Partition (Orchestral Arrangement)
  • Partition (Orchestral Arrangement)
  • Beyonce (Cover by chonthenomad)


HI everyone!

Partition has been stuck in my head ALL WEEK so I decided to make an orchestral arrangement of it. Hope you guys like it! It’s up on Bandcamp where it’s up for free! There’s also a set your price option where you can help me with my impending doom with student loans.

Hope you guys like it. ^-^


Given that you are a huge fan, when you went on set was there a prop, or a character, or somebody that you were around that you were just like “oh my…”? [x]

[Requested by @dooms-word-is-law]

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version


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A video EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH from Nigel Farge

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Can I… Hold your hand?

I mean, I wish right Zen ?? So hey guess what I started playing Mystic Messenger pff // I love everyone but I guess Zen got himself into my heart first (because his route is the first one I’m playing….. and I mean come on)

Can’t believe I went this far on this sketch ahaha //

Things that were actually pretty great about Ant-Man
  • The Pym particle vial looks like Steve’s blood and for a minute Peggy gives Howard this look and you can see how she never stopped knowing, best friends or no, that he’d fuck her over for profit.
  • Peggy Carter being in control of the room
  • Peggy Carter in the late 80s, Howard’s going to be dead soon though they don’t know it, and she is tired
  • Sam Wilson, the only person in the film to actually give someone with the suit a run for their money—and this WITHOUT anything but his own gear and regular kick-ass skill set
  • Sam Wilson, suave badass on the hunt for Scott Lang and looking amazing
  • Sam Wilson, looking for Scott Lang not to take him in or kick his ass, but to help Steve
  • They don’t call the Avengers because the Avengers of the moment are a tire-fire in progress
  • Those story re-telling sequences, HELLO
  • Scott Lang does actually know what his daughter is interested in (the “oh poor deadbeat dad, poor him!“ narrative is terrible and that’s a whole other post, but AT LEAST, bare minimum, he didn’t give her terrible birthday presents and the film didn’t shit-talk Maggie (what crumbs I cling to!)
  • JANET’S NOT DEAD (??!!???!!?)
  • Giving Hope Van Dyne her goddamn due 
  • Scott Lang as a superior ant-dad (god, this movie was WEIRD)
  • Casualty control: the explosion is miniaturized, minimal damage, no civilian deaths
  • Casualty control: Luis goes back for the guard!
  • The villain of the piece is the one that spouts the bs “Oh, Hydra’s different now” because, remember, everyone at home, they’re nazis
  • Stilted dialogue only exists to be made fun of
  • Scott Lang used the Thighs of Doom

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