to the only leaf that’s hanging on the twig of a frail-looking tree, by the small pond of your hometown. “Barely hanging on.” You whispered. And in Yoongi’s head, was all the words he wished he could have said, his silence that you understood so much and you passed a knowing smile. “…I know you want to hold on,” You said to him, digging your hands far into the hoodie he lend you. “…But I want you see the world. See other girls. Date many other girls, first. And if, you still want me, you can come back to me. I just don’t want you to feel like you’re making a mistake when you are in a relationship with me.” You explained.

Ridiculous. One word in Yoongi’s head.

Why would wanting to date you—be a mistake? Why would wanting to choose you, of all these girls around, be a mistake? Why is it wrong to want someone you want? Yoongi thought that you didn’t think he was good enough. That’s why he didn’t bother to fight for you. A withering love that he felt, wasn’t the same thing you feel. You were simply giving him a choice. Yoongi knows only you, and it would be a waste for him to never know all the types of girls out there, when he could. “So you don’t want me.” He spat, forcing his lips out and nodded, sourly at the trees above. “No… I just don’t want you to feel spared of what the world had to offer.” You softly say, kicking air. “I don’t care what the world had to offer,” He slummed, and he sighs, “…And if you put it that way, then fine. I’ll roam around the world, see other people, but only because you told me to, not because I wanted to. I can’t hold on to things that wants to drift away.” The heavy conversation dims that way, with no words from you. You left for main city to study, and Yoongi went to do resumed his passion. Both of you went separate ways. For a while, for two, three years.

Yoongi walked past the living room and snatched his iPad before walking down the hallway to his room. “Why don’t you guys date?” Mother asked, impatiently. “Ask her…” Yoongi grumbled.

Sun is setting soon, after spending the whole day with Yoongi and his mom, you told them you needed to go. But Yoongi’s mother always had an excuse to let you stay an hour longer. And an hour become two, two became three and before you know it, it was an hour before midnight. This time, Yoongi’s mother was laying asleep on the couch and Yoongi grabbed the car key across the table while you waited at the door. “…Come up with something so she’ll think I left because of emergencies.” You advised Yoongi, walking out the main door. “I’m not going to lie to my mother.” He grumbled back at you, leading the way to the elevator. “…It’s not the first time you lied to her.” You darted back, “You think she would really believe that you and the girls you brought home was just, a friendly fling? What a total bullshit.” You chucked your tongue. “You think I’m sleeping with them?” He shot.

“Why wouldn’t you?” You arched an eyebrow at him, challenging.

Yoongi passed you a look that screams, unbelievable. “All these years of knowing me, and still, you would think I would sleep with just any girls. Am I a fuckboy?”

“With those looks? Undeniably, yes.”
“Well glad to hear that. Everything is going as planned, yes?” He bit his lower lip as the lift descends to the parking lot. You didn’t think you needed to answer that. It was a trick question. He was clearly trying to remind you what you said to him on that autumn morning. Freeing him from his ‘leash’, releasing him from the latch he wants to be in. Drifting away from him, because you thought you were not enough for him, when he is clearly all you need. The drive home was accompanied by songs you knew he arranged. One particular song brought you back to that very day, and it was titled, ‘Dead Leaves’. You looked out the car window in silent, watching arrays of trees dancing in the subtle wind. The street partially empty down this side of the city, and you were overwhelmed with feelings you can’t explain.

So you started to speak, very slowly, just as the song ended. There was no track right after that one, suggests that it must have been the end of the track. “…I had a very difficult three years.”

“Mom’s health was deteriorating. Dad was working at 67, and I couldn’t find a job. My little brother was getting wavered by online games, and he was skipping class.” You blinked slowly at the view of the street, from the moving car. “…I had no one to turn to. I was devastated, and at many point during that span of three years, I thought of…disappearing. I thought of horrible things. I couldn’t stand at the top of the building, not wanting to be at the edge. I stared at the ceiling fan in my room, already knowing how to tie a knot with the belt. I put my face in the pillow and just when I started to stop breathing, I turned to the side, gasping for air. You have no idea how many times I said to myself, to live just one more day.” You wiped away a trickle of tear with the back of your hand. Yoongi stayed very silent, as usual.

“…Wow, I’ve been keeping this inside me for so long. Because couldn’t find the time to cry.” You giggled and sniffed. Yoongi was making a left turn to the apartment you stayed in, the guards granted entry and he walked you up to your apartment, accompanying you. “Thank you, for listening to my unfortunate rants. Thank you for letting me cook in your apartment. Thank you for being a good son and friend. Thank you for coming all the way up here to send me home. Just thank you so much, now off you go.” You said, standing behind the door of your apartment and when you were just about to shut the door, Yoongi placed his hand on it, stopping you. He hung his head low and you asked him why he did that.

He looked at you with a pair of eyes you didn’t recognise coming from Yoongi, through his bangs and filled with something you couldn’t quite decipher. “How dare you lived a life without me,” he grumbled, pushing the door wider as he speaks, “…I like the fact that you suffered without me. But I hate the fact that you didn’t run to me, when you could have. And should have.” He is in your apartment completely now, clenching his jaws. “Because of your pride?” He tips his head to the side a bit before grabbing you, before you could even reply, held you by the back of your neck and placed his lips on you. He took your scent in as if he had been waiting for so long for this, inhaling you. And his kiss was gentle as it progresses, oozing a lot of love with every inch of its movement, easing you into the mood. One hand on your hip, the other behind your head, holding you in place. You feel the wall behind you, fully. Your head was protected by his hand so it won’t drill against the concrete while he spills verses of love through his elaborated kisses.

You broke the kiss and he pants, with a boyish grin on his face, “…What pride?” He eyed you up and down, eating you up. He thumbed your lips, lovingly, as if he was trying to memorise how it felt and tasted like. “I think you still want me.” Yoongi tips his eyes up, and instead of lust, he was looking at you with much care. In contrast of how he initiated the kiss. Maybe it was the spur of the moment. But those eyes that are looking at you right now, is the eyes of the Yoongi you left by the small pond of your home town, many years ago. And he is back, with the same desire, slightly older but is heavily prepared to regain what he’s lost. “Are you sure it’s me you want?” Your voice sounded embarrassingly croaky with want, and you prayed he didn’t notice that. He linked his forehead to yours, “…Fuck yeah.”

And the morning can come, and Yoongi would still want you. Let all the mornings come, for all he wants, is you.

Mother got the daughter in law she wanted. And Yoongi came back to you. Isn’t that what soulmates are? That no matter how far apart you drifted, you’ll always come back to the place you believed is home. “I don’t hate autumn as much now.” Yoongi stated, playing with your fourth finger, twisting the ring. “You hated it before?” You looked up at his jaw, laying your head on his shoulder.

“Absolutely despise it.”

Bride of the Mole-Man (for @pluckyredhead)

When the phone rings, Foggy has to dig through a carpet of paper to find the source of the noise. “Hah, found you! I mean, yeah? I mean. Nelson and Murdock, how can I help you?”

“Uh.” says Matt.

“Oh God I know that tone of voice,” says Foggy, sitting heavily in his chair. “What’s happened? You sound like you’re at the bottom of a well.”

“Yeah. I am.”

Foggy puts his forehead down on the desk. “For real?”

“Frankly, I’m surprised I’m getting signal. I’m in the sewers…”

Blindly, one-handedly, Foggy gropes for the bulk-sized bottle of Tums in his desk drawer. “Of course you are.”

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(banging pots and pans together) benverly on valentines day

  • ben uses some of his savings to buy her a small box of chocolates. he agonises over what to pick since he doesn’t know what she likes best (caramel? dark? coffee? white truffles with a cherry centre?) he gets them from the fancy store downtown where they ask if he wants a label writing. he declines, and puts them in the fridge when he gets home, taking care to not squash them in between the reat of the food.
  • valentine’s day rolls around and ben gets up extra early to pack. he remembers he forgot to buy a card, and quickly rummages through the emergency (because this is an emergency) box of cards to find one. it’s pink and red with glitter and a kitten on the front, and he practices his message on some paper before finally writing ‘dear valentine, save the best ones till last. love from, your secret admirer.’
  • he then slaps himself when he realises all the chocolates are the same.
  • he carefully makes sure the little bag of candy won’t get squished before setting off to school.
  • ben manages to avoid henry and his minions for the entire day and plans to put the chocolate and card on beverly’s locker. unfortunately, his science class is let out late and he misses his window. he realises he will have to give them to her in person.
  • this realisation fills him with equal parts joy and terror.
  • ben sets out down the steps and spots beverly sitting underneath a tree, alone. she’s stubbing a cigarette on the bark, which makes him wince a little, but he lets it go as fast as it came. he takes a big breath and starts walking over and when he’s stood over her she looks up.
  • he expects beverly to ignore him or make some sassy comment but her face lights up in a big genuine smile and she says, “hey, ben!”
  • he goes red to his ears when he hears her say his name and actually zones out for a second until she gently says, “you gonna stand there all day?”
  • ben did have a plan that involved being smooth but he blurts out “h-happy valentine’s day!” and practically throws the card and chocolate on her. he then cringes when he realises he’s probably ruined any future interaction with her forever.
  • there’s a silence as beverly slowly looks over the candy and the card, opening the envelope by running her finger under the flap and smoothing it out carefully so it doesn’t crease or tear, and she opens the card and reads it through, and she pulls open the bag of chocolates and rolls one of the little red foil-wrapped candies in her fingers.
  • and then after what seems like an age she stands up and ben gasps because her eyes are brimming with tears and he thinks she’s going to cuss him out for being a dumb idiot or something but then she kisses him and everything is perfect in that one singular moment
  • it’s a gentle sweet kiss but there’s genuine love and meaning and when she pulls away she giggles and goes “it wouldn’t be fair of me to not share this with a loved one on valentine’s day” and ben nearly whoops in joy
  • they walk home holding hands and when henry yells at them from the trans-am she roars back at him and he slides back through the window like “wtf” and ben is so heart-eyes
  • i love benverly


Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader, slightly implied ____ x Reader

Requested: By my mutual, @miza-spins-dat-pizza

Inspiration: “Way It Goes” by Hippo Campus and “Girls” by The 1975

A/N: tbh my friend @mehringguie helped me write this because like??? I almost gave up 


Originally posted by lifesafjoke

Rock music. 

That’s the only way to describe someone like you. You pasted polaroids onto all of your folders, wore a cuffed bomber jacket at all times, and had these Red Wing work boots on no matter how rainy it was or how much snow was on the ground. 

You were a female John Bender, but with more class and less of an all-known personality. No one knew who or what you were, they ignored you since your family was known to be the owners of most of the local drugstores in Chicago before moving to Derry and buying even more of them. So, they knew you were a force to be left alone. Chicago, in the people of Derry’s minds, was a force of its own that shouldn’t be touched. With all the crime that happened there between Indiana and Illinois, they decided you were probably involved in that, too.

But Richie didn’t think you were bad at all. If anything, the only reason he even came around Maple St. was because you worked around there. Peaches Records & Tapes is the place he’d always been drawn to, the place you hung out more often than normal. He’d seen you there the first time a year ago when you’d almost been hit by his bike when he was too dumb to move fast enough.

You didn’t seem to be fazed by it and he watched you walk off with the same intent to get to Peaches’. He was a curious one, yes, so you would expect him to get hung up on where you were going and why it was so important. When he came back to see Peaches, he didn’t expect his curiosity to peak any higher. 

Because this time, you were dropped off by a bright red Audi Quattro. After you’d opened the door to get out, you were arguing with someone in the front seat and slammed the door shut before the car drove off in some kind of hurry. His interest in where you were going seemed to change once he saw how upset you were while walking into Peaches. His interest went to why you were upset instead, and he made it his objective to find out why. 

So now here he was, a month later in November. Not only did your punk rocker style change, it didn’t change subtly. Your simple brown bomber changed to a complete moto racer jacket complete with ripped up, cuffed jeans and a hat you’d probably gotten from your parent’s store downtown. Your eyes were brushed up with dark eyeshadow and you held your hair back into the cheap baseball cap. You looked absolutely different and you looked like someone intimidating, yet he still couldn’t keep his eyes off you. 

Richie hopped off his bike and nearly tripped from how fast he’d moved, and for once, he set his bike up against the kickstand. He rolled back his shoulders and stretched out his newly bought bomber jacket and flannel, the heels of his stiff boots shifting uncomfortably.

Yes, he changed his attire. 

Over the time span of a year, Richie slowly changed his outfits to match how you dressed. No one noticed until he started gelling his hair back once a week and wearing black nail polish. He was inevitably in love with you and everyone knew but him, he didn’t think it was love. To him, it was just an interest. A need to be your friend or a fling. Yet, every time he saw you, that interest grew stronger and a fling wasn’t an option anymore.

It was an absolute mission to get your attention, and that’s what he has been planning ever since he laid eyes on you. To get your attention, get your interest, be your friend, then branch out. Maybe it was because you were pretty popular and he was popularity-thirsty, or he was scavenging for what was left of any adventure in Derry and you were that adventure. 

Whatever it is, he wanted it.

“You need something, boy?” An old man stood at the front of Peaches with a bag of The Beach Boys’ albums with some Rolling Stones scattered around. Richie stared up at the tall man and sniffed before pushing past him. As a wise old wizard once told him, play hard to get and pretend you don’t care. So that’s what he’s doing. Maybe that advice was how to get grounded by your parents, but he didn’t remember. 

The ringing of the door as he shut it alerted you from the back of the store where you were filing the albums by color. Blue, purple, red, orange, yellow. You fingers pressed the last album down and you glanced into the front room where Richie was looking for the rock & roll albums. AC/DC, which he thought was an air conditioning company, was the closest one so he darted over to the crate and began searching through the covers. 

Once you spotted the black-clad boy with rolled up sleeves, you felt your eyes widen and your heart skip a beat. His gelled back hair was a bit over the top, but his features in the pale, cold sun made your breath hitch. The way his eyes scanned over the titles and his lips moved in the slightest while he whispered the names aloud. He was practically a dream-guy in your eyes, though he did seem to not know what he was looking at with his squinted eyes.

His glasses were thickly rimmed yet, that wasn’t a problem for you. He was just plain cute and in all honesty, this was the first cute boy to walk in since forever, and you were set on getting his name. Then you had a sudden realization. 

What if he was from your school? If he was, he most likely knew the rumors about you. That you were in the mafia, that you were dangerous, that you were some kind of murderer. Did he agree? You’d think he would be somewhat the same as you since his attire, but what if you’re completely wrong? You might be, and he might be just as mean to you as Gretta Keene.

“Uh, hello?” The boy you’d just been staring at walked over to the counter during your daze and rang the bell, two albums tightly held between his gloved hands. He may be dressed a bit over the top, but you honestly thought it was adorable. With all his friendship bracelets and his watch, it was cute yet daring. 

You stumbled over your feet to get to the counter and stared at the boy while clearing your throat, “Hi, welcome to Peaches. Is there something you need?” You mentally scolded yourself for sounding so stiff and stuck up, but the boy didn’t seem to notice and placed the albums onto the wooden counter with ease.

While you were nervous about talking to the boy, Richie was trying his best not to break his cool. After a year of studying your aloof personality, he could practically be Stanley with how much he trained himself to hold in his jokes and outbursts of comedy. All the time he spent went into making a good impression, but by your distressed expression, he thought otherwise.

Richie nervously fiddled with the ripped, fingerless gloves and watched you bag the albums while looking at a list of CD names. They lined down a yellow paper and you pointed your finger down the A’s and furrowed your eyebrows to read the fine print.

The butterfly feeling in his stomach became noticeable once you pursed your lips and lightly bit your bottom lip, focusing intently on the paper. He could see your eyes shine, something that he’d see only happen when you came across something you liked, like music. Oh, how he wished you’d look at him with the same look. Your beautiful way of concentrating made him swoon in a way he suddenly knew that it wasn’t just an interest anymore. It was something more, something new, something that only happened in cheesy movies at the cinema.

“That will be,” Your voice trailed off while you looked for the album and your fingertip finally found the title. AC/DC’s Back in Black and Fly on the Wall, two of the albums you owned and held proudly pinned onto your bedroom wall. You even had similar interests in music! Maybe it was meant to be? “Ten dollars.”

Richie gulped down whatever lump that started to form and replied, “Okay.” You slid over the bagged albums to him while he rummaged through his pockets to find something. It didn’t matter what it was, even if it was the slingshot Beverly gave to him last week, he didn’t care. He’d give it away in a second just to seem cool to you. You saw how he struggled and closed the register, to which his head perked up and he watched you rip off the receipt effortlessly. 

As you handed it to him, he realized what you just did. You paid for his albums. Well, to be real, you gave them to him for free. You, the person he’d been chasing after for a year, gave something to him and not because you were annoyed. You willingly gave him stuff that was pretty expensive. 

“Here,” You leaned across the counter and placed the albums between his jacket and flannel to hide them carefully. Richie’s breath hitched while you tucked the disks away and the butterflies in his stomach turned into an absolute flock of birds. You were only inches away and he could smell the scent of raspberries in your hair. Despite your scary demeanor, you actually smelled pretty nice and not like a goth or punk. You smelt… nice. Maybe it was weird of him to be smelling your hair, but to him, it was one step closer to getting you in his arms. “Don’t let my manager see. Go!” 

Richie nodded and turned to leave while stiffly walking toward the door with his boots squeaking against the wooden floor. He turned to you with a slightly worried look before you snorted in laughter at his ridiculous noise and waved him off. Before he left, he turned to you one last time with a forcefully and ridiculously serious face, one that he scrunched up his eyebrows to make him look more adult. 

“My name’s Richie, by the way!” He spoke in the burliest, manly voice he could and ended up sounding like an idiot. Either way, he made you laugh a second time and he found that amazing. After you laughed, you waved him off and he ran out of the store and toward his bike not before almost tripping from the unknown step out of the door. You cringed at the sound of his bare knees hitting the ground but he got up and brushed it off, giving you a thumbs up from behind the tinted glass and running to his bike right after.

While Richie ran to his bike, he searched through the bag in his jacket to see what he’d actually bought. Two AC/DC albums, both that he probably wasn’t even going to listen to. At least they looked cool, right? Before he could fold the bag and hide it in his jacket again, he noticed writing on the receipt at the bottom. He reached into the back and pulled it out, squinting to read the pen-written message.

‘312-###-#### -call me, punk boy :)’

Richie couldn’t feel his face by how much he was smiling at the note. He couldn’t believe it. He got your number. You, (Y/N) (L/N), gave him your number. He never thought someone like you would like him, who would like him? Richie was a hopeless, trash mouth romantic who needed intense help, yet you still gave him your number. But he wasn’t thinking about the bad things, all he could think about was that he actually got your number.

What a girl.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside source reveals L-corp executive Lena Luthors scandalous entanglement in business and pleasure with up-and-coming college soccer star

By: Kim Spencer. CatCo Magazine


Lena Luthor has been an item in many media outlets for some time now. She’s already done remarkable things in her position as first-line executive in her family company L-corp at the ripe age of 25. Fresh out of business school and plum-faced, her division launched a successful eco-friendly bio-fuel for commercial airlines that propelled the company to a top ten position in the stock market.

But Luthors adventures don’t stop with just business. Since november last year, numerous speculations have surfaced concerning her relationship with a very special college soccer star: Kara Danvers. Luthor herself has declined an interview, but an inside source reveals all you need to know about this gal pal entanglement. Spoiler alert: it’s a little bit messy, and all kinds of juicy.

The story seems to begin during kick-off for college soccer season in 2016. Kara Danvers was a young and promising box-to-box midfielder for Stanford college, playing in first division, and in the spotlight from media and scouts for professional teams like. There were rumors about calls from both Bayern-München and Toronto FC. Renowned international clubs wanted Kara Danvers on their team.

Then it happened. Danvers tore her ACL. The dramatic injury occurred during a forceful tackle in the second period of her first match in the season. Even though her team wins, Kara Danvers stands to lose everything.

Soccer facts:

ACL tears are one of the most common injury in soccer players
An ACL tear is a tear in the ligament of the knee
The severity of the injury greatly varies, and some recover after a short break and physical therapy
Danvers’ tear was severe, and she needed surgery to ever dream of returning to the field. claims her entire career is on the line. she risks losing her scholarship, and in turn her college education. “Surgery can fix her knee, but the window into professional leagues is small, and she’ll be on the bench for a long time.”

Although this article isn’t backed by a source, it’s plausible to believe. Danvers is from a small town called Midvale. She was raised by a single mother, and her older sister Alex Danvers is on the rocks with several drug convictions over her head. The young protegee has always been avoidant of the press, but during this time she full-out disappears. Some believe she’s already left Stanford and is living life back in Midvale. Stanford college refuses to comment on the situation.

We can only imagine how difficult such a time is for a young journalism student. In a rare interview after her team won the league last year, she proclaimed with excitement that her dream was to play for the national team in the 2020 olympics. Now she may never play professionally.

But then a white knight sweeps in. L-corp suddenly awards Kara Danvers with a full scholarship, even though they had previously filled all their spots for “Influential young voices”. L-corp denies any correlation between the scholarship and the injury, stating that “Danvers application had been lost by an intern, but was too strong to pass up. We see a good investment in Kara Danvers.” This could be a plausible explanation, save for the fact that Danvers already had a soccer scholarship paid in full, and the fact that Danvers’ cousin and reporter Clark Kent is a well known friend of L-corp CEO Lex Luthor.

Here’s the juicy part you’ve all been waiting for: During summer break Kara Danvers was spotted on a private beach with Lena Luthor herself. At the time, it was attributed to Danvers’ cousin and his involvement with the Luthors, but upon further investigation it doesn’t seem like he was present at all. In fact, the day after this photo surfaces Clark Kent released a political think peace as a corresponder in Brüssel concerning Brexit for The Daily Planet.

The scholarship seems to be the rescue. Stanford releases a much awaited press statement concerning Kara Danvers, informing the world that her spot will be waiting for her when she is ready. Coach for Toronto FC tweets: “The best players of all times are the ones who didn’t give up.” And: “Good luck with your recovery @Kara_Danvers, and don’t mind the speculating press.”

Lena Luthor is spotted one wednesday in december wearing a Stanford soccer sweater at a store downtown, picking up ice-cream, eggs, toilet paper and protein powder. Photo: James Olson. Our inside source, who wishes to remain anonymous reveals Luthor has never cared for sports, much less college soccer.

Our source has also seen Kara Danvers in the L-corp office “more times than she can count. The higher-ups says it’s always because of Clark Kent, or L-corps business investment in her journalism career. But we all know better. They’re dating of course!”

We can’t say for certain. In an e-mail Kara Danvers’ agent discloses that “[she] will happily talk about her football career with serious press, but will not have her personal life scrutinized and on display in a [redacted] tabloid magazine.” There have been numerous sightings of the two throughout the city, seemingly just enjoying each others company.

Kara Danvers played her first match after her recovery yesterday, the closing match for the season. And for some reason Lena ‘doesn’t care about sports’ Luthor was seated right in the VIP lounge. Makes you wonder.

If the two stars, one corporate and one soccer, are involved in an intense lip-lock, it sure is scandalous, and a serious conflict of interest. Some eyebrows will be raised. But we guess love conquers all.

Talk about power couple.

When I Was Your Man – Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested by Anon: I don’t know if you’re taking song requests, and it’s totally okay if you don’t. But if you do could you do an imagine based on “when i was your man” by bruno mars, where theo is the reader ex-boyfriend and now she’s in a new relationship with brett? basically the concept of the song.

Warning: Sad Theo and dealing with heartbreak

Word Count: 1,522

Author’s Note: Feed back is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by training-wolves

Theo stopped in his tracks the second an old familiar sound reached his ears with his werewolf hearing. It was a sweet and playful giggle. It was Y/N. He’d recognize that giggle anywhere as he heard it a thousand times before. He turned the corner and saw her with someone else. She had her arms around his neck as the guy’s hands rested firmly on her waist. He was playfully kissing and biting her neck, hence her giggling. She looked genuinely happy and that brought a huge wave of pain and guilt over Theo. 

“I got you something,” Theo overheard as the guy pulled away from her.

“Brett, you didn’t have to get me anything,” she smiled widely at the boy in front of her.

“But I saw it and I knew you had to have it.” He pulled out a small bag and gave it to her. Theo watched her slowly untie the ribbon and open the bag. She carefully grabbed what was inside. The second her eyes landed on the necklace with a werewolf charm, she gasped. “Do you like it?” He asked her.

“Brett…” she said completely surprised by his thoughtful gift. “I love it.”

He brushed her hair to the side and grabbed the necklace. “I know we’ve only been together for three months, and I hope this doesn’t scare you,” Theo’s heart stopped beating as he realized this guy was about to tell her he loves her. 

“But you’re my anchor,” Brett continued. Theo relaxed a bit, but it didn’t ease the heartache he had in his chest. Telling a girl you’re his anchor is just another way of saying I love you. It was just a matter of time before Brett would actually say it to Y/N.

After Brett clasped the necklace on, Y/N looked down and smiled at the silver werewolf resting on her chest. She looked up at Brett with a genuine smile. “Thank you,” she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Theo sighed in defeat. He knew he messed up. His relationship with Y/N was long gone. There was no way to fix it, but he knew he had to apologize. He wasn’t ready to let her go and move on, but she already had. He wasn’t one to stop her from being happy when she deserved everything the world had to offer. The only problem was he had to let her go otherwise he’d be miserable for the rest of his life.

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