My last drawing was one of the most complicated I’ve done so far and I thought I would share some of the process.

Everything starts off in pencil, I’m a very messy sketcher. Then I ink the lines and scan it into the computer. I tidy it up a little bit in Photoshop then start the main work in Illustrator. The images are made of lots of layers which you can see in the animated gif. Layers mean it’s easier to keep track of things and make sense of it all as I’m working. I really enjoyed making a whole scene rather than drawing just a few cats, it’s something I want to work on a lot more in the future. 

- Hey Molly, what are you using that notebook for?
- I’m writing a list of all the things I"m asking Santa to bring me. 
- You’re starting early!
- I want to make sure he has time to get it all. I might need another notebook though.
- Why? You don’t need that much paper do you?
- Yep, I want a lot of things.
- Hang on a minute Mols, most of these pages just ‘tuna’ over and over again.
- I want a *lot* of tuna