Why I think Killian should've stayed dead

Ok before I get into this I just wanna say that I fucking love killian and I cried when he “died” he was my favorite male character on the show. Well him and Robin(rip).

Ok so I think the writers are really fucking cruel for doing this whole setup, but it was the perfect plot arc for swanqueen to happen, and then they had to bring back Killian and fuck with Regina like that??? And fucking poor little Roland?? Like what’s gonna happen to him when he grows up and learns what happened? I don’t know I just think it would’ve been better if they made swanqueen happen for the plot, and also not to mention the show needs more gay like, Ruby and Dorothy was a good start but Swanqueen just makes sense you know?? Ok thanks for reading the worst CER in history buh bye

There is a kind of loneliness that comes from being with people. The kind that is more about a recognition of the failure of communication. The gaps.
—  Suzanne Scanlon, Promising Young Women.

When Land of Oz first opened, it was very popular and one of the top attractions in the area. 

Apparently Debbie Reynolds was there.

But it was tied to another investment that fell flat, and one of the owners passed away, so eventually the doors were closed for good.

Thirteen years later, the doors were opened for a weekend festival in the autumn, and it’s been a tradition ever since. The park is mostly in disrepair, but gets spruced up a little for the festival.

Thousands of people attend the annual festival to get a glimpse of what the park might have been like when it was open.



For an invitation to a spring gala at a private school in Virgnia, themed after the Wizard of Oz. The whole map was meant to be the school and its values / various programs as represented by the world of Oz, which is so cute..

i got to sneak in lots of my favorite stuff from the books and redesign the characters, too! The finished lineup of chars is here at the ol’ site!

thank you to AD Jamin Hoyle for the fun project!