Days of the Wolf Convention - Hoechlin’s Embarrassing Moment On-Set

much quality, such good


Designer of the week - 12/05/2014:

Amy Joycey    |

Amy is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Quebec - Canada. She is focused on graphic design, print design, illustration and web design.

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s omeone asked hoechlin for his shoe size

and everyone started catcalling

and he legit goes to check the bottom of his shoe

and he’s like “43”

and then he’s like “just kidding, i think i’m an 11. are you gonna send me shoes?”

and jarrett be like “i dont think thats what she meant" 

the thirst was real at the hoechlin panel


Designer of the week - 14/07/2014

Michael Mason    |

Michael is an Art Director and Graphic Designer living in Montréal, Québec (Canada). He is focused on graphic design, print design, typography and illustration.

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Danny was probably researching lycanthropy the same time Stiles was, but freaking out alone in his room. Then he was like ‘I’m just gonna act totally cool and these guys will leave me alone’
—  Keahu @ DOTW about Danny knowing everything

Designer of the week - 17/11/2014

Ingrid Picanyol    |

Ingrid is a Barcelona-based graphic designer and art director specializing in branding, print and web design. After three years working as a graphic designer at Suki Design Studio, she is now working as a freelance designer. Some people say her work has a delicious simplicity, others find an amazing use of the typography and a careful attention in all the details. Ingrid likes the nature, traveling and of course, what she does for a living. She believes in the sensations, the power of the materials and the discourse. 

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Designer of the week - 14/04/2014

Pointbarre   |

Pointbarre is an independent, Montreal-based design collective, founded in 2010. Pointbarre’s main interest is graphic design that is oriented towards paper, screens and space. 

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