Dosukoi, Allendale Square Perth CBD

-no5: prawn dumplings on top, noodle soup in bowl miso $9.90
-no4: soft pork on top, noodle soup in bown miso $9.90
-takoyaki $6.00

So lots of people say that the Freo Dosukoi was the best ramen in Perth, and then this place opened! I’ve never been a big fan of ramen so was kind of indifferent coming into this place. But it wasn’t that great… I do think that Nao is better.

Pretty good value on the takoyaki though! 9 pieces for $6! But I don’t think I’d come back here by choice…


What is your sorry excuse for not watching this show?


Dosukoi, Perth.

I think i know what it’s like to be a Japanese businessman at a Ramen bar. Coincidentally i was wearing suit and the Manga and J-pop helped a little for the ambience. A branch of Dosukoi from Freo, this place is pretty legit.

Look at those dumplings mang. Tastes exactly like the bowl from Freo and was freaking delicious. While Nao is still probably the best ramen in Perth city, Dosukoi comes THIS close. Prime example of atmosphere making a meal better. I really like it here and less than 10 bucks for a bowl is freaking awesome. Next time i go back I’m gonna get me some Karaage and finish of that issue of D. Grayman. 


Me making a dosukoi pun on Facebook and only this one Japanese girl gets it.