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msr headcanon: Scully takes Mulder to her high school reunion pretending he's her husband bc she's embarrassed that she's one of the only people of her class that isn't already married

by mldrgrl
Rated PG
Summary: This isn’t totally what you wanted, Anon, I’m sorry, but it’s the only way I can see it.

From time to time, mail still arrived at the house for Scully.  Technically, it arrived at the PO Box Mulder maintained where they used to collect their mail, but it had been his alone for two years.  At first, he used the trickle of mail that came through to call her, knowing full well it was mostly junk she’d never want, but it was the only legitimate excuse he had for awhile.  It had been quite awhile since her name showed up in his PO Box, but he didn’t need excuses anymore since he saw her nearly every day at work.

He brought her the Alumni Newsletter she received with a cup of coffee.  She thanked him for both, took a sip of the coffee, and then through the newsletter in the trash after a mere glance.

“You’re not going to read it?” Mulder asked, retrieving the sealed booklet from the trash can.

“A high school newsletter?  I don’t think I’ve ever read one.”

“Hm.”  Mulder ripped the circle of tape holding the pages together and opened it up.  “Rosalee O’Brien hyphen Bingham, senior class president, announces the 35th reunion for the graduates of the class-”

“I know what year I graduated,” she said, reaching across his desk to take the newsletter back.  “No need to remind me.”

“You don’t want to go?  It’s in…” Mulder paused and held the newsletter up and away from Scully’s searching fingers.  “June.”

“We don’t know where we’ll be in June.  A case could come up.”

“Never heard of personal time?”

Unable to grab the newsletter, Scully crossed her arms.  “Mulder, you wouldn’t know personal time if it walked through the door and bit you on the ass.”

“Well, things change.”  He gave her the newsletter which she folded and put in her briefcase.

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Im flying to Maryland from the uk next week and I'm looking for a juicy pussy for some wild sex while I'm there on business

Well… backpage has now shut down there section for instant access for that. Try maybe Craigslist? I’m sure you will find what you are looking for there. And if not please check your local corner between the hours of maybe 10-6 in the downtown Baltimore area. Good luck!

Baltimore Gothic

- “Hon,” the late-middle-aged woman with the perm says. “Hon,” she says, again, louder. “HON,” again she says it, again and again until she practically screams it, her face begins to turn purple and her hair increases in size and volume until it fills most of the room. She breaks down crying after half an hour or so, still ‘hon’ning, drenched in sweat, her skin a bright violet, and that’s when you know that she has betrayed her people, and you don’t want to be around to witness her fate. You leave Hampden, never to return.

- Crabs. Three of them, prepared, spread out on a brown paper cover, ready for eating. You take your fork, but one of the crab’s pincers grasps it, pulling it out of your grasp. “Don’t be ridiculous, hon,” it whispers, in the voice of a late-middle-aged woman with a perm. Of course, how could you have been so silly? You are a born Marylander. You know how to eat crabs. Silly you.

- You are seated in the M&T Bank Stadium, with perfect seats to watch this Ravens’ home game. As per usual, the dark birds flock towards the center of the field, squawking incessantly, writhing against the binds. Coach Harbaugh hurls a football towards one of them, and the bird catches it with its sharp claws, consequently deflating the ball. Harbaugh chuckles. The football screams as it deflates. They are playing the 49ers. 

- You encounter a raven in Downtown Baltimore which is capable of speech. It speaks in English and in a relatively human-sounding voice, but it seems to only be able to recite Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem "The Raven”, over and over. 

- You board an elevator, nearing the top of the Baltimore World Trade Center. You’re alone. You expect it to stop at the 28th floor, your destination, when it passes the 30th, and your elevator disconnects from the top of the pentagonal building, hovering above, still floating towards the clouds. You pass a layer of clouds and stop to discover a large flock of dark, squawking birds. One of them introduces itself as Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback, Joe Flacco.

- “Why is it called Assawoman Bay? Haha, that’s a funny name,” you say to the local, nudging his forearm with your elbow. His arm from the elbow down, consequently, disintegrates. He looks quite flustered as he fumbles to collect the dust of its remains that have just fallen to his feet. "I’m sorry, but I really have to go now.“ He excuses himself, leaving.

Aw jeez girl I absolutely love that alex imagine :) would you write a second part with some smut? Everyone needs a shirtless alex

AN Hey, so let’s not fret over Jack and Abigail scandal guys okay? It’s not actually a scandal, just a thought many of us were having, but it is okay, because Jack is okay. He seems happy, and that’s all that matters at the moment. In the meantime, you guys should enjoy some nice healthy vampire smut. The first part is here if you want to read it before and stuffs. Enjoy xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

After Alex and I walked out that night, honestly life has been so different for me. I wasn’t going back to college, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to talk to my parents. Somehow I was going to have to be erased from everyone I knew. Everyone except Alex.

Alex was different. A good different. Since he’s been around me, I always feel safe. That feeling is always there, so I knew that he was my guardian angel.

After Alex kissed me at my apartment, we just never talked about it again. I didn’t know what to do. There was a shirtless vampire in my room, he cuddled with me ‘til dusk and then we just never spoke about it again. He occasionally glanced at me when he thought I wasn’t looking, but I was. I couldn’t get over the fact that this beautiful creature was always around me. Was it mandatory for the turner to follow the newbie around to show them the ropes? Was there some kind of weird vampire organization I didn’t know about?

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Chapter One. 

Story Masterlist

I will be playing with the show’s timeline a little throughout this story, mostly involving the length of time between events, so, just pretend with me. 

“Oh, for god’s sake.” Turning over, he pounded the pillow underneath his head, trying to fluff it into a more comfortable shape before giving up.

Sighing, he sat up in bed, turning on the TV and waiting for the feeling to pass. Of all the feelings he shared, this one was the worst. He hated, loathed, despised knowing that they were somewhere out there having sex right now while he was utterly alone.

It was silly, to be so insanely jealous over a person he hadn’t even met - might never meet, actually. But he did. And their every feeling of happiness, or love, drove home his own loneliness, the sensation only more acute for him in comparison. Could they feel that too? His bone-deep ache for companionship?

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