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leaders with magikarp hat

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Come for the smoking hot pictures of Holtby, stay for the discussion of his fashion sense and the specatular bromance with Nate Schmidt.

Braden Holtby’s runway is the walk from Verizon Center parking garage to the Washington Capitals locker room before each game. His carefully assembled suit typically elicits compliments from arena staff, and the fashion choices that used to be the subject of light ribbing from his teammates now earn a nod of appreciation.

“The bar has been set,” defenseman Nate Schmidt said. “And the bar is, what is Holts wearing today?”

“I love it,” Schmidt said. “It inspired me. I went and bought a hat. It’s not very good though. He said I need to go back and try again.”

When the team is on the road, Schmidt has occasionally tagged along on Holtby’s spontaneous shopping trips to some of his favorite boutiques — John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren’s Double RL and Suitsupply. “I just kind of hang out and watch in awe, then flip over the price tag every once in a while,” Schmidt said. If Schmidt feels conflicted in what he should wear, he texts Holtby for guidance.


anonymous asked:

I wonder if underswap Papyrus now understands why other sanses are differents of his brother.

It’s funny because he’s well aware of the AU names and small details about them (like Underfell being dangerous, Undertale being the original, Outertale being in space, etc etc) so he knows his is swapped around. He knows he’s wearing a Sans jacket.

But he doesn’t want to admit he’s technically a Sans, especially not to his Papyrus buddies D:< he wants to fit in with them!

They’re all well aware, but they don’t mind. IT’S LIKE ALL THE PROBLEMS I’M WRITING EXIST AROUND CRAPPY COMMUNICATION- *Ahem*