[ personalities based on the days of the week ]sunday. sunday people have some of the most vibrant personality traits possible. these people tend to like their space when they have their alone time.they also can get easily frustrated and leave things unfinished sometimes. typically, are pretty sensitive and can sometimes dwell on what people say to you. however, you have the brightest outlook on life, extremely positive, enjoy giving back to your community, and prefer to smile as often as you can.

Slavic time!

Days of the week series - Wednesday

Origin of the word - The word Wednesday comes from proto-slavic word serdà meaning middle, therefore Wednesday in all slavic languages has a meaning of “middle of the week”.

Russian -  Среда (sreda)
Ukrainian -  Cереда (sereda)
Belarusian -  Cерада (serada)

Bulgarian -   Cряда (sryada)
Macedonian -  Среда (sreda)
Serbian - Среда (sreda)
Slovene - Sreda
Bosnian - Srijeda
Croatian - Srijeda

Polish -  Środa
Slovak - Streda
Czech -  Středa

+  Lower Sorbian - Srjoda
Upper Sorbian -  Srjeda
Kashubian - Strzoda

Slavic time!

Days of the week series - Tuesday
Origin of the word - It is believed that the world Tuesday Among Slavic languages comes from Protoslavic word vtoroj meaning “two” or “the second”. 

Russian -   Bторник (vtornik)
Ukrainian -   Biвторок (vivtorok)
Belarusian -   Aўторак (awtorak)

Bulgarian -   Bторник (vtornik)
Macedonian -  Вторник (vtornik)
Serbian - Уторак (utorak)
Slovene - Torek
Bosnian - Utorak
Croatian - Utorak

Polish -  Wtorek 
Slovak - Utorok
Czech -  Úterý or Úterek

+  Lower Sorbian - Wałtora
Upper Sorbian -  Wutora
Kashubian - Wtórk


I’m glad I didn’t buy that Schleich flower fairy nest, because on the way home I decided to stop by my regular thrift store for the first time in like a month and found this! Princess of the Nile, 2001. I’ve always wanted an ancient egyptian themed barbie, and while this isn’t the one with the most spectacular regalia, she was in good shape and relatively affordable (as in, the only doll in forever that I felt was actually worth their outrageous prices). ‘

Nothing seems to be missing, except shoes, and I’m not sure she ever had any? Hair still sewn to the strip of plastic. A bit of eye wonk, oh well. She’s in the freezer now because you can’t be too careful, so no more pics for now, but I was struck by how well the Goddess mold fits the ancient egyptian style.

They had Princess of China too, and Portugal? maybe? from the same series. Briefly considered China, mostly because she still had her shoes, but I didn’t really fall in love with her and couldn’t manage to convince myself I could afford both dolls. (There should be a word for when you buy things just because you fell like you should.)

I may go back tomorrow and see if she’s still there. Maybe.


[ personalities based on the days of the week ]monday people have some of the most loving personality traits. you are family-oriented, very creative but like to keep those ideas to yourself, and tend to be a very sly negotiator when it comes to making sure that everyone is treated equally.You are a person who strives for success and will assume the role of leadership if you have to.

Linden says that Stiles and his father’s relationship will continue to evolve and the Sheriff is going to have the opportunity to start to really see and appreciate his son’s skills at deduction and observation in S5.

That makes me happy. Give me Stiles and his Dad working together and my day is made. :)

I also love Linden’s answer to a question about what he thinks a day in the life of the Sheriff is like. In a nutshell it was something like: get up, get Stiles up, cook for Stiles, go to work, come home, maybe jog, cook for Stiles, go to bed.

It was just sweet how the majority of his attention was on his son, you can tell Linden actually is a parent. :)