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Yo yo !! I hope ur day has been peachy sweet I've following your art since DA and i still love it to this day ( ´ ♡ ` ) you actually got me into one piece and i will never regret that (ㅅ´³`)♡ may i request c3 w/ Doflamingo/tsuru ?? -Nasty Anon

X) Thank you~ At least I can get SOMEONE into One Piece. (take notes Mewmew)

Ya speakin my language Nonny. ;;;;)


Apr 10th ♥ 堂本剛 (Domoto Tsuyoshi)

DoTs joined the agency in May 1991. He and Koichi Domoto (they’re not related) first worked together as backdancers for Hikaru Genji, who were holding a concert at Yokohama Arena, and has since then been partnered up for magazine photoshoots, music acts and drama projects. 

Together with Koichi, he eventually made his debut in 1997 as KinKi Kids with a double release of a single “Garasu no Shōnen” and an album A Album, both of which went on to sell more than a million copies.

On May 29, 2002, Domoto released his first solo single “Machi/Dekiai Logic”, in which Domoto penned and composed all the tracks himself. In 2006, Domoto had begun to release his solo work under the project name Endlicheri Endlicheri. However, he renamed his solo project from Endlicheri Endlicheri to 244 Endli-x (pronounced “Tsuyoshi Endorikkusu”) in 2008. Domoto once again changed his solo project name in 2009 to Tsuyoshi (剛紫) and simultaneously released a single and an album on April 10, 2009. On the same year, he released another single “Rain” on September 9, which topped the Oricon Single Weekly Charts.

Tsuyoshi is not only a singer and dancer but he is too a composer, lyricist, television personality, fashion designer, writer and illustrator. He has one dog, his kid and only son, Kenshiro. 

Tomorrow is the release of his album called “shamanippon -ラカチノトヒ-”, please continue to support him!

Happy 33rd Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう〜

Possible Lorelei pairings

Destry, I have finally written a post that doesn’t involve you… oh. Hm. It appears it involves you now because I mentioned you. Ah well.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to request the OW student body vote on which Lorelei pairing they think is more appropriate and acceptable. What is your vote? Please reblog and let me know (or simply reply).

Both of these individuals appear to be in love with Lorelei, according to my stalking records. In the event that my research uncovers more secret crushes on Lorelei, I will gladly add their names to this survey (or possibly revamp the survey so everyone has a fair chance at being voted for).

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Which do you support?

In reply to Dotsu....

CLEARLY I don’t (entirely) suck because if I did, you wouldn’t have those bandages wrapped around your head now would you Rapunzel?

You tell me to run, thinking I’m pathetic and will easily fall before you. THINK AGAIN. You of all all people shouldn’t be the one to call me WEAK princess. If I so desired I could have you on your knees begging me for mercy.

Take this as a warning. Stop with your empty threats and get out before someone gets hurt. Because believe me-

-I am not one who you want to mess with.