Hello, fellow Portal admirers ! 
I’m happy to finally announce an event dedicated to one of the most ambiguous characters in the Portal franchise. Please welcome:



Q: When will it take place?
A: I’ve chosen the second week of August (08-14) as gives us two weeks to prepare for the celebration!
Q: What can I do?
A: EVERYTHING! All kinds of content matter! Draw fanart, take pictures of your cosplay, write fanfiction or some words about your headcanons or share some personal stories about how Doug influenced on your in-game experience (and maybe your life). Let’s show some love for this wonderful character! But please, don’t forget to tag ur posts! I’ll track the tag so I can reblog all the posts i like into my blog! Also I’ll create a special blog where I’ll be reblogging all the tagged posts (for science, of course)!
Q: And what is the tag?
A: #rattmannweek2016 Remember, it’s okay to draw Doug with anyone you’ll find appealing, it’s okay to create AUs, it’s okay to make a fem-version cosplay, everything you’ll do will be okay as long as you do it with love and enthusiasm! Two weeks to get ready and one week to post it all! Decide what day (or days?) on the week suits you the most and participate! The number of posts you can do is unlimited. I believe we can make Tumblr see that Portal fandom is Still Alive and prospering (well, I hope in the end of the week they wouldn’t Want Us Gone). Let’s show Doug the love he deserves! Get ready and good luck!

Cover art by Doug Johnson
Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance (1982)
Heavy Metal

The title of the album was brought about simply by the artwork. First of all, we had this thing about vengeance; we want vengeance of some sort. Not retaliation vengeance, but vengeance in a musical way, in how vengeance sounds musically, and the original concept was, I came up with a thing like I could see something like with claws and talons like vengeance coming in to grab at something, and then it’s elaborated onto with the metal Hellion. And screaming was put on because this bird is coming down with its beak open and it looks like its screaming, so it’s SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE.“
- Rob Halford


Bucket List #9: Visit the French Quarter of New Orleans