I want to love my fat face...

…but I find it so hard to do so! I feel bad admitting this, because I have spent so much time and energy the last few years improving my feelings about fatness, but I hate my face. Recently, every time I look at a photo of myself my stomach drops, because I can’t see anything other than my double chin. It makes me think my face is ugly. And it’s worse if I’m smiling, so the cruel irony is that the happier I am in the pic, the more I hate it!

I see so very few picture of fat women with double chins here on tumblr. Do most of us feel this way secretly, hating on our double chins and fat faces? And when I do see them, I never think they look bad! I love seeing pictures of fat people with double chins, I think those people are beautiful. But if it’s my face it makes me seethe in shame and self-disgust. Why?

My wedding is in a little over a month, and I am dreading the pictures, because I know they will show me my fat face. I should love my fat face, but I don’t. I have such an easier time loving the rest of my fat body, my belly, my thighs, my back rolls, my flabby arms, I find them beautiful, or at least neutral, most of the time. But not my face.

Why is this so hard? Do you guys find it hard as well? Please send me happy smiling pictures of yourself, looking beautiful with your double chins! I’ll publish them, and hopefully feel a little better

can we talk about double chins?

i have one. i’m 5′2 and a size large, not that it matters. but i have a double chin. even when i was way skinnier i had one. why do i rarely see anyone who looks like me in the media… or social media? i follow very body-positive people, and still, where are the people who look like me?

i want to see peole who look like me modeling for independent brands, for mainstream businesses. i want to see illustrations depicting people who look like me. i want to see people wearing chokers who look like me. i want to see product photos for chokers with models who look like me, product photos for anything with people who look like me. c’mon, people.

for all my other followers with ~chins~ like me: you’re beautiful. fuck everyone else who says otherwise, with their words or their actions.

here’s me and my double chin, and my awesome friends. i’m the one who is cute af with the greenish hair.

no but really let’s talk about how double chins are the last bastion of fat positivity and body love - 

let’s talk about how virtually all plus-size models have the face of a thin person, how truly beautiful people feel less beautiful because of their double chin, as though the rest of their face doesn’t matter, how people feel embarrassed to laugh or smile because it will make their double chin look bigger, how even when you’ve come to love your fat body, the weird stigma of a double chin doesn’t shake off so easily.

i’ve seen a lot of fat posi bloggers struggling with this lately, and i have been struggling as well. let’s talk about why we feel this way about our chins, lets post pictures of ourselves being beautiful, chins included.

i want to hear yalls thoughts and ideas on this. do you still struggle with your self image and integrating a double chin into your self love??