The Witch’s Son

Chapter 14: Pyrrhic

Rated ‘E’

Fic Summary:

When Jean’s mother leaves Trost to treat the victims of the plague in the capital, he is left completely alone to take care of her shop.
With his powers growing stronger and encounters with mythical creatures becoming more frequent, Jean takes on an apprentice, a curious customer whom he has never seen before, despite his distinct features.
As Jean teaches his apprentice the ways of witchcraft, whilst battling creatures of the dark in his free time, he begins to realise the real threat of the darkness that has quietly hidden in the shadows all this time.
But when the shadows start to threaten Jean’s very reasons for existing, he must do everything in his power to protect the one he loves and himself before it’s too late.

Chapter Summary:

1. (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor.

(And I do think a Page can become fully realized and still be a Page, whatever Vriska says. While part of being a Page involves having a lot of obstacles, part of being a Page - according to many infodumpers, including one created in part by Jake’s own mind - is having the ability to overcome them. Whether you can… that’s up to you.)

That feeling of being the last man standing and the only person who can stop Hell itself while knowing not a single other person is going to come and help you is such an essential part of Doom that I love.

I really hope Doom 4 will have the barest minimum of NPC interaction or none at all.

The only time you should ever have somebody else with you is when you’re playing CO-OP.

Two Thieves
  • *takes place sometime around when Vriska was hunting for the treasure. maybe before, maybe directly after*
  • Aradia:Vriska,
  • Aradia:They say that there were two thieves.
  • Vriska:Very spooky and cryptic, Aradia. Who are these two thieves? I'm on the edge of my seat dying to find out!
  • Aradia:They say that they were put to the irons along with the Sufferer. They mocked him as he died. Two thieves.
  • Aradia:Being tried for the same crime.
  • Aradia:some stories say both were damned.
  • Aradia:Other stories say one was saved.
  • Vriska:And so?
  • Aradia:Two thieves. One was saved, and the other damned.
  • Vriska:What's your point?
  • Aradia:Isn't that a nice story?
  • Vriska:You call that a story?
  • Aradia:...One asked to be remembered, and repented for their crimes. Was offered redemption and forgiveness, and accepted it.
  • Aradia:One was saved. The other was too proud...the other was damned.
  • Vriska:...Whose salvation?
  • Aradia:One descended to Hell, while the other faced fully into the Light, and ascended to Heaven, side by side with the Sufferer.
  • Vriska:...What, who cares? A Heaven, that doesn’t let me in, must be a 8ooooooooring place!
  • Aradia:Just saying that there were two thieves,
  • Aradia:And that one was damned, and the other saved,
  • Vriska:Do you have a point, or do you just like stringing pretty words together?
  • Aradia:A point...huh? They said… do not despair, for one was saved.
  • Aradia:Do not presume, for the other was damned.
  • Vriska:I’m not despairing. I haven’t given up on being important.
  • Vriska:But I’m not presuming. I know that I need to get off my butt and actually do something if I’m going to be important!
  • Vriska:Is that what you wanted?
  • Aradia:*is silent for a while, then smiles*
  • Aradia:Okay.

Living in the world of darkness, with occasional patches of light finding a way to your world is what I’m used to, what I’ve known. You are told how pretty colours are, how they give soul to objects, while all you see are different shades of black and grey. You’re made to define things based on their shades, soft and hard edges, and how they feel against your palm, how they smell. People have described the nature in different seasons to me, all in different ways. Even though most said the winter is cruel, unpleasant to the eye and monotonous I’ve grown really fond of it. Mostly because I liked the softness of snow, its coldness sort of soothed me, and I’d take the chill air over summer’s swelter anytime. I live in a world where after you turn twenty you start having dreams which represent a clue, a way to find your soul mate. I thought I was doomed and hoped my ‘other half’ would find me because things I’ve been dreaming of so far weren’t of much help to me.

First dream involved me following a path towards the source of the light. The light was strong, but warm and calming, and I followed without thinking. Once I had reached the end there was a guy, and the only thing I remembered about him were his eyes. They seemed to sparkle. The light I saw matched the colour of his eyes. For some reason I recognized it as green.
The second dream involved a garden full of very pretty flowers. Because of their smell and silkiness of the petals I identified them as roses. I spent what seemed like our there, feeling relaxed. The entire dream was just me sitting in that garden, and before waking up I saw a curly-haired someone far away in the distance picking the roses. I didn’t know what to make out of that dream.

Afterward the dreams left me even more perplexed: letters, many of them flying around. They spelled something out, but I didn’t know what it was before I described it to a friend. Those were adjectives. And my guess is that they described the guy. And then they all combined into two standing lines connected with a hyphen. The letter ‘H’, she had told me.

The last dream I had was the only one in which I couldn’t see. In this one I felt. It was as dark as every day was for me, but I felt as if someone was hugging me. I felt lips brush over mine, those same lips on my neck, nose nuzzling over mine, and then a bone-crushing hug. I felt my head being pressed to the person’s chest. It felt like a farewell. And the strangest part was that we seemed used to those… That was the last dream.

Once we had met the dreams started making sense. My green-eyed, curly, incredibly cuddly, with lips that felt as soft as the rose petals, soul mate. We met in a flower shop. I accompanied my friend there so she can buy some arrangement for her mother’s birthday. He gave me a rose. Harry. The ‘h’ from the dream. ‘The goodbye-hug’ became a too seldom occurrence. His job involves a lot of travelling, tours I couldn’t come too. Too many crowded rooms, and let’s face it, I’m not someone you can sneak out with. I remember when we went out and we ended up sitting on a big rock somewhere by the lake and I so awkwardly asked if I could feel his face. He took my palms in his and placed them on his face. I was slowly patting over his forehead first, then his eyebrows. I could feel they had a very nice arch. Then his eyes, they were big with long lashes. His nose was so well sculptured and for some reason its shape was interesting to me. His skin was soft. And I let go of the shyness when I felt him smiling. He though it was cute. He had a dimple, well more of a giant hole in his cheek. His smile was so wide. And he had the softest little ears. I was surprised they didn’t match the rest of his physique.  Once I brushed over his lips, his face got a little more serious and that’s when our first kiss had happened. It wasn’t easy not to feel insecure since I couldn’t really do much myself and was never sure how I looked. But I’ve grown stronger with Harry,

“You see with your heart,” is the thing he said to me after a few months of being together, out of the blue, completely spontaneously as if he had realized it on the spot. It is something that can always make me smile., the proof enough that this was really meant to be, that we, indeed, are a true match.

New Beginnings - Closed with PikesFirstOfficer

The year was 2049.

He’d survived the Olduvai massacre only to have to endure three years of seclusion. UAC had refused to let either of the twins leave once they’d exited from the elevators at Papoose Lake.

Three years of being a goddamned guinea pig. Three years of having to hear that his sister was alive, only to learn that she’d mutated when they administered the serum. Seemed UAC was keeping even more secrets.

The serum that had made him superhuman had been replicated and existed on Earth. And they were creating an army. For what purpose, John didn’t know. He wasn’t read into it. But they were testing subjects and marveling that he was still one of the few who could function with the additional chromosome and remain human.

Except he wasn’t. Not anymore.

John was slowly becoming whatever it was the denizens of Olduvai had been, prior to their escape from the red planet. He didn’t know what additional changes would occur for him, nor did he want to know. Not at that point. What he wanted was to escape.

But even that was beyond his purview. UAC kept close tabs on him and had long established that they were aware of his limitations. Adamantium seemed to be the limit of his strength. Unable to break through and bend it, John was forced to exist in a suspended cage made solely of the offending metal. He was bound with cuffs of the same material and escorted from session to session.

It wasn’t until they had him ready to cry uncle that they read him into their plan. Seemed they’d cleaned up the facility at Papoose Lake. They’d repaired the Ark Portal.

And they wanted to ship him through it.

John wouldn’t be going back to Mars. That Portal had been damaged beyond repair and would no longer be accepting travelers. But they were interested in seeing just where the other portals were. There had to be some, right?

It was a suicide mission.

John fought them, as best he could. He struggled and argued and tried to relay his point. They were going to ship him off through the wormhole and he was going to wind up spaced somewhere. And they were going to have wasted their precious resources. Their weapon would be useless and dead somewhere.

But they had their minds made up. Suiting John up in an ancient (and stupidly heavy) astronaut suit, they prepared him to go through the Ark. He’d have enough oxygen to last the trip there and back. That was the goal. Just to locate the next Portal, establish what the atmospheric situation was like, and return.

It was his chance to escape. Even death was better than what they had planned for him. He moved slowly - thanks to the suit and its weighted ankles - toward the suspended, iridescent goop. He still didn’t know what it was made of. Eyes shutting, he reached forward and felt the pull. Even in the suit, he could feel the rush as he moved from one Portal to another.

This time, he saw neither his old team nor his family. There was nothing but blissful silence. Seemed even the radio they’d attached to his helmet wasn’t working.

He was jarred to a stop, damned near dropping to his knees. His stomach rolled, but didn’t revolt, which was good considering he would have had to deal with that in the helmet had he vomited.

He was on a planet.

Green waters greeted him at the edge of a grey, sandy beach. The sky was a strange purplish color and when he raised his sensor, it registered enough oxygen to be able to breathe. Not by much. He’d wind up having to use a breather if he stayed long enough, but it was enough to get by. Turning, he took in the Portal that stood like a lone sentry on the beach. There was no way to activate it from his side. At least, nothing he could see.

John pulled the helmet off and dropped it into the sand, taking a chance. The air smelled strange. It wasn’t poisonous, at least, but he couldn’t place the scent. Loamy, perhaps? The sensor was pocketed and he slowly stripped out of the suit. He’d need to keep his respiration down, otherwise he’d hyperventilate. He discarded it near the Portal and rolled his shoulders, ready to do a little exploring. So long as they didn’t send a secondary squad through to collect him, he was finally free.

Finally free…


anonymous asked:

What would you like to see in s7 of TVD? :)

bamon, lots and lots of bamon: dark, friendship, romance, sexy times, all of iiiiit

(and, but here’s to a doomed hope, some bonkai on the side, if kai makes it)

ilmiooceanomare replied to your photosetSarah Drew live tweeted during last night’s…

I think Sarah is not over the moon about this japril storyline…she likes to play the new version of April because it is a challange for her as an actress…but she would never like to play a doomed marriage! Hope she will speak her mind to Shonda

I think neither Jesse or Sarah are too happy with the way the story is going. I just hope Shonda and her crappy writers don’t ruin japril for good.

Drabble Prompt

This is for graymalkyn who requested a Samara/Morinth drabble with prompt #16 - a doomed kiss. I hope you enjoy it! (I have no idea what the law enforecement would be called on Thessia, so I’m using justicars!)

“Mother …” Morinth’s eyes swam with tears as she looked from the body of her lover to the frozen face of her mother. “I didn’t mean to!”

Her breath sobbed in her throat and steel bands seemed to wrap tightly round her chest, squeezing the air from her lungs. She couldn’t breathe! She couldn’t draw in a breath! Morinth whimpered, unable to look her mother in the eye or look at Chiana’s body without being overwhelmed with horror. How could she have done this? How could she have lost control of herself and hurt her beautiful Chiana?

Hurt her? A small voice piped up, you kissed her and you killed her.

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headcanon: Jalaal was one of the subjects that went into Future War Cult’s device. he was never the same afterwards; he came out of the Device screaming and babbling and unable to talk about what he’d seen. once he stabilized, he left FWC and their secrets forever.