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you don't care about daenerys being a white savior???

when did i ever say i didn’t care???

i actually really don’t like dany at all, especially show!dany in more recent seasons specifically for her treatment of the dothraki and the people of the free cities.  i don’t like her motives at all and how she uses the dothraki and others in essos to boost herself up for this whole “this is my throne bc it was taken from my father before i was even born so i’m entitled to it” thing.  

and i especially, especially hate her “political platform”.  because in truth dany (and i’m going to make the distinction that i’m talking about show!dany here bc of the dosh khaleen, etc.) has very few supporters who follow her because they think she’ll make a good leader.  the majority of her followers at this point follow her because they think she’s some kind of magic goddess or something (whoa this girl has dragons and she survived a huge fire) and she never stops to tell them that she’s not actually magical.  people thinking you’re inhuman isn’t really a great basis for political leadership.

so i’m assuming this message was sent because either a.) you don’t like that i reblog dany or b.) you assume my sidebar is dany

well i reblog dany because it’s a large portion of content in this fandom and the edits are pretty.  it’s not like you have to like/support a character to reblog them. i think cersei is a pretty shitty person but i still reblog her.

also my sidebar is rhaella, who is perfect and never did a single bad thing in her life (and there’s not enough canon material on her to prove me wrong so don’t even come at me)

like honestly i hate they’re getting so much dosh from PAX but i hate the idea of boycotting it even more?? considering it’s like. a MASSIVE way for indie devs to get out there, it’s super good with diversity in regard to its panels and the diversity lounge and a lot of events and money go toward the child’s play  charity so like

boycot the PA panels and anything to do with them and support the devs that go there instead