Girls Are Powerful Too [PLAYLIST]
  1. Help Me! by Morning Musume
    “A sparkling girl, I’ll flap my wings, A hesitant boy, Don’t regret it”
  2. Independent Girl ~Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni~ by Buono!
    “Listen to my voice, We aren’t anyone’s object”
  3. Otome no Gyakushuu by Angerme
    “A girls counterattack, is cunningly great, with a nail polished fist, I want to grab hope”
  4. Desugita Kui wa Utarenai by Angerme
    “Even if the rain falls or the wind blows it won’t rust, open the road no one goes”
  5. Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai by Juice=Juice
    “If you look down on me, you’ll end up crying”
  6. The Power by C-ute
    “Your hands will even reach the sun, that’s how powerful you may become, but if you make me cry, I will take you to the bottom”
  7. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai by Morning Musume
    “Why can girls stand out?”
  8. SA-MI-DA-RE Bijo ga Samidareru by Juice=Juice
    “Won’t cry for some time, Won’t make excuses for some time, And never regret it”
  9. Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan by Kobushi Factory
    “Whether the rain comes down, or the spear comes down, I won’t forget my first motive”
  10. Oh My Wish! by Morning Musume ‘15
    “I won’t choose such a simple, easy way to do this, Running away means losing”

What is your sorry excuse for not watching this show?


Dosukoi, Allendale Square Perth CBD

-no5: prawn dumplings on top, noodle soup in bowl miso $9.90
-no4: soft pork on top, noodle soup in bown miso $9.90
-takoyaki $6.00

So lots of people say that the Freo Dosukoi was the best ramen in Perth, and then this place opened! I’ve never been a big fan of ramen so was kind of indifferent coming into this place. But it wasn’t that great… I do think that Nao is better.

Pretty good value on the takoyaki though! 9 pieces for $6! But I don’t think I’d come back here by choice…

cute halloween costume ideas for h!p fans!!

bc halloween is coming!!

  • a giant penlight
  • the vocal training lady from harosute
  • a single quarter to represent ufa’s budget
  • the sumo wrestler from kobushi’s dosukoi mv
  • otsuka’s mystery arms. just the arms, not her.
  • recreate a pyoco pyoco ultra costume
  • any example of ufa’s shitty photoshop.
  • momochi hair.
  • maimai’s sunglasses from back when she like nine
  • ice cream musume
  • maho’s itoshima distance hat
  • one of those nasty juice boxes momusu had to promote in 2014
  • any graduated member. go outside and count how many people cry
  • c-ute/berryz would also work for the above, if you’re into group costumes.
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