Dreadfully Me

The last few years in particular, I’ve struggled with establishing a new online identity (for lack of a better way of putting it)… and I can’t express how much I appreciate those of you who managed to keep up with me. :-p

Not to get into TOO long of a thing but, when I first “logged on” I was 20 years old… I had graduated high school…. spent a few semesters at Peabody to study piano, like my Dad wanted me to… but had since dropped out and was working for barely above minimum wage as a receptionist for a small law firm in downtown Baltimore. I had little to no friends. Really, the only person I had at the time was Dave. Even my family… my Mom had just left my Dad and there was all kinds of turmoil there with them and my younger siblings… and I’d never been close to any extended family. I had no direction. I’ve always leaned toward artistic/creative stuff, but I had never settled on anything I really wanted to pursue…

And then one day, Dave showed me these “newsgroups” where people were sharing pics of their wives and girlfriends… and when he talked about posting some pics of me, I said sure, why not? I was pretty open in that way… had even considered stripping but ultimately decided I just wasn’t cut out for that… but this seemed OK.

And then of course everything kind of exploded… and suddenly I was making way more money than I ever had, just by letting Dave post some pictures of me on this new-fangled “world wide web.” :-p

And that continued for awhile… I remember more than once, somebody asking me at one of our parties, “So what are you going to do after this?” (After the site stuff they meant.) And I had no idea how to answer that question. In the midst of my crazy twenties, I could barely process the question… what do you mean after? Who said I’m gonna quit? This is great!

Then of course, as they always do, things changed after awhile. Some personal issues, that were bound to arise eventually, finally arose, and Dave and I almost divorced. But of course we ended up getting back together…. and that’s when I went baby-crazy. :-p

And within a pretty short time I accomplished my goal… and then some, with the twins. :-p And then that just took over my life. It wasn’t until they started school that I even started to fight my way out of the fog of mommyhood. :-p And, I’ve been fighting ever since. All through their elementary school career tbh. :-p All the time, the old Jen-Dave site was at least in the back of my mind, but… I think I knew for a lot of that time, that was now the past and it was time to move forward. I just didn’t know how… or in what direction…

So I played around with a lot of ideas. :-p And I have a tendency to just dive right into things without thinking it through much. :-p But in the end here, I think I’ve managed to fight my way through….

Now the girls have just started middle school… and I think I’m finally on the right track. I’m now comfortable with the new online presence I’ve created for myself. I had to kind of split myself in two to do it, but then I always do things in twos, it seems. :-p

I now have my general, clean-cut (as least as clean as I ever can be :-p) side at

I’ve dabbled in so much (yes, more than just the Jen-Dave site), that I needed to have a home base like that… a portfolio or whatever you want to call it, of all the work I’ve done over these past 20+ years. Something I could put on a resume and a LinkedIn profile. :-p

I mean, I’ve toyed around with going back to the work I used to do… I’ve even gone on interviews… plus I worked in the cafeteria at the girls’ school for a bit, but…. when it really comes down to it, I’ve picked my career path. I would work a crap job if I needed to pay the bills, of course… but at the moment at least I don’t, so I am trying to figure out ways to advance on my current path. Not only do I have a lot of miles behind me already, I do think it’s the right one for me. I’m at least heading in the right general direction, anyway. :-p

But I also needed something for my more personal side…. which is of course is where Jenny Dreadful comes in. I chose the whole “dark” theme because I thought it was fun and cool… but I’ve really intended for this to be a true reflection of who I am… all of me. And I do love Halloween and horror movies and all that stuff but, of course, it’s not the only things I like, am interested in, etc.

So, I guess the point I’m trying to get at is, Jenny Dreadful is me. And I have a lot of different interests. So, if I post something other than sexy goth stuff, well, deal with it. :-p Because this is my personal page. I’ll try to keep things like politics to a minimum because I know all too well how easy it is to carried away with that stuff (because it is both important, but overwhelmingly so, at times)…. but, if I feel like posting something… anything… I will. And you don’t have to agree or be a fan of everything I post but… you do have to accept that it’s a part of me. :-p Or, you know, just leave… but this is my playpen, so to speak. :-p You’re welcome to come and go whenever you please. :-p But I’ve never been into putting up an act or begging to get someone to continue liking me. Either you do or don’t… either way is fine… but, I do plan to use Jenny Dreadful to be the most me I can be. :-p

OK, thanks for letting me ramble on like this… just gotta get this stuff out sometimes. :-p It may be a little self-centered but then, isn’t that where we all have to start?

Painted live at a poetry show last night in Downtown Baltimore. Getting ready for my solo art show June 26th at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center 401 North Howard Street 9pm


Baltimore Police Captain To Protester: ‘I Understand Your Hurt And Your Pain’

The death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody caused thousands of people to take to the streets of Baltimore in protest last week
Many of these demonstrations took place at Western District police station, where protesters gathered before marching toward downtown Baltimore. This exchange between Capt. Desmond Carter-Bey and a young protester took place on Saturday, ahead of the violent riots that broke out in the city on Monday, and shows a mutual understanding of why Gray’s death has resulted in so much anger.
Baltimore #Blackout Tumblr Meet Up

So, we’re planning a meet up in Baltimore somewhere downtown, inner harbor maybe? So who’s down? Let me know when yall wanna have it & if yall down.

REBLOG if you’re from BALTIMORE.

PART 2: MAY 26th, hosted by FOR RENT SHOES There will be PRIZES AND FREE FODD!!

Excavation downtown - Construction for Equitable Building
10 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, Maryland
ca. 1890
Photograph by James H. Lewis (1881-1960)
4 inch by 5 inch glass negative
James H. Lewis Collection, 1890-1925
Maryland Historical Society
PP224 001 4-5 029 

The Baltimore Herald building can be seen in the background (left), where Mencken worked until the Great Fire of 1904. On the right is the Mitchell Courthouse.