Me: *Immediately gets attached to Uncle Monty*

Patrick Warburton: This character with which you’ve become infatuated is fucked, a word which here means “doomed beyond hope”, though it can also mean “recently engaged in intercourse.” However, Uncle Monty’s only lover is the study of Herpetology, an abstract concept that is difficult to achieve coitus with, and with Count Olaf on the loose, the usage of the word “fucked” lends itself much more easily to describing the untimely death that awaited him.

Me, teary-eyed: Fuck you, Kronk.


Given that you are a huge fan, when you went on set was there a prop, or a character, or somebody that you were around that you were just like “oh my…”? [x]

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Raven Queen Moments

Thanks to @shalizeh7 for the art!

cipherponyjinx asked: How many times has Vax interacted with the Raven Queen and when?                                                                                               Anonymous asked: Given the revelation that Vax is now multiclassing as a paladin, can we get a list of all the Raven Queen moments?

Thank you to Andrew C., Dan R., David T., Fletch, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, @melissamelrita, @mrsgoodreaver, Olivia A., and Rosie-lostbetweenthepages for their help compiling this list!

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A Few Ideas

Heir of Life - Assimilative touch
Maid of Void - Spontaneous creation of nonentities
Prince of Time - Temporal Deletion
Rogue of Space - Spacial Position Reallocation

Seer of Breath - Motion Detection, Internal Map
Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery
Witch of Hope - Belief Manifestation
Page of Doom - Codex Manipulation, Ability to Dictate Universal code after Realization

this is important

i know we’re all theorising and  holding out hope of a fourth episode. but if we’re going to theorise, it has to be properly, not ignoring any evidence that goes against our hypothesis. i checked yahoo again and the listing of a s4e4 on the 22nd is gone

a mistake? in the sense of someone knowing a fourth episode is coming but not realising it’s a secret? or a mistake, in the sense that they got their dates wrong and have now fixed it?

please reblog this. i don’t want ignoring facts to hurt us come sunday

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

This is apparently in one of the multiplayer DLC maps, not sure which one since I don’t own any of the multiplayer DLC’s. 

I was really hoping DOOM 2016 would include a reference to Daisy somewhere! What’s also great is Doomguy’s “phone number” is the release date of the original game. The level designer who did this is awesome.

Good to know the best pet rabbit a demon slaying Space Marine could ever ask for hasn’t been forgotten.

Can I… Hold your hand?

I mean, I wish right Zen ?? So hey guess what I started playing Mystic Messenger pff // I love everyone but I guess Zen got himself into my heart first (because his route is the first one I’m playing….. and I mean come on)

Can’t believe I went this far on this sketch ahaha //


HAPPY VERRRRRYYY LATE KRINGLE AND NEW YEAR @kibasniper!! i’m your secret santa and i’m very sorry this took me so long!! ;o; i went with your elka/milka request because i am Weak for sapphic psychics AND because i’ve been wanting to draw this ship for MONTHS lol

here is milka shyly pining after her good friend elka while she rags on about boy drama :P

anonymous asked:

Just curious, how do you feel about HIM breaking up? Are you still a fan of their music ? Sorry for the bad English (I'm Vietnamese & shy lol)

I feel terrible about it. OF course I’m still a fan, I think anyone who’s enjoyed their music will feel some tinge of sadness at the news, because even if you didn’t go to a concert or buy a CD, a band or their music will always hold some place in your heart in the form of memory. That one song, that one album, it will always bring you back to a time and a place where you were angry or sad or elated with joy. Beautiful will always remind me of sad nights contemplating my own fragility. Right Here in My Arms, will always remind me of one of my close friends, a HIM fan who I met on tumblr. Sleepwalking Past Hope will always remind me of lazy nights getting stoned and listening to Venus Doom in the shower. Your Sweet Six Six Six will always remind me of my ass tattoo. And so on, and so on. A band may break up, but those memories will never go away.