for my final project in my marketing class this semester we have to take a product/brand and do a “marketing makeover” to it and you don’t know how badly I’d wanna makeover Herinteractive’s marketing plan(or lack thereof) except it’s a group project and can you imagine me trying to explain to other people that yes, nancy drew games exist, and yes, the quality is actually pretty dope except they’re produced by a company that hasn’t put out a new product in their main line for over a year and have shown no signs of when they will but in the meantime have let go of the voice actor for the main character in their games and just let her throw shade at them on social media and also sponsored some random female music artist’s release party and had a contest for the fans that involved plagiarising memes that weren’t even memes and also one time tried selling “limited edition” fan journals but nearly a decade later they’re still trying to get rid of them

So I just found out that my weird ass, cute ass 16 year old little brother is like extremely musically talented. Like this bitch has a YouTube channel where him and his friend rap and they produce dope ass beats, and the shit has mad views. Like this little nigga is writing music for actual artist now. He’s a fucking lyricist. Like I can’t.

It’s weird because I used to get so much shit from my family for loving music so much, but he’s thriving in it. And it’s also nice to have another family member who’s legit musically gifted.

Like I’m a published classical composer, but my following isn’t huge at all. Like my royalty checks are like $4.81a year. But my brother and his friend have thousands of views on YouTube, and they’re like doing shit. I’m like a really proud older sibling right now.

And he told me next time they record that he wants me to sit in and watch the process because I want to learn how to produce popular music, and he told me to teach him music theory because he knows I can :’)


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥My bro bro @iamlucian dropped this dope Joint that I produced (yes I make beats and produce) and it’s Available now on ITunes. Check out “White Walls” by Lucian wherever music is streamed or sold online! Visuals 🎬🎥 by @coreytheoreo #gtps #lexone #lucianwhite #whitewalls #soul

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“I might not know through experience what it’s like creating in a repressive regime, but I’ve seen its effects—for a long time art was stripped of its voice and its power. Now, a sense of creative freedom is exploding. 

There are so many bands, and bands being formed. There are brilliant bedroom producers with dope ideas, filmmakers getting their ideas out there. We’re making so many different sounds, incorporating sounds that we like from here, from Kenya, or traditional instruments but also being very in touch with what’s going on around the world.”

Kenyan musician, producer, and DJ Bill “Blinky” Sellanga, on the music culture of Nairobi (via @thecreativeindependent)

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Back with another dope beat by the dude J. White aka @hitsupplier. This joint is called “Wicked” and once again its fire. Don’t believe it? Listen for yourself… ARSENAL: Maschine, Access Virus, Korg Kronos, MPC 5000, Allerton, Logic Pro X, and ProTools 12 with Universal Audio VSTs. Hit him up for beats and tracks. There’s collective of dope beatmakers and producers determined to keep Hip-hop alive and the goal here is to find each and every one of them…

Share your beats by using #igotdopebeats, comment below or email your links and bio/press kit to

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Great Project that came together organically. From just making my own beats and rhyming over them because no producer would bother to work with me and those that did would want me to pay an exponential amount for their basic beats. Made me create and work my own beats till I sharpened my skill and made my albums. It wasn’t till recently These DOPE producers hit me with Great beats and believed in my music and were fans of me as I became of them. Thanks to all these producers that gave me the time of day! Check them out, I am looking forward to working with them more.
(Tony, The Swordsman)

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We’re almost done filming KC for good, and at this point I don’t know if I’m more hyped about finally ending this chapter of my career, being done with Disney and starting focusing on other projects, or I’m at that stage that I’m already missing everyone even though I still get to see them on a daily basis for a while. It was dope being the producer for once and getting to use the boss card every time I wanted to convince my co-stars to do something, and I’m most definitely going to miss the craft service and the free rides I got to work every day, but hey, maybe now I’ll have enough time to finish that album that’s been four years in the making and release some new stuff… Maybe.

"One Little Indian (Jay Dee's Shit Remix)"
Little Indian feat. The Foreigner
"One Little Indian (Jay Dee's Shit Remix)"

“One Little Indian (Jay Dee’s Shit Remix)” by Little Indian featuring The Foreigner

This is probably one of my favorite early remixes by J-Dilla, (even though Buckwild’s remix fits the vocals better) the production on this is so classic 90’s with the loud snappin’ snares & bassnotes, I wish Premeditated Records released more songs from Little Indian cause this song was dope no matter who produced it.


I’m producing this film to be written and directed by one of my inspirations, Faren Humes. We’re raising money to make it happen so if any of you can spare a few bucks, please check out the trailer and pledge. Or share if not. It’s about black masculinity with the context of transgender rights. And it’s directed and produced by dope, award-winning, black women filmmakers.

Synopsis: The killing of a local transgender woman causes a rift within the small town of Sanderson, Fl and tests the bond of an ailing conservative uncle and his effeminate nephew. The two embark on a journey where Lester counsels Macho on the tenets of manhood.