reblog if..

reblog this if your parents:

  1. are close minded about piercings, stretched ears or tattoos.
  2. use the lines; “you can do what you want when youre 18” & “not under my roof!” on you when asked to get a fun harmless piercing or something
  3. try to convince you that its ugly
  4. OR MY FAVOURITE that “that piercing is for gay people“ THEN ACT AS IF GAY IS BAD
  5. also just reblog this to show that you disagree with their views & opinions cause i will show this to my parents once this gets notes 

i asked for these piercings, and i basically was told that i am a fool for wanting one of these. shout out to Vaughn Body Arts. Theyre cool shit. 

if this gets enough notes im going to show this to my parents. curious to see their reaction.