Dorm Room Decor

50 Awesome DIY Crafts

A list of super fun, easy, and generally inexpensive things to do with your spare time!

  1. cap toe shoes
  2. easy wall art (great for dorm rooms)
  3. coiled hair bun
  4. tie dye with bleach
  5. more easy wall art
  6. Cafe lights (great for dorm rooms)
  7. cool way to hang jewelry
  8. more cafe lights
  9. make cute personalized coasters 
  10. organize your pens and pencils
  11. decorate your light switches 
  12. wrapping paper wall art
  13. mardi gras bead light
  14. super cool lotus lantern
  15. pom pom clutch purse (super cute)
  16. cute holiday wreath
  17. pom pom monograms (great for dorm rooms)
  18. confetti mirror
  19. festive glitter dishes
  20. plastic bag leaf garland (good for the environment) 
  21. plastic bag heart garland
  22. paint chip wall art (great for dorm rooms)
  23. Framed monogram
  24. easy furniture makeovers 
  25. 50 organization ideas
  26. coffee tub containers
  27. cute cork board  (great for dorm rooms)
  28. cute polka dot walls
  29. get rid of large pores
  30. cute button art
  31. superhero bins
  32. coin letters for your walls (great for dorm rooms)
  33. fabric headboard
  34. crayon wall art
  35. upscaled sunglasses
  36. more crayon art
  37. canopy bed
  38. give your dresser a pop
  39. Cherry blossom tree art
  40. glitter shoes
  41. button artwork
  42. 2D pallet Christmas tree
  43. fabric wall art
  44. hula hoop bed canopy (great for dorm rooms)
  45. make hair bows
  46. handmade rag rug (great for dorm rooms)
  47. sunburst plastic spoon mirror
  48. curtains for your window
  49. cute framed chalkboard 
  50. penny vase