The day has finally come so like have some eyes! The eyes are hand drawn and this is probably the longest I’ve ever spent to make cc. Thank you to @pyxiidis for the scelra texture! If there are any problems please let me know!!


-For everybody


-Defaults and Additional Add-ons

-A non default contact version available!

- Vampire and Alien versions also available 

-PSD is up for download for recolors


I hope you enjoy!!


Omg guys, I am so exited. This is my first mesh for the Sims 3! I’ve been wanting & trying to make my own cc for so long but it never worked or looked really bad. Now I finally have some knowledge to do so and I can’t wait to create more. I decided to make churros in a paper bag bc food clutter is the best. Hope you like it <3

  • new mesh by me (paper bag made with MD, the churros are sculpted in ZBrush) 
  • everything put together in Blender & Milkshape
  • textures painted by me in Substance Painter
  • located in plants

Download (sfs)


hello heres another recolour for u guys

  • Base Game Compatible
  • Recolored in WMS neutrals, naturals and unnaturals
  • Available as separate files or merged
  • Add-ons

You will need the mesh by @wondercarlotta

download here (no adfly whatsoever)

credits to @wondercarlotta for the mesh & @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the color palette :)


Escale Shirt for the Sims 4

Yay, patterns !

to be honest, even if I appreciate patterns, I don’t wear many in real life, and the clothes I create for the sims reflect that. It’s something I miss when I’m looking for a nice and original outfits for some of my sims. So I created this shirt !

It only have 25 colors options, it’s quite hard to find nice patterns to use on sims clothes. For some of them, I even used the wallpaper from the Caribbean update and the texture of a shirt from the Bowling Stuff Pack ! And If you want to create some recolors, I decided to include my PSD file (or you can use the texture from the white preset, if you prefer).

Hope you will like it !

Download : SimFileShare

If you like this creation and my other content, feel free to buy me a coffee (and a croissant if you can :D). Thanks to the donations, I can buy packs for the game, and create content from the new stuff. ;)

PSD for recolor : SimFileShare

Don’t include the mesh, and don’t hesitate to send me a message to let me know your recolored my shirt. You can find my Terms of Use on this page.


[Dyoreos] Hey Cupid Jeans

“What brand of jeans you be rocking? Hey Cupid, why you hiding?”
- Cupid by PH-1 (ft. PENOMECO)

Hey there! So, these are my first pair of jeans. I guess you can say they’re mom jeans or dad jeans. I honestly don’t know the difference. These jeans come in both plain swatches and patched/pattern(?) swatches for your male sims (thank goodness ‘cause males need more stuff) and of course, for your female sims. The male version is mid-rise while the female version is high-waisted. I hope you like these!!

  • Male & Female (T-E)
  • BGC
  • 35 swatches (plain, colorful hearts, “screw you”, “lonely”, broken hearts, colorful stars)
  • Custom thumbnails
  • All LODS
  • Hot & Cold Weather
  • Disallowed for random
  • Minor issue: The female version of these jeans don’t work too well with some high knee boots. However, the male version works perfectly fine
  • I included the psd file for recoloring purposes
  • Thank you to all the cc creators and you!❤ 



  • Please, do NOT edit, re-upload, convert, or claim as your own
  • Recolors and retextures are allowed but don’t include my mesh
  • If you recolor or retexture, please, do NOT put the link behind any paysite
  • Feel free to mention me if you use my cc or poses. I will reblog your post
  • Message me if you have any questions or if you are having issues with my content. Thank you! 




A cute wavy half up half down hairstyle inspired by Autumn! 

  • Female Teen to elder
  • 18 EA colours + ombres!
  • Also recoloured in @pastry-box‘s saccharine palette
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Hat Compatible


*right click and open in new tab*


  • EA for meshes and textures
  • @pastry-box for the saccharine palette

✨ Mr & Mrs Winter - two coats for her and for him ✨

Anon came up with a great idea of Mr & Mrs for all seasons so here’s the next part! The child to adult convertation of a duffle coat for men and a frankemesh for women. I thought it would be nice to have smth like this in the game so I’ve made it, lol.

  • BGC
  • new meshes
  • 12 & 20 swatches
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnail
  • PSD is included only for women’s coat
  • both coats don’t work with all bottoms, sorry
  • tag me if you use it I’d love to see your pics with it!! 💖

🔹 Download 🔹


Neon Signs Set ♡

As you all probably know I have an obsession with neon signs so I decided to make some that I like, I had so much fun making these, hope you guys like them too! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 

  • 6 new meshes 100% by me.
  • To change colors click the sign “set color and intensity”. You can also make them bigger by holding down the ‘SHIFT’ key and tapping ’]’.
  • Custom thumbnails.

Download all 

Download separately  ↓

Dreaming | Baby

Rose | Hearts 

Anchor | Flamingo 


[Dyoreos] Tucked-In Tanktop

  • Female (T-E)
  • BGC
  • 37 swatches
  • Custom thumbnails
  • All LODs
  • Hot Weather
  • Disallowed for random
  • Please, do not edit, reupload, convert or claim as your own
  • Thank you to all the cc creators and, of course, you!!




Something really simple, the basegame basic cotton undies in 44 colours except they’re a higher rise than the originals. Depending on what skin you use in your game, you might’ve noticed that most underwear shows off your sim’s buttcrack in glorious HD. I’m not a fan. Pull your undies up!

DOWNLOAD | SimFileShare.