So to the dude who uh

Who replied to my evolution posting today calling scientists ‘lunatics in labcoats destroying everything they touch’ and claimed that they ‘become gods to the dumbed down and farmed humans using marketing ploys’ 

I can’t reply to you directly because you didn’t reblog, and I’m not sure what about my benign explanation of where weird elephants come from upset you so badly, especially considering I haven’t said anything particularly controversial (imo) but maybe just reel it back to a 5-6 instead of going right to 10

Also Juno just got detailed photos during its flyby of Jupiter and nothing caught fire that wasn’t already on fire so ‘lunatics destroying everything they touch’ might be a little unfair

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I saw so much hate for Hilarie on some JDM "fan page". From a blonde 35 year old jealous immature bimbo living in an unrealistic world saying she'd seriously make Jeffrey cheat and all that. People are crazy!! I'm glad Jeff is a down to earth loving farm boy with his family. I just can't stand people who disrespect relationships in general like that. Saying she's too skinny and plain. Well clearly Jeffrey loves her and if you love him at least respect that. Hilarie is a sweetheart anyways.

Hilarie is beautiful, sweet and talented. Pay no attention to the haters, they’re just bitter and jealous.

at this point i’m gonna add it to ~*~my role playing canon~*~ that church just really, seriously, truly loves good solid cement walls as the ultimate foundation for site security.

the two spawn directions for finch farm are right where i’m standing and the beach to the right through that broken bridge, so those points are both sealed off by heavily defended walls that will force any attackers to follow the barriers towards a small gate at either end of the property. 

behind where i’m standing there’s also a few old trucks with a set of power armor and i’m fairly certain that a colonel gutsy respawns there every few days that attack follows provisioners down to the farm, so there’s another thing to defend against with that long barrier wall.

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Wednesday, August 17

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who are some of dakota's favorite singers/bands?

Last year she posted this photo on her IG with some of her vinyls - I found eight out of the nine in the photo [thanks to the people that sent the info for some of them!]. Here are the titles:

  • Miles Davis - “Kind of Blue”
  • Little Feat - “Down of the Farm”
  • Patti Smith - “Horses”
  • Sun Ra and his Arkestra - “Jazzin Silhouette”
  • Bob Dylan - “The Little White Wonder Vol. 3″
  • Pink Floyd - “Wish you were here”
  • The Band - “The Last Waltz”
  • Poco - “Legend”

Also she was spotted wearing a vintage shirt of The Rolling Stones yesterday and couple years ago a tour tshirt of Jefferson Starship. Additionally, last week she was seen leaving a concert of Radiohead. She likes Kurt Vile, too, especially the song “B'lieve I’m goin down…”.

Here are the titles of my short stories I’ve written for my MA. I’m posting them here because I want to post them somewhere and no one reads this so it’s ideal

I ordered three pizzas
The omnivore 
On the edge of town
Santa, The Christmas Hedgehog
2,000 feet above worry level
Learning to drive 
The supermarket 
Feet under the table
After The Bridge
Gerry and I were going down the cliff
Dog Farm, Food Game 
Everything I owe
Bill Wesley
My friend Rod

The Future's Demise

read it on the AO3 at

by MissEthereal

J4-35 was programmed to be one of the many regular maintenance synths. She was to follow The Institute’s orders with a mop in hand, and not a question in mind. However, things were never to be that simple. With a burning desire to be set free, J4-35 takes the steps required to get out of the forsaken hole she was forced to slave away in. She dreamed of living those normal lives that she overheard the scientists mumble about- maybe settle down on a farm and get a husband. But it was on the faithful day that she was forced to go through a reform that her goals were completely changed. No longer would she live a simple life. She had to fight for her people! She was determined to join The Railroad, no matter the cost… And the fact that a certain member of the rescue team had sparked her interest and made her feel emotions she never knew she had, didn’t make staying around any harder.

Words: 1799, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Abraham? I heard Simcoe is burning farms in Setauket. Is this true? Anna inquired incredulously.

Abraham shifted in his spot slightly, stress built on his face. And it showed in the bags under his eyes. “Aye, it be true. He’s been burnin’ down farms left and right.” He shook his head, scrubbing a hand over his face.

Everything Simcoe was doing made him furious, he wanted to march up there and smack him right in his face. Though, that was an incredibly stupid idea, even for Abraham. So, he restrained himself.

Anna would surely be able to spot the anger in his face, in his posture. His shoulders were squared, and his hands were clenched into fists at his sides.

“How’d you find out?” He said quizzically, taking a step closer to Anna. He feared for the safety of all of his friends, especially now.


Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

Liz says:

What an utter delight Stella Gibbons’ satirical, but sweet-spirited novel is (“udder” delight works too!).  In London we meet Flora Poste at 19, an orphan in the 1920s. Flora does not want a job and thus writes a batch of relatives who might take her in. They respond, but she doesn’t care to share a room with a parrot (among other unappealing offers) and thus, her best bet is to move to rural Sussex, with her rustic, unsophisticated relatives, the Starkadders. The Starkadders live in a run-down farm and are under the thumb of Mrs. Starkadder who is a traumatized, shut-in because she saw “something nasty in the woodshed” at age two. Like the plot, the characters are colorful and riotous. Flora is no laze-about – she wants everyone to be happy and meddles until she gets her wish.  

Many will remember the 1996 film “Cold Comfort Farm” starring Kate Beckinsale, but the movie won’t give you what Gibbons’ writing will: “a bright-eyed grubbing in the lore of farmyard and bin, a hint of the casual lusts of chicken-house and duck-pond, a racy, yeasty, posty-toasty interest in the sordid drama of man’s eternal attack and woman’s inevitable yielding and loss.” That said, in this book everyone wins! And now I get to read Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm.

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Same anon about cats in the country. In the South it might be considered "normal". In the Midwest it is not. We see on the news frequently people being arrested for it. The only time it's ever considered okay is if the cat has rabies and that goes for any animal with rabies. But if it's a healthy (or even sick without rabies) it is never okay to just kill them. A lot of us the Midwest keep untamed cats around because it keeps the mice population down around farms. Most cate end up tame then

I live in the Midwest too! Although I’ve always been in cities and never in any rural areas. All the people agreeing with Ryan seemed to be in deep southern areas :/ The whole thing still makes me really uncomfortable and I’m glad everyone here has been sharing their experiences.


TIME FOR TEA – Down on the Farm in OLD JAPAN by Okinawa Soba

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