Crops Ahoy: Farms That Float

No Land? No Problem. If Barcelona-based Forward Thinking Architecture has its way, farms of the future will operate autonomously as they float on the open sea. Stretching eco-friendly concepts to the limit, the ambitious design firm has come up with the idea of Smart Floating Farms, large triple-decker agriculture barges that feature fish farms down below, hydroponic gardens up top, and solar panels on the roof to keep things running. They don’t exist yet, but they’re certainly providing plenty of food for thought.

The concept hits all the current buzzwords: preservation of arable land, local organic food sourcing with less “food mileage,” environmental protection, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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Fandom/Genre: Supernatural
Pairing (s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC -17
Word Count: ~43k
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean Winchester’s life was good. He worked on his father’s cattle ranch, hunted some supernatural baddies with his mother now and again and was about to fulfill his dream to build up a stud for working horses.
But when his brother had enough of their father’s constant attempts to play the brothers against each other about who would inherit the farm, he finds himself between the chairs.
He chooses to go with his brother, which puts him onto a run down farm that Sam bought for a bargain prize and in the line of organic farming.
On the night that they want to celebrate Dean’s moving in, he runs into a city farmer in the local bar. The man, Castiel Novak, immediately catches Dean’s attention, but they hit a rough start even though the other man might need Dean’s help in more respects than just farming advice.
There is tension between the both of them, even when they act on their mutual attraction. Will Dean get over his anxiety to lose Castiel and will Castiel start feeling at home in Dean’s world of farming and horses? They have to learn to understand and to lead a different kind of life than the one they knew before.

Fic by: frecklesjackles

Art by: vieroksuja

Coming soon to ao3

James May on 6 Music’s Rock Friday

Full show tracklist and download from 23rd April 2010.  Please feel free to reblog this, but please don’t share the link/repost elsewhere.

Motorhead ~ Ace of Spades
Iggy and the Stooges ~ No Fun
Jethro Tull ~ Nothing Is Easy
The Who ~ Bargain
Yes ~ Roundabout
Thin Lizzy ~ The Boys Are Back in Town
Jimi Hendrix ~ Valleys of Neptune
AC/DC ~ Let There Be Rock
Led Zeppelin ~ Immigrant Song
Rush ~  Limelight
Guns N’ Roses ~ Down on the Farm
Supertramp ~ School
Alice Cooper ~ School’s Out
KISS ~ Detroit Rock City
David Bowie ~ Panic in Detroit
J. Geils Band ~ Detroit Breakdown
Ted Nugent ~ Wango Tango
Emerson, Lake & Palmer ~ Lucky Man (Live)
Genesis ~ The Musical Box
Peter Gabriel ~ On the Air
Pink Floyd ~ One of These Days
Black Sabbath ~ Black Sabbath
Deep Purple ~ Space Truckin’
Blue Oyster Cult ~ Godzilla
King Crimson ~ Moonchild
King Crimson ~ Bolero
King Crimson ~ Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part 2
Mahavishnu Orchestra ~ Vital Transformation
Jeff Beck ~ Star Cycle
Frank Zappa ~ Disco Boy

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anonymous asked:

I will write an assignment (~25 pages) for school soon and i chose to write about the health aspects of veganism. Which points would you include? (E.g. getting enough nutrients, diseases caused by animal product consumption...) i am so unsure xoxox

-Is it human instinct to rip apart an animal we see roaming free?
-Mass intinction of species
-“Speciesism” the belief that one species is more important than the next i.e. Dogs vs. cows.

-Animal agriculture is the biggest cause to human controlled climate change
-We are tearing down forests to farm animals
-The water footprint of eating meat is unsustainable

-Going vegan could solve world hunger. We have enough food to feed everyone on this earth, but instead we feed it to cattle.
-One burger required 15 pounds of grain. You could buy all of that grain/other produce and have food for an entire community instead of buying one burger.

-Out bodies are alkaline and eating animal products make it acidic.
-Animal fats will clog arteries and cause heart disease
-Way more than half of diseases in America are caused by diet
-Our bodies are meant to thrive on plants! If you check out the structure of our digestive track vs. an herbivores, it is exactly the same!

To name a few!!!

We Are What We Eat: Food Justice As An Act of Radical Self Love

“I came late to the food justice movement. I wasn’t even really aware of what food justice was again until 2004 when I first heard of calls to boycott Taco Bell by tomato pickers. I was living in Tampa, Florida at the time and had to commute past farms in order to get to work.  As news of the boycott spread, I began to see the people working in those fields who were mostly migrant workers. I read about the conditions of these workers, mostly undocumented, who were often exploited because of their status. I also learned about exemptions for children on farms, which were meant to ensure that parents could pass down a farming tradition to their children but were used as a loophole to institute child labor. Although already a healthy eater, I began to purposely buy organic to better ensure that the food I consumed did not come at the expense of another human being.

I first read Alice Walker’s essay, “Am I Blue” when I was in college. In the work, she writes about how her visit to a farm anda moving encounter with a horse named Blue, prompted her to shift from being an omnivore to a vegetarian. The last sentences of the essay read, “As we talked of freedom and justice one day for all, we sat down to steaks. I am eating misery, I thought, as I took the first bite and spit it out.” Food nourishes us but how nourishing is that food if is grown and cultivated by those who live in deplorable conditions?”

Making sure our food comes from “just” sources is part of food justice but there are endless obstacles, which often make this task hard to accomplish. Many people, particularly those in low income neighborhoods live in food deserts, which are defined by the USDA, “…as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers.” Actor and activist, Wendell Pierce, attempted to remedy this with the introduction of Sterling Farms, a few years ago in New Orleans. Pierce wanted to introduce organic affordable food to low-income neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the store recently closed due to location issues but Pierce is looking to open stores in Alexandria, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia using a new business model.”

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[Headline Image: A brown skinned woman is at the right of the frame. She is in a kitchen preparing a meal at the stove. To the left there is a cutting board full of vegetables. In the background there is a counter with several kitchen appliances on it.]

theherbiwhore asked:

Any tips on staying composed while talking about veganism? I try to be a positive resource & spread animal compassion, but I can get really heated or emotional when people don't care. It's hard to even get through a run down of a factory farm without crying! Help?

You are definitely not alone! <3

It’s hard sometimes when people attack you for your compassionate choices, or refuse to listen. 

One thing that helps me is flipping through the Vegan Sidekick’s Comics. He takes all the crazy things every vegan or vegetarian has heard, and makes them funny. It helps to realize you aren’t the only one dealing with defensive people.

Another thing that helps is remembering that most of us ate meat at once point. It’s a process, and even though it is stressful to deal with uncaring people, more and more people go vegan and veg every year. <3

It’s also important to realize why people are so defensive and aggressive at times. People bully vegans for two main reasons: (1) They don’t understand why anyone would want to stop eating animals, and it’s easier to mock something you don’t understand than it is to face it. (2) They know their current lifestyle choices contribute to someone’s suffering, and they’d rather be in denial. Think about it: If they didn’t feel guilty, why else would it bother them so much?