“The Starship Enterprise is not a collection of motion picture sets or a model used in visual effects. It is a very real vehicle: one designed for storytelling. You, the audience, furnish its propulsion. With a wondrous leap of imagination, you make it into a spaceship that can take us into the far reaches of the galaxy and sometimes the depths of the human soul….”

- Gene Roddenberry

Images from Doug Drexler’s magnificent book “Ships of the line”. You really need to get this book!


STV—Doug Drexler: drive for more Enterprise on Netflix

From Larry’s Trekland blog, Larry chases down famed Trek illustrator and digital designer Doug Drexler to verify—and explain—why he’s joined the online campaign to urge Netflix to produce a Season 5 of restarted Star Trek: Enterprise. Media and fandom and show delivery are a whole new world from 2005, it seems… are way differen

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This is based off of a calendar preview. The Battlecruiser V. Original shuttle stand out.

You know I really wish I got into 3D modeling somedays.

John describes the production as having an “identity crisis,” because we’re talking about an abandoned dollar store filled with handmade sets built by volunteers and starring an Elvis impersonator.

And eventually, they found themselves some real Hollywood writers, designers, actors, and producers – some of whom worked on the original Star Trek series.

“When New Voyages started, they had several people behind the scenes, like Doug Drexler (VFX guru who worked on TNG and Battlestar Galactica), helping out with the production,” John says. “By the time I joined, Walter Koenig had been cast as Chekov, an original cast member reprising his role for the first time since Star Trek: Generations in 1994. This was a pretty huge deal … Now when we got to ‘World Enough And Time,’ the episode with George [Takei], that’s when the stakes were raised even higher. Hollywood producer Marc Zicree (Babylon 5, TNG, Sliders), and Michael Reeves got involved.”

We’re talking Emmy and Oscar winners working out of a dollar store alongside fans with no experience.

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