Doomed from Birth


What makes the last scene sad yet very touching and heartwarming is that Jack touching the ladybug again makes him realize a small truth. Not something that can make the pain go away but something that helps him heal. Is that he remembered Ashi valued life and life’s beauty in nature. And as he waves off the ladybug he sees the sun melt the fog and illuminate the valley of trees. Beautiful and as real as he described them to Ashi, who imagined a reality so pure and bliss when she envisioned it in ep.5. And its the very same valley he took her to see the one tree Aku left as a sign of his destruction.
He stands underneath it and realizes this is truly a world Ashi would have wanted to live in. Something she never had growing up in a life of pain and abuse and misery. A life dedicated to killing him. And sure enough, she ended up saving him instead. Because he saved hers. She was doomed from birth and yet he broke through to her and showed her a whole new reality. One of love and freedom. See it as living on borrowed time if you will. But she would have given her life for his because of this. For this reality Jack sought all those years.
And that gives him peace. 

Salam brothers and sisters.
I really just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the dedication and reassurance of religion and my sexuality. Being gay and closeted as well as muslim has some pretty rough patches, such as family members almost protesting gay rights or anything of that nature whenever it’s bought up on the news or into a discussion. Prior to any research or help i’ve always thought i was a sin, i was doomed from birth to go straight to hell which ultimately scared me constantly and made me not want to believe in any religion. I could never go to sleep without the thought of being punished or if my family would disown me. So thank you so much for the helpful links and amazing gestures because of kind people like you i’m really going to try practice my faith. Thank you for making this life so much happier and easier.
- Love all the way from Sydney, Australia.

Imagine vixx are small children… One night, the youngest boy, Sanghyuk asks their guardian bot ROVIX of his origins.

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i see harry as either a mage or knight of doom maybe??

im calling it: harry potter as the (more successful) heir of doom!

he is the prophecised Chosen One and doomed from his birth at the hands of voldemort, but instead inherits a part of the Dark Lord himself.

harry starts off childhood in a desolate situation, until he finds himself in the wizarding world. he ambles along through life being pushed and pulled in all directions, soon discovering that death follows him like a curse. but while he can often feel terrible and alone, and is scared of becoming a dark wizard, he always by some random miracle ambles into a solution much like our lovely heir john egbert.
as he grows up he doesnt let himself be pushed around so much, and starts looking for his own solutions, paving his own path. eventually he starts drifting away from his friends, and his school, but they pull him back.

at the end of the story, harry finally inherits doom in its purest form - death. but…. instead of damning him, it sets him free.

he has completed his path, and has a full grasp of the darkness in his life. he will no longer let it push him around, and instead uses it as a force for the protection of good.

black men rant.

I’ve needed to rant about this for a long time because I just can’t stomach it any longer. It really angers and pains me when black men make fun of black women. I truly feel disrespected when I see black men I do and don’t know, make stupid jokes about us whether it be about our hair choices, features, or complexion. And all for what? A couple dozen retweets and likes? Why? Why belittle us? No, I’m sorry. The question is not why but how? How could you? How dare you? How can you sit on such a high horse especially after all we’ve done for you? We are the ones who strengthen you. We’re the ones who sacrifice everything for you. We’re the ones who believe in you exclaiming that you’re more than a statistic - a percentage. We’re the ones who stay by your side even when you are guilty. We’re the ones who remain with you when the only title attached to your name, is poverty. We’re the ones who protest for justice to be served when your death is cause by unlawful activity. We’ve been and are continually holding you down. We are your cheerleaders, your mothers, your providers, your partners, your sisters, your KIN. You would not be here had it not been for us. We birthed you. We made you. We are your literal back bone, the physical construct of your entire being. So to scrutinize us while hiding behind Twitter and Facebook accounts, making cruel and incredibly ignorant jokes about black women with your white counterparts who only fetishize/covertly degrade you, makes me DISGUSTED. I do not give a SINGLE damn if black women aren’t your “taste”. I couldn’t care less. Cuz the issue at hand isn’t about attraction, but respect. Respect the black woman simply because of who she is. Respect us because we are doomed from birth due to our skin colour and sex (FYI: this includes your mixed raced daughters). Respect black women because we work harder than average but get minimal credit. Respect us for birthing you idiots into existence and putting up with such degradation. The phrase says that “respect is given where respect is earned.” But respect cannot by given by you, or earned by us when we aren’t viewed with basic human decency. And I blame the media for this. However I blame you guys for not seeing us as worthy and easily giving in to the stereotype. View us in the same lighting that you view that white man or woman you so deeply respect. In fact, view us a whole hell of a lot better. View us better because we’ll still continue to protest. We’ll still continue to cheer. We’ll still continue to sacrifice. But view us better because we’ll still continue to genuinely love you despite your hatred for us. Our hearts are broken by you whether we admit it or not. But I know personally I could never detach myself from you. And I hate it.


Thy Art of Murder - Doomed From Birth


Feminists are lacking common sense, preferring hysteria and victimhood

I believe that no woman should have to worry about getting raped on the lone walk home at any hour of the night. Does that make me a feminist? Hell no, here’s where we are different: I do not live in the clouds and call down lightning on all who frustrate me. The fact is that there are sexual predators around. As much as a woman deserves not to get raped, she has a responsibility (to herself) to keep herself as safe as possible by dressing appropriately. Feminists claim they should not have to worry about such things; that they should be able to walk around at 3 in the morning with barely anything to cover their bodies. Rational people take precautions against risks instead of screaming at the world for being unfair. I am not demanding every lady wrap herself in layers upon layers of cloth to prevent sexually overactive people from getting tempted, I am simply asking her to be careful and acknowledge the reality of our perverse and dangerous world - for nobody’s sake but her own.

I believe in equal rights for women. Does that make me a feminist? Hell no, here’s where we are different: I do not believe in complete equality between man and woman. The only ones believing this rubbish about us being born as clean slates and it’s society who constructs our genders are the feminists who are mindlessly being taught this nonsense by left-wing feminist lecturers in their gender study classrooms. There is simply never going to be equality between a man and a woman. The way we think, behave, and even our genetic makeup is inherently different. While this should never hinder a woman from, say, having a successful career or attaining a top-grade education, feminists simply have no grounds to claim that men and women are indistinguishable and should be treated as full equals. Without going too deep into it, anyone can realize that there would be no reason for the distinction between the two sexes if that were the case. What of gender roles? “Feminists” cry foul at people who attempt to “impose” gender roles and stereotypes on young girls, saying they should be given the freedom to decide if they want to be “girly” or as masculine as they want. Often, this shaming even extends to their mothers. I find it scary that I live in a time where parents cannot buy a “cooking set” or Barbie doll toy for their daughters without a horde of feminists catching the scent of their unforgivable crime against the female gender from a thousand miles away. Definitely, if a girl is uncomfortable with assuming the typical gender role, any reasonable parent would not “force” her to be girly. But this whole “what if she doesn’t want to be girly” issue has been blown way out of proportion by feminists. Leave the parenting to the parents. If the girl doesn’t like it, I’m sure parents will cater to their individual child’s needs. No need for you “feminists” to be the Parenting Police.

I am someone who believes in equality and progression in the rights of all - male and female, regardless of race, language, or religion. Does that make me a feminist? Hell no, here’s why: Feminism was a beautiful ideal but it has been completely hijacked by sooky, privileged morons screaming at the world for being unfair, throwing hysterical tantrums that women are all doomed from birth and men are born with an almighty privilege that we must all fight against. Feminism was meant to give women the space to express opinions, make decisions, and receive fair treatment in all aspects of life. It was not meant to shut down and shame anyone who holds a different opinion and it was not meant to be an avenue for hate-speech against men or exalting women to a godlike status whereby anyone who has anything bad to say about a member of the female gender is automatically a sexist or misogynist. Calling everything a man does as sexist or misogyny while giving women a free pass from criticism or condemnation is doing nothing for equality. But like I’ve always said, feminism only wants equality when it comes to the fun stuff. 

Self-proclaimed feminists need to realize that their undying hatred of all things male has been misplaced. Some soul-searching might yield this simple but profound truth; feminism should be the fight for equal rights for male and female, not the fight against all things male. While I will get told over and over that the “definition” of feminism is just that, the actions of feminism today do not, and for a long time have not shown that feminists live by their own “definition”. They instead today choose to live by a unified cult-like mentality while believing unrealistic, utopian ideologies and they feel their actions are justified as they stop at nothing to attain these deluded, one-sided ideals. Is a little common sense and a touch of reality really that much to ask for?