Me: *Immediately gets attached to Uncle Monty*

Patrick Warburton: This character with which you’ve become infatuated is fucked, a word which here means “doomed beyond hope”, though it can also mean “recently engaged in intercourse.” However, Uncle Monty’s only lover is the study of Herpetology, an abstract concept that is difficult to achieve coitus with, and with Count Olaf on the loose, the usage of the word “fucked” lends itself much more easily to describing the untimely death that awaited him.

Me, teary-eyed: Fuck you, Kronk.

Why am I single?
Am I stopping myself from falling in love? Or am I truly just not falling for anyone? I don’t know which option I fear more. If the first is true, then I may be dooming myself to a life alone. If it’s the second, well, that wouldn’t be my fault, would it? But it’s no less discouraging to think that no one in my world could ever interest me.

I get crushes sometimes, yes, but (and this sounds weird) I can’t even tell how serious they are. I second-guess my own feelings constantly. Do I really like this person, or am I just fooling myself? All too often, it feels like I’m imagining I like them just because I like the idea of being madly in love. It’s more about the idea than the actual person.

I can create an image around a person that obscures who they really are, and pretty soon I’m in love with the image, but all the while in my gut I know that the image is not accurate and what I’m actually in love with is an illusion. That’s not true love. I know that. So I don’t allow myself to actually engage with the person, because I know it’s not what I think it is. In that sense, I guess you could say I do keep myself from falling in love… but not without reason.

You see, in every case, I see red flags. Even beyond the smokescreen of the fantasy image I create around a person, these red flags are always visible to my deeper instinct. And when I say “red flags,” I mean intrinsic qualities or ingrained habits that I do not want in a romantic partner. Things that the person obviously either could not or would not change. Things that I am ultimately just not okay with. They stand out to my subconscious mind, flashing cold warning lights, spelling doom for any hope of a relationship with that person.

If I didn’t see these kinds of red flags, I like to think that I would do it. I would move forward. I would give the person a chance. But when I see these kinds of things beforehand, plain as day… I mean, am I supposed to ignore them? So far, I have not been able to do that. I know what I want, and I know what I do not want. Why should I walk straight into a situation that I know is not what I want? Won’t I be kicking myself later for making such a stupid move, eyes wide open?

At the end of the day, I wonder:

Will there ever be someone who doesn’t strike me as full of warning signs, someone I won’t have to invent a mostly false image around so that I can pretend to have a crush on them?

Will I just end up caving in and dating someone who is below my standards?

Am I keeping myself from happiness, or sparing myself genuine heartache and wasted time?

As always, the standard answer to all my life’s questions resurfaces: I don’t know.

—  Submitted by @angelwithashatteredheart

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I want to share a personal story with you:

 I’ve mentioned before that I have a girlfriend - or as I like to call her, wife-to-be (Let’s call her Mrs. Mom)! 

She’s my soulmate, she’s “the one” for me and she feels the same about me. That’s why we want to marry (as soon as either of our home countries finally decide to allow us). 

But, to be honest with you, things have not always been rosy between us. In fact, we did break up two times and in both cases, it was me who broke up. 

If you asked me at that time why, I would’ve said “We won’t work out anyway. Things are good between us and I love her but I’ll rather break up now than see it all go downhill later because I just know we won’t last anyway”. There were of course some tiny “problems” that I blamed it on but deep down, it was just my utmost belief that it won’t last anyway. It took a few years (and luckily Mrs. Mom is very patient!) for me to truly allow myself to believe in our relationship. 

I believed that we wouldn’t last - and nowadays I see that it wasn’t my belief. I just internalized what I heard others say: that it’s just a phase. 

There was nothing wrong with our relationship or our feelings for each other: I’ve just (subconsciously) been homophobic towards myself and told myself that gay relationships never last. 

I needed to un-learn a lot of crap that society thrilled in my head. 

And now I know that this is not just me being silly or something super uncommon. Homophobia and heteronormativity often hurt us much more than we admit and run much deeper than we even are aware of. 

I hope that by openly talking about this I may save you some head- and heartache. I hope that you grow up knowing you can trust your feelings, knowing that your relationships are not less worthy, are not doomed to fail. 

I hope you know you are not alone.

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

aspect rankings based on people who i have personally known and their self-identified classpects

  • god tier: light, void
  • good tier: time, mind
  • ok tier: blood, life, space
  • meh tier: hope, doom, breath
  • shit tier: heart, rage
Who has had more victories, Zim or Dib?

Dib mentioned in a comic that he had finally won a battle from Zim for the first time. It made me curious about what their stance would actually be. So, because I have no life, I did some research to determine who ‘’won’’ in every Invader Zim episode, excluding the ones where they have next to no conflict (The frycook that came from all that space, invasion of the idiot dog brain etc). Let the battle begin!

  • The nightmare begins: Zim escapes Dib and wins. Zim 1, Dib 0. 
  • Nanozim: Dib literally poops Zim out. Obvious win for him. 1-1 
  • Parent-teacher night: I guess Zim wins? ‘Cause Dib fails to expose his fake parents? 2-1 
  • Dark harvest: Zim gets away with a body full of organs, Dib is left only able to moo. 3-1 
  • The wettening: Zim wins, although he does nearly drown in a toilet. 4-1
  • Career day: Again, a win for the space boy, as Dib can’t catch him moulting. He does get fired, though. 5-1
  • Rise of the Zitboy: Dib loses yet again, as Zim got the information he needed and he’s left to clean a class room filled with pus. Yuck. 6-1 
  • Bad, bad rubber piggy: Ah, a victory for Dibble! Happy to see him happy when he returns back to normal after literally dying in the episode. Zim is left with a piggy instead of a brain. 6-2 
  • A room with a Moose: Dib wins again! You go, boy! 6-3 
  • Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: I guess a win for Dib? More like a win for Gaz, but we’ll give it to him, for sibling love. 6-4 
  • Bolognius Maximus: A tie, nobody wins here. 6-4
  • Battle of the Planets: Perhaps their most epic fight! Although Dib can’t expose Zim, he still wins. 6-5. Dib’s catching up! 
  • Halloween spectacular of spooky doom: Zim breaks his spine, Dib has a lollipop. 6-6. 
  • Future Dib: A tricky one. Zim’s plan is spoiled, but Dib is trapped in a cage with a monkey for an eternity… I guess it goes to Zim! 7-6 
  • Megadoomer: ‘’Well, I liked that camera, but I guess this is a victory for me, eh. Or something. I’m going back to bed.’’ 7-7 
  • Dib’s wonderful life of doom: Dib’s hopes and dreams get crushed because he threw a muffin at Zim. 8-7 
  • Backseat drivers from beyond the stars: Dib scratches his butt as Zim’s brains are being sucked out his skull. 8-8 
  • Mortos der soulstealer: Although the conflict is not really revolved around them, Zim still wins. 9-8 
  • Zim eats waffles: Eh. Nobody wins here. Poor guys. 9-8 
  • The girl who cried gnome: Dib easily destroys Zim’s plan and the world (and the girl scout) are saved. 9-9 
  • Dibship rising: I… guess Dib wins?? But neither of them have a really happy ending. 9-10. Dib’s ahead for the first time! 
  • Vindicated: A clear win for Zim, he has new, cool stuff and meanwhile Dib loses his camera. 10-10 
  • The voting of the Doomed: Zim wins, but at least Dib’s got salted nuts. 11-10
  • The most horrible X-mas ever: Poor Dib gets beaten up, while he has done nothing wrong. 12-10

Zim wins with 12 to 10! Victory for Zim! 

KakaSaku - Complete 

Just Like Fire  by Rise of the Blossom reviews
Collection of one-shots that are not related with one another. Still accepting prompts and requests! Make sure you read the beginning of the one-shot for the rating, as they all vary.
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Better Man
By: Kakashisgf
Sakura and Sasuke have been married for over a decade, but things are far from perfect, and Sakura’s beginning to realize that maybe she deserves better. KakaSaku
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Binding Demons by Exposedma reviews
Three words: Tears, Pain, Pleasure. That was the code they used to let the other know what was needed, how badly their inner demons were plaguing them. They went to each other when they needed to find their humanity again, when the numbness of their professions got to be too much, when they had to be reminded how to feel. Warning: Bdsm flavored lemon, rated M
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 9,471 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 64 - Follows: 22 - Updated: Jun 20, 2012 - Published: May 11, 2012 - Kakashi H., Sakura H. - Complete

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@hlm-ff-x @beyondthemoor

anonymous asked:

i keep thinking there's no way for bellarke to get more intimate without kissing, but they always do. Where do you go from a kiss on the cheek, holding hands, and their way-too-long-to-be-platonic hugs? Well apparently there's also shoulder nuzzles and an almost love confession. I didn't even consider shoulder snuggling as an option for potential intimacy between them. Makes me wonder what else is left for them to do so the writers can keep drawing it out lol (please be platonic bedsharing)

Originally posted by sweetheartsandsweetdreams


I’ve had this problem for the last two half seasons. Intimacy keeps building and you don’t think they can deepen it anymore without crossing that line and what happens?

Fingers brushing lips.

Reaching out for hands searching comfort.

Standing so close  we thought it was photoshopped.

Saying “together” and looking at each other across a crowd because it means THEM.

Watching him sleep.

Putting each other’s names on the list!


…and then that stupid running away, and yet, they are separated and he’s missing and she’s by herself and her concern for him grows and everyone sees how important she is to him and he turns out to be captive and she whispers “Bell” and they share that undivided, intense look across what could become a battlefield and she ends up getting called on her feelings [for him] and sacrificing 50 people for his life…. and yet when they reunite, all that happens is they stand apart and she goes, “you okay?”  ???? ??? ????

So now they’ve been yanked apart, and Bellamy is steering away, but Clarke is still soul-connected to him although she’s maintaining the distance for the most part, except for a bit of groping when the Ark is going down. She doesn’t even hold him as it falls, but his sister, although she’s still connected through her.

And she turns to someone else. 

And he’s not happy. What is it Bellamy?? Why are you so gruff with Clarke. Oh it MUST be Octavia, right? Gotta be Octavia. They can talk about Octavia. Let’s be intimate and partners and talk about the person who has always kind of been a bridge between them. The person who caused Bellamy to turn to Clarke in the first place, so they could find her. The person who Clarke used to remind Bellamy who he was. The person who served Clarke as a stand in for a distant Bellamy more than once. The person who has been a way for them to talk about feelings without them talking about their feelings for each other, more than once. Forgiveness. Love. Purpose. Family. Hope. 

And yet. When he thinks she’s been killed, he can hardly face it. And when she’s in danger, they work together seamlessly to save her and the world. And end with that actual smile of joy and relief.

But he decides to go back to Arkadia. Because he’s being pulled away by his responsibilities and burdens. And she uses Octavia again as a bridge to show him how she feels. “She’ll see how special you are.” Only this time she knows she’s doing it and she knows she’s pushing those boundaries that he set up and she’s trying to maintain. That look of loss and longing and love before she stares away. Ugh.

And his attempt to bring it out. To say what he’d want to say to her if he never saw her again. 

What is that? The end or the beginning. Hope or Doom. Too much and it scares her. And this time she steers away.

But there they are separated. And she stares longingly at romantic Emori and Murphy. She sleeps alone in the empty, soft, romantic bed. 

And he, pushes himself further and further to save people who can’t be saved, people who don’t want to be saved. And in the end, he gives it up and takes a moment and lets it go, and asks for something for himself. When has he asked for something for himself? He’s always devoted himself to the service of others, whether his sister or the delinquents or humanity. And he puts that burden down.

And here she is, picking it up. Doing the right thing, saving who she can save today, even if it means taking the risk herself, like he does. 

What happened here? What happened? This was not supposed to go on so long. I got sucked into the intimacy and romantic journey of Clarke and Bellamy over the last two half seasons. It carried me away. 

Stupid writers. Sweeping me away with their stupid intimacy and slow burn and steering away and character growth and romantic dance. 

What are you going to do next @the100writers? What non romantic thing are you going to turn into another thread connecting them intimately? hurt/comfort? bed sharing? one of those epic fights where the feelings come out? another hug? little touches that for anyone else would be platonic for linger for them, too long, too intimate? another admission of feelings that does everything but say the word “love” but still means love? another demand that the other doesn’t sacrifice themselves but if they are going to dammit their going to sacrifice themselves WITH them. 

give me a break.

How about a kiss? 

I just remembered that next year will be the 25th anniversary of DOOM.

And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the perfect time to release a special bundle of ALL the DOOM games so far (DOOM/Doom 2/Final DOOM/Doom 3 + expansions and DOOM 2016 + all the DLC).

Seriously, we could use another physical release of classic DOOM these days.

Here’s hoping that id software and Bethesda listen to this.

jaehaerysthewhitewolf  asked:

What do you think the deal is with Ewan McGregor not appearing at Celebration, not even via video message?

well natalie didnt appear… or they were busy or they werent invited or they didnt want to be part (natalie probably) or for some other reason (like we will see an obi-wan movie announcement in D-23 and Ewan will be there… this is me hoping ajksdjaksd)

Classpect PSA

You’re title doesn’t determine your life. Your relationships aren’t decided by whether or not you’re Doom or Hope. Being a Prince doesn’t mean you can’t have a shovelkind specibus. God tier titles are the representations of your general personality and your quest.

Be you, because by doing that, you’re doing what you think your title would do. 

This is the most extra thing I’ve ever seen. Humanity is so doomed, there is no hope left. There are actual people being abused and people dying from abuse, but no, let’s not make a “No excuse for abuse!” shirt that donates proceeds to anti-abuse charities or women’s shelters or anything like that, let’s make an ant* reylo shirt cuz THAT’LL SHOW EM!!!

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In regards to the Jade Holocaust theory. Won't this event cause an uproar among fans. People saying that the Whole Aegon plotline was a waste of time. What was the point of Arianne, JonCon and etc if everyone dies a firey death and didn't add anything to the story?

“Men’s lives have meaning, not their deaths.” After all, I could just as easily ask what the point of Ned was, given that he didn’t make it past book one. I don’t get the idea that if you don’t make it to endgame, you “didn’t add anything to the story,” or indeed that making it to endgame automatically means you did add to the story. For me, that’s not the measuring stick at all. This is why Jon Connington matters:

I rose too high, loved too hard, dared too much. I tried to grasp a star, overreached, and fell.

This is why Doran and Arianne Martell matter:

The words still burned as bright as fire in her memory. “‘One day you will sit where I sit and rule all Dorne,’ you wrote him. Tell me, Father, when did you decide to disinherit me? Was it the day that Quentyn was born, or the day that I was born? What did I ever do to make you hate me so?” To her fury, there were tears in her eyes.

“I never hated you.” Prince Doran’s voice was parchment-thin, and full of grief. “Arianne, you do not understand.”

And this is why Aegon matters. What they add are layers to and angles on many of the Song’s central motifs: doomed hope, tragic ignorance, the bittersweet fall into knowledge, etc. They offer their perspectives, their hopes and fears, their stories. Now of course, GRRM has to ground those stories in the larger plot, which he has–Team Aegon is the culmination of the What Is Varys Up To mystery we’ve been exploring since the first book, they allow the Martell tragedy-cluster to reach its climax, and as GRRM himself told us in Dany V ACOK, mummer’s dragons are there to give the heroes (in this case, Dany) something to fight. In other words, the relevant characters are not only (IMO) compelling in and of themselves, but they’re being set up to enrich and progress the other story elements around them. They’re not random nor overkill. 

For me, though, the movements of the plot are a framework you use to support and draw out what we really care about, which is what the story means, both intellectually and emotionally. It’s not that Luke blew up the Death Star. It’s that Luke, the character we know, blew up the Death Star, and that was the perfect thing for his story in ways both obvious and not that are enjoyable to dwell upon and talk about. Plot is structure, scaffolding, a means to an end, a vehicle (expertly constructed, one always hopes) for delivering thoughts and feels. No one loves a painting for its subject matter alone, and I don’t think you determine a character’s worth purely by what the wiki will tell you they contributed to the story. IMO the ultimate example of that in ASOIAF is Quentyn. 

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Do you know some fics featuring sharing body heat for warmth (either canon or a survivor type AU)? I've had a look at the navigations page and there isn't anything for it specifically, just bed sharing. Any and all help is much appreciated!

Here are some: 

Anonymous asked: ‘ I was hoping you could help me find this fic I think I was reading it on AO3. Bellamy and Clarke were walking by the water with Murphy and Murphy pushed Clarke into the water and Bellamy has to jump in and save her because she can’t swim’

We can’t seem to track this one down, maybe one one of our followers can help us? 

Anonymous asked: ‘So I’m brand new to the 100 fandom and I was wondering if there are any bellarke fics that you would recommend? (Au or canon I’m not picky)’

So many! We’d suggest you look through our fic rec tag.

Anonymous asked: ‘ Are there any Bellakre fics where Abby’s pregnant?’

Not that we are aware of, sorry. 

“I’m driving to D.C. to make my body useful,” a friend said in advance of the protest on January 21. I was grateful he put it this way – it helped frame my thinking about what it means to object. Not everyone can be a revolutionary, not everyone can lead a movement, but a lot of us can be bodies in the street. There’s use in that, and power, a body added to a crowd of bodies trying to make a point.

Bodies have been on the brain. About rights and choice and freedom to move, about owning your own specific sack of flesh and what it is to have what you can and cannot do with it, where you can and cannot go, dictated by people in power who are racist and sexist, who are villainous, corrupt, and moronic.

How to feel useful? It’s tricky. For me, here, in my small life in Cambridge, carpentry work has reached its annual winter pause, much later into the colder months than usual, and I’ve gone from using and moving my body all day to being still at my desk, or piled on the couch under blankets, computer on my lap, shifting into full-force writing mode. How to feel useful, in body or in brain? These questions surge, more so now, maybe for many of us, and they’re important, and they are tiring.

This epidemic of exhaustion. Part of it, I think, comes from an inundation of meaning. In love and in crisis, everything has the potential for metaphor. The bulb blowing in your nightstand lamp, the lean of trees in the wind, a crowd of crows lifting from a rooftop like the shadow of clapping hands. Falling in love is thrilling, and tiring, because there’s meaning in your cereal bowl, your pair of socks. It’s an exhausting way to be, when meaning is deepened and you don’t know what’s meant. The same, I think, is true in moments of breakdown and crisis. There’s doom – or hope – in the pitch of a lamp post, in the passing expression of a stranger on a train, in the maniacal all-caps blasts from a tyrant. In either it’s worth staying awake.

Well Strafe is a disappointment.

  • Having to reload constantly when you’re being swarmed by enemies all the time is counter to the old school fps design philosophy.
  • Weapons are incredibly unsatisfying to shoot with little to no feedback. One of the most pathetic shotguns I’ve ever fired in a video game, which is just criminal and deal-breaker in of itself.
  • Secondary weapons you pickup run out of ammo way too fast so you barely have any time to enjoy them.
  • Nothing is explained. The game doesn’t tell you what upgrades you’re buying from the store or for your weapon. Game has no world-building or personality really outside of the pseudo 90s FPS theme.
  • Fall damage is bullshit and way too punishing in a game that tries to encourage mobility and also gives you health packs sparingly.
  • Enemies make a straight bee-line towards you so you don’t really do a whole lot of strafing. Game should have been called “Backpedal”.

The music is nice and I love the aesthetics of the game, but other than that it’s really not that fun to play. You’d probably have more fun with Oblige and some RPG wads for DOOM instead. Here’s hoping a couple of patches will fix all of those problems and make the game fun.

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Can we get a cross aspect master post?

The dualspects have been completed! Here’s a list, along with the still in-progress Trispects and quadrispects!

Breath + Mind = Thought

Doom + Heart = Fate

Void + Light = Chance

Void + Life = Death

Hope + Heart = Dreams

Rage + Heart = Zeal (monochromerose)

Heart + Blood = Bond

Time + Space = All

Rage + Breath = Storm

Life + Time = Growth

Mind + Heart = Will

Hope + Void = Faith

Time + Heart = Love

Blood + Doom = Strife (thanks quarktrinity!)

Space + Heart = Core

Breath + Time = Sand

Time + Doom = Chains

Hope + Doom = Fear

Void + Heart = Drive

Time + Mind = Past

Blood + Space = Links

Breath + Light = Cloud

Light + Space = Star (megaderpypotato)

Breath + Space = Force

Space + Void = Hole (megaderpypotato)

Rage + Doom = End

Void + Mind = Hush

Life + Doom = Rot (megaderpypotato)

Breath + Hope = Flight (megaderpypotato)

Breath + Blood = Point

Rage + Mind = Angst

Rage + Blood = War

Hope + Life = Joy

Rage + Life = Pain

Void + Blood = Loss

Life + Breath = Peace

Life + Space = World

Light + Doom = Dark

Rage + Time = Cold

Heart + Life = Cheer

Hope + Time = Soon

Light + Blood = Chrome

Rage + Space = Art

Heart + Breath = Air

Heart + Light = Blithe (megaderpypotato)

Life + Blood = Root

Mind + Light = Truth (megaderpypotato)

Mind + Blood = Trust (megaderpypotato)

Mind + Hope = Creed (megaderpypotato)

Mind + Doom = Bane (monochromerose)

Void + Time = Warp

Void + Breath = Choke (megaderpypotato)

Void + Rage = Calm (megaderpypotato)

Doom + Breath = Rale

Doom + Void = Rift

Mind + Space = Search

Time + Blood = Plan

Life + Mind = Soul

Hope + Space = Forge

Light + Hope = Sun

Rage + Hope = Cult

Rage + Light = Burn (megaderpypotato)

Blood + Hope = Pact (anon)

Life + Light = Ra (monochromerose)

Doom + Space = Work (caelholdt)

Time + Light = Lore (anon)

Some Trispects too!

Life + Time + Mind = Birth

Void + Rage + Doom = Null

Heart + Hope + Life = Bliss

Breath + Time + Light = Tide

Time + Space + Heart = Need

Rage + Time + Breath = Hail

Rage + Mind + Void = Crux

Void + Rage + Doom = Threat (megaderpypotato)

Time + Space + Breath = Path

Hope + Rage + Heart = Flame

Void + Rage + Light = Nyx (monochromerose)

Doom + Mind + Rage = Poine (monochromerose)

Life + Rage + Time = Shirk

Life + Void + Doom = Dry

Light + Space + Void = Moon

Space + Time + Life = Bang

Time + Doom + Breath = Rack

Space + Doom + Rage = Pit

Time + Void + Mind = Mad

Breath + Doom + Rage = Scream

Breath + Rage + Mind = Pent

Blood + Time + Mind = Fade

Heart + Rage + Blood = Hate

Void + Time + Heart = Scorn

Heart + Blood + Hope = Care (asrielmememurr413)

Life + Hope + Light = Ray (asrielmemeurr413)

Time + Doom + Life = Wear (asrielmemeurr413)

Blood + Heart + Space = Wed

Void + Heart + Rage = Blank

Mind + Rage + Hope = Pun

Rage + Time + Heart = String

Light + Life + Rage = Spark

Space + Time + Mind = Have

Mind + Heart + Life = Ghost

Heart + Rage + Doom = Blind (possessed-keyboard)

Hope + Mind + Life = Myth (possessed-keyboard)

Light + Space + Hope = Wish

Rage + Heart + Time = Knell

Void + Blood + Mind = Grief

Mind + Blood + Doom = Court

Light + Mind + Blood = Eye

Life + Breath + Rage = Strength

Void + Blood + Heart = Numb (monochromerose… sorta)

Breath + Hope + Light = Rise

And the Quadrispects!

Breath + Light + Rage + Time = Fog (possessed-keyboard)

Rage + Life + Void + Blood = Woe (monochromerose)

Light + Breath + Rage + Void = Blot (monochromerose)

Void + Life + Doom + Space = Styx (megaderpypotato)

Void + Mind + Rage + Doom = Lethe (monochromerose)

Breath + Light + Time + Space = Rapt (megaderpypotato)

Blood + Life + Space + Doom = Mars

Mind + Light + Blood + Doom = Wyrd

Hope + Light + Void + Rage = Song

Hope + Void + Heart + Life = Drain

Blood + Void + Space + Mind = Flay

Void + Life + Space + Light = Dust

Light + Blood + Space + Doom = Couatl

Heart + Hope + Time + Breath = Pluck

Rage + Mind + Light + Time = Brain

Void + Blood + Space + Heart = Sex

Light + Void + Heart + Mind = Being

Blood + Mind + Doom + Rage = Tron

Blood + Space + Time + Void = Loom

Light + Breath + Space + Void = Sky

Mind + Heart + Breath + Blood = Self

Breath + Time + Blood + Doom = Free (megaderpypotato)

Void + Rage + Mind + Doom = Blues (megaderpypotato)

Breath + Light + Blood + Time = Rules

Breath + Void + Heart + Life = Drone

Void + Doom + Space + Rage = Yamm

Light + Time + Heart + Life = Care