Red Kansas Week

Finally, the time has come to announce the themes for Red Kansas Week 2016! The fandom has spoken, and here are the themes that will inspire everyone to create Red Kansas works!

Just a reminder, the dates of the week are  21st - 27th November!!

Day 1 - Wolfstime
Day 2 - Holding Hands
Day 3 - Mythology
Day 4 - Sunrise/Sunset
Day 5 - Photograph
Day 6 - High School AU
Day 7 - Future


  • Any type of fanwork is okay. Fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, edits… anything that spreads the Red Kansas love!
  • Please tag all works with #redkansasweek so I can find them!
  • NSFW is allowed, but the works should be tagged appropriately.
  • Also, make sure to tag your works with which day and theme they are made for.
  • No bashing of other characters and ships. We all have characters and ships that we like and dislike, and I don’t want our love for Red Kansas to be overtaken by our hatred for something else. So please, try and focus on positive things for this week.
  • Other ships and characters can appear in your works, but remember, this is supposed to be about Ruby and Dorothy. Make sure the focus is on them.

Another scene, which was removed before final script approval and never filmed, was a concluding scene back in Kansas after Dorothy’s return. Hunk (the Kansan counterpart to the Scarecrow) is leaving for agricultural college and extracts a promise from Dorothy to write to him. The implication of the scene is that romance will eventually develop between the two, which also may have been intended as an explanation for Dorothy’s partiality for the Scarecrow over her other two companions. This plot idea was never totally dropped, however; it is especially noticeable in the final script when Dorothy, just before she is to leave Oz, tells the Scarecrow, “I think I’ll miss you most of all.”