You’d be surprised at how much people you love think about you, even if they don’t reciprocate the love you feel. You were a part of their life and they will care about you in a lot of ways. It’s also known that people who belong to each other don’t always figure it out the first time round. A gravitational force would pull you back together again sooner or later if you were meant to be. You can’t change the way things are, but you can change how things are going to be - thinking like this all the time isn’t going to make you any better. Obviously, we have to endure the pain and cut the wound open and let ourselves bleed in order to heal and move on, but it comes with a price, you can either be positive while it happens and see everything for what it is or you can be negative as you bleed and see yourself as blind. Be careful and love yourself and understand that for good things to fall into place you have to stop questioning everything and to embrace life for the mystery it is :o)
—  thejamesboyle 

I forgot how great it feels to be me~

I’ve been wanting to do a tribute piece of Nicki [Queen of my Heart] for forever, and finally thought of a way to illustrate her today!

Inspired by her album cover from Re-Up, and her voice acting work for my favorite fusion (besides Garnet of course) in Steven Universe, Sugilite <3