Police Account Changes in Killing of Texas 15-Year-Old
Jordan Edwards was shot late on Saturday when the police in a Dallas suburb were responding to a call reporting young people drinking.
By Liam Stack and Christine Hauser

As family and friends mourned the death of a 15-year-old boy shot in the head by a police officer in a Dallas suburb over the weekend, the police chief said Monday that new evidence showed the killing did not unfold the way the authorities had originally claimed.

The Police Department in Balch Springs, Tex., said Sunday that the officer, whose name has not been released, fired on a car carrying the teenager, Jordan Edwards, a freshman at Mesquite High School in nearby Mesquite, Tex., because the car was reversing down a street toward the officer in an “aggressive manner.”

But Jonathan Haber, the police chief, told reporters at a news conference on Monday afternoon that video showed the opposite. He said the officer fired when the car was “moving forward as the officers approached,” according to The Associated Press. The Dallas County medical examiner’s report ruled the death a homicide caused by a “rifle wound” to the head.

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We All Want Love

Esperanza Lorraine Ortiz – 29

(Dascha Polanco)

April 22nd

Esperanza is of Dominican descent. Born in Miami, Florida to her then teenage mother. Her father was killed when she was three years old. Esperanza lived in Miami with her mother and grandparents until she was nine years old. At the age of nine, her and her mother relocated to Savannah, Ga with her mother’s then boyfriend, Walter Harris.

Esperanza now resides in Atlanta, Ga. She owns her own bakery, Frosted Crown. Located in downtown Atlanta.

Esperanza is independent and passionate. She has a good heart, helpful but not one to be walked over. She ended her tumultuous relationship with her college sweetheart days before her 27th birthday.

She is family oriented. Her family means everything to her. Though Walter is not her father, he is the father figure in her life and she loves him for taking care of her the way he has. She would do anything for her mother, father, little sister and friends. It’s just the kind of person she is.

Kyla Lolita Harris – 16

(China Anne Mcclain)

November 16th

Kyla is Esperanza’s younger half-sister, of Dominican and African American descent. She idolizes her big sister a lot. She wants to be just like her, in her eyes Esperanza can do no wrong. Kyla is a smart, straight A student. She does extracurricular activities including cheerleading, dance and gymnastics.

She begged her parents to let her move in with Esperanza during her entire sophomore year. They finally gave in, once they spoke with Esperanza privately. There were agreements made—she had to maintain her A average, stay in her activities and come home one weekend out of each month and on holiday breaks when she didn’t have competitions.

Kyla is just like her sister. Sweet, independent and smart. Both having their own sassy ways. She works occasionally at her sister’s bakery as a cashier, server or icing cakes.  

Yasmine Ortiz-Harris – 45

(Judy Reyes)

Yasmine is of Dominican descent born in the Dominican Republic. She moved to Miami, Florida with her parents at a young age. She has seen a lot of struggle in her life but it has made her the woman she is. Esperanza’s father was killed in front of her by a stray bullet while they were at a friend’s party. After his death, she shut down. They had known each other their entire lives. Their families migrated to Florida together. His death affected her in ways she didn’t realize until she met Walter. Walter treated her the way Esperanza’s father had promised he would when he got rich as he would when she met Walter she knew that he was the one.

Yasmine is a proud housewife and has been since Kyla was born. Walter never wanted her to work and after some convincing she gave in. she enjoys taking trips and relaxing with her girls when she can.

Yasmine is fierce and overprotective. Traits that both of her girls love and hate. She loves hard, but it means that she would do anything for the ones she loves. Yasmine is kind, passionate, driven and loving. On top of it all, she’s smart.

Walter Michael Harris – 50

(Peter Parros)

Walter is of African American decsent born in Athens, Ga to a two parent home. Walter is a very humble man. Walter commutes from the home he shares with Yasmine in Savannah to Fort Stewart five days a week to run his command. He is a Chief Warrant Officer specializing in computer science. Walter plans to retire in the next year so that he and Yasmine can travel more.

Walter is a proud husband and father, he cherishes all three of his girls. From the moment he met Yasmine he made sure that he did not make Esperanza feel left out. Going as far as to propose to her as well when he proposed to Yasmine. They also had their own part of his and Yasmine’s wedding ceremony. For everyone’s knowledge, Esperanza was his daughter and no one could ever tell him any different.

Walter is headstrong, humble and stern. He knows how to turn his CWO switch off when he leaves work. Even though he ran his command with an iron fist, he didn’t want Esperanza and Kyla to think he was some sort of dictator. He wanted to be their example to which they compared any other man in their life. Walter treated their mother the way he was taught to treat women and the way they should demand to be treated.

Walter would do any and everything for his girls. He would walk to the ends of the earth for them. He’s proved it once before with Esperanza and would do it again.

Angel Cruz – 30

(Jessica Pimentel)

Angel is of Dominican descent. She is Esperanza’s best friend. They have been best friends since Angel was eleven and Esperanza was ten. They met while they were walking home from school. Angel saw Esperanza walking alone, too close to some older boys she knew as trouble, and went to help her. She remembered seeing her in one of the other fifth grade classes, she knew she was the new girl who didn’t know who to avoid. Ever since their walk home, they have bee attatched at the hip.

Angel owns her own hair and nail salon, Lush Hair & Nails, which is also located in downtown Atlanta. Angel and Esperanza pushed each other through college. They refused to let the other give up. Without each other they probably would have given up.

Angel is the tough friend. She is also the more emotional friend. She feels as though she has to protect her friends from any threat. This is just the way she was raised, she was taught to protect the ones she loves. Under all that toughness, she’s funny and a jokester. Sarcasm is her specialty.

Monroe Lewis- 29

(Kat Graham)

Monroe is of African American-Swiss descent. Monroe met Angel and Esperanza during a Women’s Power Brunch for business owners. Monroe ended up hearing their criticisms of some of the other plans and decided to join in. Monroe has never been shy, so she fit in perfectly with them.

Monroe owns a clothing store, Roe’s Closet, located in Lenox Mall. Monroe comes from a large family. A large family she wanted nothing to do with. Her parents and siblings were okay but they didn’t believe in her the way she wanted. She left them back in Texas along with all of their doubts and never looked back. Angel and Esperanza quickly became the family she always wanted.

Monroe is the silly one. She can honestly make a joke out of anything. Monroe isn’t big on romance but if she finds it she is definitely not opposed to it. She doesn’t want any man to think she is waiting on them because she’s not. Almost anything they can do for her, she can do for herself.

Leati Joseph Anoa’i - Joe

Jonathan Fatu - Jon/Jurdi

Joshua Fatu Josh

Trinity Fatu

Sarona Snuka

Less than a week until the premiere of the Roz Wells & The Vortex animated short!

See it live on the big screen before the Loop de Loop screening on April 14 in downtown Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Theater. Doors at 8:30, Show Starts at 9:00, FREE admission!

jigsawjohnson  asked:

Hi! I'm visiting LA for the first time soon and I'm trying to find places to see independent or classic film in town. Where do you typically look online for upcoming screenings?

there used to be a website called ‘movies in LA’ or something that had a list and a calendar of rep screenings around the city, but sadly it seems like that isn’t around anymore. as of now, i don’t know of any comprehensive resource for every indie and/or repertory theater in the area. so i’m just going to list the ones i know and love.

@jigsawjohnson, i hope you enjoy your time in L.A. and see some good movies while you’re here.

fellow los angelenos, let me know if i’m forgetting something!

EDIT: there’s a new rep cinema playing on the stage: acropolis cinema! this is a cool screening series committed to bringing experimental cinema to los angeles that otherwise would not play here.

EDIT: in light of recent events, i have removed cinefamily & cinespia from my listing of rep theaters in los angeles, since i personally cannot recommend either any longer and i will not be attending screenings either at cinefam or hosted by cinespia in the foreseeable future. 


independent + semi-selective
     Zeus from Real Steel
         Written by Lynx

Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) was an American artist who began his career creating graffiti art in the Lower East Side of ManhattanNew York City in the late 1970s. By the 1980s he was exhibiting his Neo-expressionist and Primitivist paintings in galleries and museums internationally, but he died of a heroin overdose at the age of 27 in 1988. In 1992 the Whitney Museum of American Art held a retrospective of his art.

Basquiat’s art focused on “suggestive dichotomies,” such as wealth versus poverty, integration versus segregation, and inner versus outer experience. He appropriated poetry, drawing and painting, and married text and image, abstraction and figuration, and historical information mixed with contemporary critique.

Basquiat used social commentary in his paintings as a “springboard to deeper truths about the individual”, as well as attacks on power structures and systems of racism, while his poetics were acutely political and direct in their criticism of colonialism and support for class struggle.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, born in Brooklyn, New York, was the second of four children of Matilda Andrades (July 28, 1934 – November 17, 2008) and Gerard Basquiat (born 1930). He had two younger sisters: Lisane, born in 1964, and Jeanine, born in 1967.

His father, Gerard Basquiat, was born in Port-au-PrinceHaiti, and his mother, Matilde Basquiat, of Afro-Puerto Rican descent, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Matilde instilled a love for art in her young son by taking him to art museums in Manhattan and enrolling him as a junior member of the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Basquiat was a precocious child who learned how to read and write by age four and was a gifted artist. His teachers noticed his artistic abilities, and his mother encouraged her son’s artistic talent. By the age of 11, Basquiat could fluently speak, read and write French, Spanish, and English.

In September 1968, when Basquiat was about 8, he was hit by a car while playing in the street. His arm was broken and he suffered several internal injuries, and he eventually underwent a splenectomy. While he was recuperating from his injuries, his mother brought him the Gray’s Anatomy book to keep him occupied. This book would prove to be influential in his future artistic outlook. His parents separated that year and he and his sisters were raised by their father. The family resided in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, for five years, then moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1974. After two years, they returned to New York City.

When he was 11, his mother was committed to a mental institution and thereafter spent time in and out of institutions. At 15, Basquiat ran away from home. He slept on park benches inWashington Square Park, and was arrested and returned to the care of his father within a week.

Basquiat dropped out of Edward R. Murrow High School in the tenth grade. His father banished him from the household and Basquiat stayed with friends in Brooklyn. He supported himself by selling T-shirts and homemade post cards.

In 1976, Basquiat and friend Al Diaz began spray-painting graffiti on buildings in Lower Manhattan, working under the pseudonym SAMO. The designs featured inscribed messages such as “Plush safe he think.. SAMO” and “SAMO as an escape clause”. In 1978, Basquiat worked for the world famous Unique Clothing Warehouse, in their art department, at 718 Broadway in NoHo and at night he became “SAMO[14]” painting his original graffiti art on neighborhood buildings. Harvey discovered Basquiat painting a building one night, they became friends, and Harvey offered him a day job. On December 11, 1978, the Village Voicepublished an article about the graffiti. When Basquiat & Diaz ended their friendship, The SAMO project ended with the epitaph “SAMO IS DEAD,” inscribed on the walls of SoHo buildings in 1979.

In 1979, Basquiat appeared on the live public-access television cable TV show TV Party hosted by Glenn O'Brien, and the two started a friendship. Basquiat made regular appearances on the show over the next few years. That same year, Basquiat formed the noise rock band Test Pattern – which was later renamed Gray – which played at Arleen Schloss´s open space, “Wednesdays at A`s”, where in October 1979 Basquiat showed, among others, his SAMO color Xerox work.

Gray also consisted of Shannon Dawson, Michael Holman, Nick Taylor, Wayne Clifford and Vincent Gallo, and the band performed at nightclubs such asMax’s Kansas CityCBGBHurrah, and the Mudd Club. In 1980, Basquiat starred in O'Brien's independent film Downtown 81, originally titled New York Beat. That same year, Basquiat met Andy Warhol at a restaurant. Basquiat presented to Warhol samples of his work, and Warhol was stunned by Basquiat’s genius and allure. The men later collaborated. Downtown 81 featured some of Gray’s recordings on its soundtrack. Basquiat also appeared in the Blondie music video “Rapture” as a nightclub disc jockey.

The early 1980s were Basquiat’s breakthrough as a solo artist. In June 1980, Basquiat participated in The Times Square Show, a multi-artist exhibition sponsored by Collaborative Projects Incorporated (Colab) and Fashion Moda. In September of the same year, Basquiat joined the Annina Nosei gallery and worked in a basement below the gallery toward his first one-man show, which took place in March 1981 with great success (helping him prepare the show was Joe La Placa, who soon became a partner with Guillaume Gallozzi in the Gallozzi-La Placa Gallery, a promoter of Basquiat and other graffiti luminaries). In late 1981, Rene Ricard published “The Radiant Child” in Artforum magazine, which brought Basquiat to the attention of the art world.

From November 1982, Basquiat worked from the ground-floor display and studio space Larry Gagosian had built below his Venice home and commenced a series of paintings for a 1983 show, his second at Gagosian Gallery, then in West Hollywood. During this time he took considerable interest in the work thatRobert Rauschenberg was producing at Gemini G.E.L. in West Hollywood, visiting him on several occasions and finding inspiration in the accomplishments of the painter. In 1982, Basquiat also worked briefly with musician and artist David Bowie.

In 1983, Basquiat produced a 12" rap single featuring hip-hop artists Rammellzee and K-Rob. Billed as Rammellzee vs. K-Rob, the single contained two versions of the same track: “Beat Bop” on side one with vocals and “Beat Bop” on side two as an instrumental. The single was pressed in limited quantities on the one-off Tartown Record Company label. The single’s cover featured Basquiat’s artwork, making the pressing highly desirable among both record and art collectors.

At the suggestion of Swiss dealer Bruno Bischofberger, Warhol and Basquiat worked on a series of collaborative paintings between 1983 and 1985. In the case of Olympic Rings (1985), Warhol made several variations of the Olympic five-ring symbol, rendered in the original primary colors. Basquiat responded to the abstract, stylized logos with his oppositional graffiti style.

Basquiat often painted in expensive Armani suits and would even appear in public in the same paint-splattered suits.

By 1986, Basquiat had left the Annina Nosei gallery, and was showing in the famous Mary Boone gallery in SoHo. On February 10, 1985, he appeared on the cover of The New York Times Magazinein a feature entitled “New Art, New Money: The Marketing of an American Artist”.[27] He was a successful artist in this period, but his growing heroin addiction began to interfere with his personal relationships.

When Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987, Basquiat became increasingly isolated, and his heroin addiction and depression grew more severe. Despite an attempt at sobriety during a trip to Maui, Hawaii, Basquiat died on August 12, 1988, of a heroin overdose at his art studio in Great Jones Street in New York City's NoHo neighborhood. He was 27.

Basquiat was interred in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery.

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Channel 101 started as a series of short film “challenges” between the two creators, but developed into a monthly film festival at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Creators would pitch ‘pilots’ for shows, the audience would vote on the best ones, and the winners would get posted … on the INTERNET. W-woo?

Despite having the worst possible prize, Channel 101 became the launching pad for comedy groups such as The Lonely Island. Who went on to create like, 9 of the first 12 viral videos in existence, as well as some objectively legitimate masterpieces.

Also, Derrick Comedy, whose member, Donald Glover went on to star in Community, create the FX show Atlanta, launch a rap career as “Childish Gambino,” and taunt us with the best potential Spider-Man casting that will never be.

Ellie Kemper, from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office made an appearance. Tim & Eric were there, before they were eternally joined by ampersand. Also Human Giant, which was the first major appearance of Aziz Ansari, who’d go on to star in Parks and Recreation and Master of None.

It was even the birthplace of a little show called Rick and Morty.

This single, pre-YouTube internet comedy festival wound up launching the careers of countless talents who, one decade earlier, would’ve been lucky to even be invited to the massive fight over the one available NBC primetime slot (which would’ve ultimately gone to John Larroquette, anyway.)

5 Random Places That Produced An Eerily High Number Of Stars


Some random screencaps while I’m editing the Roz Wells “Ant Agony” short for tomorrow’s premiere.

Don’t forget if you live in LA you can see it LIVE at the Loop de Loop screening at the Downtown Independent on Friday the 14th of April (tomorrow). Doors at 8:30, show starts at 9:00. FREE admission!


Magic: the Gathering - Upcoming GPs

Some pretty sweet playmats to be had at these upcoming tournaments - the Treasure Cruise playmat is somewhat poignant considering the recent updates to the banned and restricted lists.

Grand Prix Mexico City, January 30 - February 1, 2015

Select participants in Grand Prix Mexico City will receive an event-exclusive playmat featuring original artwork from Clint Cearley.  The golden angel on this playmat is the Angel of Independence, arguably downtown Mexico City’s most recognizable landmark.

Grand Prix San Jose, JANUARY 29-FEBRUARY 1, 2015

All teams participating in the main tournament will receive a set of event-exclusive playmats featuring art from Treasure Cruise, Siege Rhino, and Brutal Hordechief.


So I went to The Rebellion Story Premier in Los Angeles.

So last Friday (December 6th) I made the sacred pilgrimage to Los Angeles to catch the Rebellion Story and it was seriously the best trip ever.  The theater is located in this district known as Little Tokyo and it’s the coolest place on planet on earth! I have sooooooo many stories from that day (i’ll post them on my personal blog) but long story short, the movie premier kicked BUTT!

Everyone was so friendly and interactive and you could hear people laughing, crying, ‘awww'ing during the screening. And I saw a really cute Homura cosplayer in the audience and I found their picture on some blog :3 And I got a free autograph board with my babies on it (that was sweeeeeeeet). And I couldn’t a afford the blu-rays but I did get a Madoka Pin that I wore the entire day and I took it to the Japanese Grocery Store and this employee stopped me and told me how much she loved Homura and we had a really nice 20 minute talk about Madoka and cosplay (she gave me free bread too! Madoka fans are soooo kind).

Oh, and  the movie was amazing but I will keep my trap shut for spoilers. Y'all should go watch it though (bring tissues and eye drops). And before the night was over I went to sit down with all my free bread and then I had a dinner that would make Kyoko jealous :3 And that was my trip.