A little collection of my favorite celebration pics from tonight

Today I don’t care what has been going on this season.
Today I don’t care about all the things that make me question the people that rule this club.
Today I only care about this single game and that game makes me a proud Bayern fan.

That’s why I would like to say thank you to the whole team today.
Thank you to Fips for being the best captain the football world has ever seen.
Thank you to every single player actively playing today, especially to the ones who despite lacking in match practice played so well.
Thank you to every single player benched today for the smiles and the support, especially to the maestro himself, Mr. Alonso.
Thank you to the players who couldn’t celebrate with the team yet for celebrating with us via social media nevertheless.
And thank you even to the trainer team for providing me with new hope for the next season today.

Mia San Mia,
Mia 5an Mia,
Thank you FCB

last time the Breakers scored 3 in an NWSL regular season match: April 26, 2015 vs. Houston (3-2 win)

last time the Breakers were up 3-0: May 28, 2014 vs. Portland, 59′ (4-1 win)

last time the Breakers won a 3-0 shutout: May 25, 2013 vs. Washington

last time Seattle was shutout: July 30, 2016 vs. Portland (1-0 loss)

last time Seattle conceded 3 goals: July 9, 2016 vs. WNY (3-2 loss)

last time Seattle lost a 0-3 shutout: July 18, 2015 vs. Washington