Dove Bradshaw

Six Continents, Dove Bradshaw, 2003

Where there is salt there is the possibility of life. The salt is taken from each of the continents selected for color due to different minerals from each locale: From left, Antarctica, white salt from McMurdo Bay; Africa, gray salt from Egypt; Australia, brown salt from Western Australia; Eurasia, ivory salt from Gwangju, North Korea; North America, green salt from the Dominican Republic and South America, pink salt from Chile.


We ran into artist Dove Bradshaw at our interview with William Anastasi yesterday. Check out this clip where she contrasts Cage and Duchamp.

Dove Bradshaw

Oracle, 2007 and Zero Space, Zero Time, Infinite Heat, 1988
Oracle: 18¼ inch x 27¼ inches cut into the wall
Permanent installation:  Ingreja do Convento de Santo António, Trancoso, Portugal