Sexual exploitation is no joke, I get that.  Having volunteered at a rape crisis center, I’ve heard heartbreaking stories and seen lives devastated by rape and sexual assault.

I applaud ANYONE concerned about these issues and willing to help with time and money.  BUT trying to take down a tumblr about dirty jokes and ponies doesn’t amount to fuck-all.  And sending someone money for a tee-shirt “supporting” taking down a tumblr about dirty jokes and ponies means even less than fuck-all.  

If you want to lend assistance to something that matters, visit the websites of these 4-star rated charity organizations dealing with matters of rape, sexual exploitation, and women’s  justice.  Make a donation, volunteer your time, do something that MATTERS.  Don’t be a tumblr warrior, be an actual hero and make a difference.

The International Justice Mission

Securing justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and violent oppression

RAINN Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Helping prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation

The Center for Justice and Accountability

Bringing Human Rights Abusers to Justice

To find certified and verified charities in your area, please visit the Charity Navigator.

Molestia Is Dead.

If this is the work of the fucking Social Justice Thought Police, then you are all anti-free speech, anti-humour, anti-fun, selfish, self-righteous and self-entitled behavioural prescriptivists.

Crushing the harmless fun of others to pander to your own hyperbolised sensitivity.

Nazi-esque megalomania regarding the artistic expression of others on the internet.

Total disregard for the fact that you’ve no right to have authorities respect your petty emotions over the opinions and free speech of other people.

The totalitarian censorship of satire can be quite rightly compared directly to the evil regime of Adolf Hitler himself. So, sieg heil! All hail the glorious FemiNazi Third Reich, and may their enlightened superiority guide us all to a far ”freer” future!

The freshly-annexed Tumblr will be happy to embrace its new muzzle and straight-jacket as the offensive abomination formerly regarded as ”humour” is marched off to the gas chambers for one final time.

I sincerely hope that you’re all absolutely ecstatic with your dogmatic handiwork.

You know, something that gets me every time I see it: the feminist bashing within the MLP fandom, particularly the splendid gents that crawled from under the rocks in this entire Down With Molestia awareness campaign.

Fucking feminists, you said. Feminazis, you spat. 

Lauren Faust is a feminist. The one whose coattails you’re riding is proudly what you shit on every time someone dares rain on your dudebro parade.

Lauren Faust is a feminist, and feminist ideals are what made generation 4 everything you love. 

But you guys don’t want to consider that. Maybe she isn’t a feminist now, I saw one poor soul try to reason. It seems to be too much for your sweaty little minds to wrap around, that feminist ideals can lead to something so wonderful. You find rape porn and underage horse porn is so much more rewarding. You think racism is cool. You think homophobia and transphobia are neat. It seems like it’s easier for you to delude yourselves into thinking somehow, Lauren doesn’t mind that not even her own OC is safe from your lack of self-control. Or when she is, you fucking turned it into a dudebro pity party of being oppressed because you made porn of her personal OC and expected her to be okeydoke with it. Or worse, someone said she should take it as a compliment.

Rape culture is about the mens problems, one of you said. Everyone takes rape seriously, said another. That’s why rape makes such a good threat for you to make anonymously, amirite?

Lauren Faust is a feminist. She would be, and has been, disgusted by those of you who took what she worked hard to fight against and twist it into a gross sexual power trip anyway. 

It isn’t all of you. The bronies who actually live up to the ideals of the show are the ones she praises. The good folks we met at Bronycon are the ones she praises. Not you Internet tough guys, who abuse the shit out of a 17-year old rape survivor. You’re everything wrong with this fandom and humanity in general. You’re the ones that give us a bad name, and I am sick of seeing the fandom sweep you under the rug when you act out. It’s time you got unilaterally called the scumstains you are.

Be a REAL tough guy. Tell the creator of your obsession you stalked and drew rape porn to bully a 17-year-old girl into silence. Tell Nicole Oliver you stalked and drew rape porn of a 17-year-old girl to show her the Molestia meme is all about freedom of speech, not a good measuring stick as to what a cesspool of the species you are. Go on, I dare you. Stand up for your vaunted ideals, both of THEM spoke against it too, you know. Go on. You just don’t want to hear it, because they would have the same reaction as the rest of the decent side of this fandom. 

They would call you fucking sick.

By the way, how’s the social work going for you guys who tried to discredit her because you said she did none? Have you donated to RAINN yet? 


OK I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of days but I hear Molestia got a Cease and Desist order from Hasbro themselves. Everyone sent in emails to Hasbro, telling them the nature of the blog and other info. Hasbro didn’t like it and lo and behold: APM’s gone.

Of course bronies are absolutely pissing themselves angry over this and want pinkiepony’s blood. A few of them are citing this as “the death of free speech”, comparing this to Nazism, and some other egregious acts….Wow at least bottle your tears, gents.

To pinkiepony, damn gurl you rock. It was your efforts, your vision, your wish to bring this issue to light and you got it done. People contributed, moved mountains, sacrificed their safety and anonymity, yourself included. The amount of hate and death threats and other disgusting things you received were totally uncalled for. But you didn’t falter or quit, like I said before you are one of the bravest women I know. Congrats to you, Hasbro, and everyone else for their support.


This came from this. Gettin’ tired of seeing people going on pointless crusades. if you don’t like it, don’t bother yourself with it. Block it, ignore it, whatever you need to do. The holier-than-thou attitude and dumb passive aggressive messages like the original post from the ‘Down with Molestia’ people doesn’t really help their cause any. The argument is dumb. All of it.

Everyone is allowed to enjoy the fandom how they please.

Everyone is allowed to make whatever kind of art they please, even if it’s shocking, disgusting, crude, foul, or offensive.

Everyone is allowed to have their own ideas on what characters do off screen - and share those ideas.

Everyone is allowed to laugh at jokes they find funny, even if you don’t.

Everyone is responsible for controlling their internet experience.

You need to respect other people’s right to have fun. That’s what we’re all here for. You aren’t the internet police and honestly with the way the anti-Molestia people have acted, no one is going to listen to you.

Shruglestia doesn’t care what you do. She’s a fictional candy colored horse. If you think horse butts are funny, then laugh! If you are offended by them, then stay away from them that’s cool too.

Fiction doesn’t affect real life, but this fictional pony is my waifu and she’s SO. HOT.
—  a conveniently selective fandom

See also:

"I have been a lifelong feminist, and as an artist working in the animation industry for more than 16 years I have striven to do right by women and girls in the animated projects I have been part of. I try to bring sincerity and depth to the female characters I’ve animated and have fought in development and story meetings to make female characters more than just the typical girlfriend, Mom or sex symbol." - Lauren Faust

"Color has never, ever been depicted as a race indicator for the ponies." - Lauren Faust

"I’m going to let you know, from where I stand the darker side of the fandom is not what I will talk about, it’s not part of what the show is about, but if you choose to do that, that is your choice, it’s not why we’re here, not why I’M here." - Nicole Oliver

"Gotta admit, that kind of gives me the creeps. I’d rather not know about it." - Lauren Faust

Because way too many people forget these. I wonder why.

This is way too much like the other two that have been made but here’s my contribution

I’m personally greatly saddened that bronies feel the need to harass pinkiepony and I’m sorry about all the hate and threats she’s received. Bronies are SUPPOSED to be be about loving and tolerating, right? So how does any of this madness count as “loving” OR “tolerating”? If bronies really are redfining masculinity, and say they’re comfortable with their masculinity, why are they so threatened by someone else who has a different opinion than them?

Molestia is a bad enough meme that takes a sick and twisted thing that’s hurt many people, and turns it into a fucking joke, but the rabid fans that spit rape and death threats and stalk people who disagree with them is where I draw the line. :I

A word from Pinkiepony's Ex

Alright, I don’t even go on tumblr but i’ve sat back and watched this Down With Molestia crap for a while now, so here comes my two cents

I dated April for almost 3 years, freshman through junior year in highschool, and instead of explaining EVERYTHING, i’m going to give you a quick cause-and-effect list of before April had a tumblr and adopted a fake sarcastic internet personality for attention. 

1. Cause: Three years ago, I became a brony

Effect: April tells me that “my little pony is MY thing!” and that “Bronies are the worst thing to happen to my little pony”, therefore attempting to force me to not be a brony. 

2. Cause: is terrible at lying and has far stretched stories

Effect: tries to explain to me she was raped in a mcdonald’s parking lot in a van while her mom was inside, took of bite of the rapist’s hand and escaped to the mcdonalds bathroom where she wiped the cum off of her friend, who was also apparently raped. 

3. Cause: I hang out with my friends

Effect: April cries a lot and tells me i’m not allowed to hang out with them

4. Cause: April explains to me she is infertile, as told to her by her doctor

Effect: I break up with her and she claims to have had my dead baby inside her for ten months, and named it Sparkle.

5. Cause: I listen to songs made by Bronies

Effect:  April tells me i have terrible taste, and says “I would rather die than listen to that crap”, meanwhile hosting it on her blog.

6. Cause: April yells at my friends for using the word Faggot as a joke, calling it offensive

Effect: Turns around and uses it herself.

7. Cause: Complained that I had friends daily, and wouldn’t make any herself

Effect: I had to secretly hang out with my friends to avoid making her cry herself a fucking river

8. Cause: Literally almost any problem, bad situation, or anything she didn’t like about me would instantly make her cry

Effect: Most of my days were spent trying to cheer her up and changing myself to fit her wants.


Cause: I break up with her

Effect: She quits her job, cries all day every day, turns around and dates my best friend without even loving him just to break our friendship, lies that she’s pregnant with my dead child, IMPERSONATES Lauren Faust, claiming that she “Called me and told me that she’s very disappointed for what you’ve done” (breaking up with her), IMPERSONATES SETHISTO, emailing my friend who co-hosted a small brony convention with me, trying to make me jealous (???) that he “has a hot brony cousin that (he) could set her up with!,” tries to use her mom’s phone to text me threats (..?) and to top it all off, lies to anyone she could get into contact with about our breakup and made up things to make me look bad.

But look, I didn’t break up with her for so long because April was so helpless and defenseless. I was honestly her only friend and anytime something went really awful she would threaten suicide. She never attempted it, just always threatened it if she couldn’t get her way. But after three years, i couldn’t take the daily strain on my happiness and just ended it.

The guy who dated her after me (her only other boyfriend) couldn’t take all the shit she causes and broke up with her too, for the goddamn constant arguing she causes. 

So basically, what i’m trying to get across is that April’s life is a giant web of lies. I can’t even go into the daily lies she came up with, literally any time she could she would lie about something. She would lie to her parents constantly, lied to me thinking I didn’t know any better, and lied to her friends about all sorts of things.

I’m  going back into my senior year tomorrow and she is as well. She barely has any friends because no one believes her lies anymore after i’ve explained to them the truth. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to be her friend as well, but of course she won’t have it.

April was pathetic and alone before she found tumblr; I was her only friend. Now she adapted this sarcastic attitude that is NOT like the true her at all (I mean, this is the internet.) and just gets a thrill over causing drama and spreading her lies.

anyways, i just want to say the molestia blog is a goddamn joke and anybody getting worked up over someone throwing a temper tantrum about a blog that doesn’t even contain rape should rethink their goddamn priorities so we can all stop hearing about it. I wouldn’t have bothered typing all this up if I didn’t see her goddamn lying face anytime something involves tumblr and mlp, i couldn’t believe it was her that started all this crap but at the same time, it makes sense. She is honestly the most awful person I have ever had the displeasure of dating and fucking. 


From what I’ve seen the past few days, one of the more insidious problems with the fandom is that so many of the otherwise reasonable people defending Molestia honestly don’t think they’re supporting rape culture because they don’t understand what it is or they have some deeply ingrained doublethink going on where making rape a light, jokey issue is bad but Molestia (fucking MOLESTIA, it is literally THE NAME) totally isn’t because you shouldn’t be taking it seriously in the first place.

I mean the very arguments these people make, that it’s not a problem because it’s not rape, is a perfect summary of rape culture: a serial rapist is constantly played for laughs and set up as the main, beloved character of a massively popular piece of media and when you point this out everyone says it’s fine because it’s ‘not really rape!’

You have an actual rapist character, whose very name admits to it, that is constantly shown doing these things, but the viewers have somehow gotten it into their head that what they’re seeing isn’t really rape, it isn’t really a problem.

And that is why rape culture is so goddamn dangerous. This doesn’t start and stop on a blog on tumblr. This is an issue that permeates society across the world, on so many levels from media portrayal to legal procedures.

this has been on my mind for a while so i think i should address it now. 

firstly, i am wholeheartedly supportive of dwm, and i think it’s amazing that pinkie had the guts to stand up for herself and others! 

secondly, to anyone attacking those who, like me, support her in this, kindly find the nearest brick and hit yourself with it. hit yourself twice if you’ve gone anon too! 

so since i’m not an organized at all and therefore cannot write an argument structured enough to make my point, i’ll just put a list here of reasons why i say this:

- “JJ’s blog/art doesn’t imply rape or molestation in any way!” wrong. i’d show you myself but for the sake of time, just go here

- “it doesn’t hurt anybody! it’s just art!” it triggers people, it makes some relive memories they want to forget forever. if you want them to deal with it, or just “grow thicker skin” then come back after something horrifically life-changing has happened to you and see it come back to haunt you through posts and media that makes light of the situation you were forced to go through.

- “it’s just a joke. you guys are wasting your time” maybe it is just a joke to some, but that changes nothing about what dwm stands for. it’s not anything giant like the red cross foundation or an official fund to support actual rape victims, but it’s what we can do, right now, without the hassle. and if you think rape or molestation is a joke, even if it’s implied, you’re welcome to jump off the nearest cliff.

- :”if you don’t like something, why bother complaining about it” you answered your own question you moron, it’s BECAUSE it’s not liked that people complain about it. how much sense would it make if people liked molestia and complained about her?

- “there are more important things in the world” yeah? then why do you happen to be sitting at your own computer, fighting with other people over an issue that isn’t feeding starving children? oh, it’s up to other people only, i see

- "stop being oversensitive and learn how to take a joke" here’s something, how about you free yourself from your 6th grade mindeset and see that SOME jokes are NOT OKAY.

and finally, most importantly; yes. to some people, molestia is “a joke” and idle humor that means nothing. but to others, it could mean a world of difference - so why is it so hard to give them that? that’s like saying your idea of a joke is more important than the feelings and ambitions of someone who might have had their body taken advantage of. If you’re saying those people should just deal with it and live on, you’re basically saying you value your sick rape fantasies and your wonderful “non-offensive celestia” blog (which has offended A LOT OF PEOPLE NOW) more than the problems at hand. "If you don’t like it just ignore it," is stupid, and if you’ve ever said that before then YOU’RE STUPID TOO JFC

so maybe i should make an example out of someone? no problem. here’s a person who has no problem dismissing rape, blatantly insulting and making fun of people, editing works of art by other people (which ISNT FUCKING ALLOWED BTW) and doesn’t even accept rape culture as a real thing

if that isn’t bad enough, even some of his followers don’t have any problems making fun of victims and the like. seriously, this event that pinkie’s set up has introduced me to people i hate even more than myself, and that says something. show some fricking decency for once, or at least restraint.

if you’re not a supporter of dwm, i’m fine with that. like with all things, not everyone is on the same boat, nor will everyone always agree to the same thing, but if you’re an active asshole to people who are, THEN we have a problem.

regardless, if you’re with dwm and you’re reading this, more power to you! if you’re not, and you plan on reblogging this post with a snarky response and maybe a satirical gif to compliment it in a few seconds then more power to you too! by “power”, i mean a baseball bat. and by “you”, i mean your dick. good day