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Let's turn the tables from this sad news day & shipper week (my heart goes out to all in London & all you girls who have been personally threatened here. Events like today remind us not to take threats lightly. Stay safe <3) & have some superficial talk to change pace. He always looks good but am I the only one excited to see Sam beefing up again? He seems to be building muscle w/ workouts he's doing + how he looks now compared to a year ago when he was super lean. Bring on the arm porn S3!

Very well said, sweets. These are some sad, scary times both out there in the world and on these Tumblr streets. 

As far as the superficial, I’m a double cheeseburger kind of girl, so some extra muscles are just fine by me. 

Two all-beef patties and special sauce? Yes, please.

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Dear Denny’s,

It is with a heavy heart and a full stomach that I must announce my resignation from eating this double cheeseburger. When I first accepted the position, I had an ambitious, grandiose vision for the amount of beef, cheese and peripheral toppings I would eventually consume. But over the course of recent bites it has become clear to me that finishing this entire double cheeseburger would be a reckless decision, driven only by ego.

The substantial amount of double cheeseburger that remains will be placed into a styrofoam box and transported to a refrigerated storage facility until further decisions are made regarding its fate. It will likely be polished off at some point between midnight and 2am later this evening.

Finally, I want to give sincere thanks to anyone who has offered their support throughout this endeavor, which is basically just my server Joy I guess.