So I love the reason everyone was protesting. It’s a perfect reason, but it wasn’t peaceful. It makes me angry that it turned into a riot. I understand that sometime that’s what it takes, but when I have to call friends to see if they can make it home from work safely, that’s a problem. I almost drove downtown to pick my brother up from work because I felt he wasn’t going to be safe. That’s a problem. You can protest all you want, but don’t call it a peaceful protest if it’s no going to be peaceful. If you’re going to set cars on fire, brake windows, and potentially harm someone, it’s not peaceful.

Excavation downtown - Construction for Equitable Building
10 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland
ca. 1890
Photograph by James H. Lewis (1881-1960)
4 inch by 5 inch glass negative
James H. Lewis Collection, 1890-1925
Maryland Historical Society
PP224 001 4-5 029 

The Baltimore Herald building can be seen in the background (left), where Mencken worked until the Great Fire of 1904. On the right is the Mitchell Courthouse.