Channel 101 started as a series of short film “challenges” between the two creators, but developed into a monthly film festival at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Creators would pitch ‘pilots’ for shows, the audience would vote on the best ones, and the winners would get posted … on the INTERNET. W-woo?

Despite having the worst possible prize, Channel 101 became the launching pad for comedy groups such as The Lonely Island. Who went on to create like, 9 of the first 12 viral videos in existence, as well as some objectively legitimate masterpieces.

Also, Derrick Comedy, whose member, Donald Glover went on to star in Community, create the FX show Atlanta, launch a rap career as “Childish Gambino,” and taunt us with the best potential Spider-Man casting that will never be.

Ellie Kemper, from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office made an appearance. Tim & Eric were there, before they were eternally joined by ampersand. Also Human Giant, which was the first major appearance of Aziz Ansari, who’d go on to star in Parks and Recreation and Master of None.

It was even the birthplace of a little show called Rick and Morty.

This single, pre-YouTube internet comedy festival wound up launching the careers of countless talents who, one decade earlier, would’ve been lucky to even be invited to the massive fight over the one available NBC primetime slot (which would’ve ultimately gone to John Larroquette, anyway.)

5 Random Places That Produced An Eerily High Number Of Stars


So I went to The Rebellion Story Premier in Los Angeles.

So last Friday (December 6th) I made the sacred pilgrimage to Los Angeles to catch the Rebellion Story and it was seriously the best trip ever.  The theater is located in this district known as Little Tokyo and it’s the coolest place on planet on earth! I have sooooooo many stories from that day (i’ll post them on my personal blog) but long story short, the movie premier kicked BUTT!

Everyone was so friendly and interactive and you could hear people laughing, crying, ‘awww'ing during the screening. And I saw a really cute Homura cosplayer in the audience and I found their picture on some blog :3 And I got a free autograph board with my babies on it (that was sweeeeeeeet). And I couldn’t a afford the blu-rays but I did get a Madoka Pin that I wore the entire day and I took it to the Japanese Grocery Store and this employee stopped me and told me how much she loved Homura and we had a really nice 20 minute talk about Madoka and cosplay (she gave me free bread too! Madoka fans are soooo kind).

Oh, and  the movie was amazing but I will keep my trap shut for spoilers. Y'all should go watch it though (bring tissues and eye drops). And before the night was over I went to sit down with all my free bread and then I had a dinner that would make Kyoko jealous :3 And that was my trip.

Last Screening of Danny Boyle's Frankenstein

Tonight will be my ninth time watching this production of Frankenstein with Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve Seen Benedict as The Creature four times and Jonny five times. I love that the last screening I get to watch will be my preferred version with Jonny as The Creature. It is the version that I connect with the most and I believe it’s the best version of the two. 

All I ask is for the theater not to fangirl every time Benedict is on screen. We get that you “heart” Benedict but let the rest of us that enjoy this piece of work do just that. Hope you all enjoy this last showing. 


My friend sent me this awesome video of a live performance piece. It’s really amazing seeing all of the different collaborative efforts come together; dance, projections/light, and music. I really enjoyed this. And they are performing this thursday 22nd, but I will be busy and won’t be around to see it! So if you’re in the Downtown LA area go check it out! And let me know how awesome it was :)