I seem to have a thing for drawing grumpy people sitting 😅 maybe it’s a sign for me to get up more often while working 😭 Some sketch/doodle highlights in between work. (Also, thank you all so much for the continuous overwhelming support. A lot has been happening in a different part of my life and I am barely keeping pace. I’ll make a more formal thank you post soon!! ❤️)

I’m on a V roll and nothing is gonna stop me now

Except maybe sleep. Sleep will stop me. I’m probably sleeping at this very moment hahah

Compared to the other smols™, this rather big but soft smol™ has grown up quickly, easily becoming the best sunshine smol™. Protect him, if you can.

Sigil tip for closet witches:

Your sigils don’t have to be all elaborate or look all ~magic-y~, you can do everyday doodles as sigils to get your point across.

Some examples:
A smiley face for positive or happy things.
A peace sign for, well, peace.
A butterfly for ease or ridding anxiety.
A shield or some swords for protection.
A tree for grounding and stability.
A bird for ambition and free will.
A rainbow for creativity.
A heart for love.
A lighting bolt for courage and passion.
A flower for beauty.

The best thing about doing sigils like this is that they are easy to remember and no one will second guess what you’re writing all over the place.

Soulmates AU (11)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten

And on this night, and in this light (ao3) - screamtobeheard

Summary: “I think I’ll skip sleep, you’re a very comfortable pillow,” Dan tells him.
“I’m glad,” Phil says. He looks so soft and cuddly right now and on moments like these Dan swears he feels the tattoo throbbing on his hip. Or a different part of his body, he isn’t keeping track anymore.You get a tattoo once you fall in love, Dan’s been hiding his from Phil for a while now

Annoying Songs stuck in my head (ao3) - personalfreakshow

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you get a song stuck in your head, if your soulmate is singing it (and at random times as well, duh). Only, the thing is, you already know that you are soulmates, and you are living together. And it is just simply annoying.

Arrows That Pierces The Heart (ao3) - star4545

Summary:  Artist Dan is one of a few people that in a world full of soulmates is incapable of love, but his quirky neighbor Phil shows him that maybe there is love for him.

Beautiful (ao3) - SkiesOfSilver

Summary: Based on this prompt; you write something on your skin and it will show up on your soul mate’s skin as well.Imagine having a super artistic soulmate who draws flowers and designs and really beautiful patterns all over their arms and person 2 just sits there and watches the little lines appear on their arms and they can’t stop smiling and it’s their favourite part of the day.

Cancer isn’t a Stop for Everything (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  Dan has leukemia, and doesn’t know how much time he has left. Phil rushes to spend as much time as he can with him.

Color Me Blue (ao3) - carefully_crafted_cliches

Summary: Everyone sees the world in black and white until they touch their soulmate for the first time.A soulmate au with a bit of 2009!phan.

English Bluebells (ao3) -  GlobZrt

Summary: The flower extended high in the air, when it droops, lowering its head. Its silk like petals curl up, forming like a bell. There were rows of them, their blue lavender color reminding him of the sliver of daylight before dusk

Found You (ao3) - mkouche

Summary:  Every person can see what their soulmate has written on their bodies.
Who’s doodling on Dan? Who’s printing on Phil?

[from blue to hazel brown] (ao3) - bisexual_dean_winchester

Summary: Dan likes old things. He likes antique shops and used bookstores. He likes mystery novels, and has everything except his life figured out.Phil likes comic books, and fluffy armchairs. He likes his job, and his life in general. Well, he tries to convince himself that he does anyways.Soulmate AU where the eyes of your soulmate are tattooed onto your arm from birth, they open when your soulmate is born, and grow as the person they belong to does.

My Giant Weeb (ao3) - Amys_Musings

Summary:  Prompt : soulmate marks. But one of their marks is in Japanese. “i thought I’d have to move to japan to find you but turns out you’re just a giant weeb”

Nemo Nisi Mors (ao3) - TinksMind_Thea

Summary: Phil has a super artistic soulmate.
Phil is also super forgetful.So when Phil writes down all his appointments on his hand, Dan ends up with constant reminders that, honestly, he can’t even read. So he decides to do little doodles everyday for his soulmate. A beautiful connection forms but will they ever find each other?
Or is this too beautiful to risk shattering?

One Second Closer (ao3) - goldenrose95

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you’re born with a timer on your wrist that counts down to the moment you meet your soulmate. Except there’s one other case when the numbers reach zero, and Phil doesn’t find out until he’s too late. Almost.

Pain Killers (ao3) - AllusionToReality

Summary:  Your soul mate is the only one who can hurt you. In a painless society, only the lucky ones experience the most tragedy, the most emotion. Some say they are the only ones to truly live.

quixotic (ao3) - lastphanhope

Summary:  Phil was always told his soulmate would be a beautiful girl with shiny hair and a good sense of humour. It’s not, his soulmate is Dan Howell, who’s got too many walls that Phil’s determined to break down, falling in love with him just happens in the process.

Singing Songs That Nobody Wrote (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  If you have a soulmate, their favorite lyric gets tattooed on your body. Phil is a singer, and his favorite lyrics are his own. Dan loves the lyrics

Soulfinders (ao3) - JulienneJc

Summary:  In an Alternate Universe when we where born, we have a clock implanted on our wrist, counting down to the day we meet our soulmate

Wake Me Up Inside (ao3) - fluffycloudsofphan

Summary: For as long as Dan could remember, people have told him that you will dream of your soulmate everynight until you find them. Everyone has always explained there dreams to be pleasant and joy-filled.So why does he keep dreaming of his soulmate dying?

When the Clock Strikes Twelve (ao3) - Willow_Angel

Summary:  Phan AU. Dan is embarrassed by the time on his tattoo until he meets a handsome stranger at a party for the prince.

We Once Fell in Love (But Now We’re Just Falling) (ao3) - twentytwentytwo

Summary:  In a world where once you turn eighteen, you don’t age until you find your soulmate, Dan Howell is lucky enough to find Phil immediately. But then Phil dies from an illness and Dan doesn’t think he’ll ever be happy again. That is, until Phil get reincarnated a year later. However, Dan wasn’t ready to have Phil back in fear of losing him, so he flees from Manchester to London. Now Dan is twenty-four and Phil has found him for the third time. Will Dan let himself fall in love again, or will he be running from Phil for all of eternity?

You Only Have a First Meeting Once (ao3) - Willow_Angel

Summary:  AU. In which Phil has a strange time for his tattoo, and a handsome boy at the prince’s party has the same.


College!Bangtan 0/?

Kim Seokjin:

  • acting major in his senior year
  • top of the class
  • world wide handsome
  • everyone’s prince charming
  • low-key a cuddly 5 year old
  • but high-key acting like your mom
  • and probably besties with your mom (rip jungkook)
  • kind and always helping to everyone
  • teachers and profs are his best friend
  • i bet some female teachers have a crush on him (who wouldnt just look at him)
  • not really a social media person
  • but when posts
  • its usually something about his friends or family
  • probably a special occasion or an achievement
  • and boi he will not be shy to show off the ones he loves
  • lives with his roomie for life (aka Min Yoongi)
  • currently trying to get a role in the national theatre to start career
  • but he already starred as a model in Namjoon’s design projects
  • currently single bc he has to deal with so much shit his dongsaengs commit (and probs need to fix it)

Min Yoongi:

  • composing major (*cough cough* obviously)
  • sleeps through entire classes
  • tho he’s low-key a genius so he can get away with anything (min yoongi jeonje jjang jjang man boong boong)
  • raps, sings, produces music, writes lyrics
  • and excells at every one of them
  • basically the favourite student of everyone
  • even though he somehow managed to sleep through 3 entire classes and even when a completly different group was in having a test, and because of rule violation he was the first person to get detention in university
  • like ever
  • lives with world-wide-handsome-roomate-for-life (hint: Jin)
  • mean baby 
  • sarcasm at level savage100
  • but can be a soft squishy (especially around Hobi)
  • has a secret crush on his friend
  • who became his muse and writes music about, but no one knows who is it
  • (except GeneralHobi and SpyJin)

Jung Hoseok:

  • dance major (i wanna be in the same class as him asdfghjkl help me)
  • when i say top of the class im not kidding bc the boi got em moves
  • and everyone loves him
  • like look at that sunshine
  • his hoobaes ADORE him
  • (i think everyone has a secret shrine for him at home, bc girl i do)
  • the teachers often ask him to subsitute them
  • even in older classes bc he’s so good
  • won many competitions
  • and always practicing for one
  • filming his own coreos on YouTube under the name HopeOnTheStreet (sounds familira huh?)
  • roomates with his fashionista fellow 94′ liner (Namjoon)
  • back to his hoobaes
  • doesnt matter girl or boy, this guy is so many people’s crush i dont have enough space to list them
  • low-key has a crush on one of his hoobaes in his dance team
  • but high-key not admittin this to himself
  • so he’s like
  • ‘no she’s not my crush, i dont see her that way‘
  • but always glancing in her direction in any given moment
  • (someone help this boy)

Kim Namjoon:

  • fashion/designing major (idk if this exists but it will exist for now)
  • he’s such a fashonista
  • his #KimDaily is such a big hit (pun intended) not just among students at his class
  • models like a BOSS
  • but everyone loves the dimple selfies he has (im so soft for his dimples help me)
  • high-key genius
  • not kidding this boi could school the kids at the science building
  • low-key everyone’s tutor
  • but only tutors people he knows
  • so rip those poor girls all over campus trying to get his number (guess they have to fangirl their ass off on instagram aka me…saveme.mp3)
  • loves photographing even though he breaks everything
  • (not the photographing stuff tho bc that shit is expensive)
  • tho Jungkook is his personal photographer
  • lives with his 94′ liner hyung (Hobiiiii)
  • probably will be an editor at a high-fashion magazine (bc he’s a genius and has a great sense)
  • also someone who is head over heels for one of his hoobaes
  • he was melted at the exact moment when the cutie patootie freshmen (who didnt know her sunbae was the fashion star of the whole university) asked him to take a picture of them for their portfolio 
  • help this boy he’s whipped for her :’)

Park Jimin:

  • also dance major (i mean look at dem moves)
  • is the most adorable person you can find on whole campus
  • and bish is he a graceful dancer as hell? (the answer is obviously yes no matter what your opinion is)
  • he dances all the classics, but favourite is contemporary
  • high-key great at hip hop
  • basically lives in the practice room
  • no joke this kid earned a locker in the practice room
  • all his teachers melted by his adorableness
  • though acts like a savage teen on 3 cups of coffee when around friends
  • but he’s still adorable you cant deny that
  • part of trouble line 
  • always cleans the mess his roomate aka best friend aka soulmates for ever aka Kim Taehyung makes
  • if you havent guessed he lives with Tae, and they are like best friends since high school (bc Jimin helped his ass not to fail history)
  • is a thirsty hoe
  • but more discreet than the maknae
  • but they are together always on look out for da ladies (wink wink if ya kno wat i mean)

Kim Taehyung:

  • fashion/designing major as well
  • designs and makes his own clothes
  • saves money for gucci (sorrynotsorry but its true)
  • role model for everyone at his class
  • he and Namjoon taking pics of their outfit for ever
  • if you want to hang out with them make sure to come an hour late maybe they will finish their mini-photoshoot by that time
  • all about them high-fashion
  • you’ll see this boy walking down the hallway like its a fashion-show
  • everyone thinks he’s cold
  • but in reality his the softest human being
  • some would say a bit weirdo but weird-fashonista-boy is the new bad boy (emirite?)
  • is friends with everyone
  • even they only spoke like 2 sentences they became friends period
  • lives with his soulmate (aka softie 2.0 aka Park Freaking Jimin [i cant swear bc of this goddamn tumblr monitising smh])
  • probs the most fashionable on the entire campus
  • looks for eternal love like in fairy tale bc this boy is living in his own
  • is fan of art (thats how he met Jungkook)
  • is a trouble maker and he’s always ready to gossip and spill tea with Jimin (or anyone else of his “friends”)
  • part of trouble line (obvy)
  • Jungkook is still mad at him for breaking his door, that Jimin had to fix

Jeon Jungkook:

  • art major (the boi is a real talent)
  • as i mentioned before, constant doodling (errday everyday)
  • pranking his hyungs 25/8
  • lives with his hyung by blood bc too broke to have his own place
  • obsessed with photographing as well
  • Tae and Joon made him their bitch when they found out about that (poor boy and his love for taking pictures)
  • Jin always babying him bc he’s one
  • trouble line leader
  • loves arts and repects artists and subaes a lot (met Tae at an art gallery how adult is that)
  • half-lives at the Vmin residency
  • but not letting them into his place since Tae broke his door which Jimin fixed for him
  • obssesed with social media (especially Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat)
  • wink wink follow him at j_jungkook97 (its fake yall before you attack me for playing with your heart)
  • wingman of Jimin, also wingman of himself
  • he’s one hormonal teen still
  • so thirsty (no and this time i dont mean myself for him thank you)
  • but still single bc lowkey he wants a more serious relationship like his brother’s
  • but highkey just wanna smash (you’ll here that sentence a lot more form now on…)

(a/n: these are my edits but the pics are not mine; cr to their rightful owner; i found them on Google :P)

Self-indulgent rainy day coffee watercolor doodles, specifically the Mi6 Cafe April doodle challenge – “doodle what a character might carry in their bag”. I feel like Q has an ever-changing carousel of tech in his dope lil messenger bag, so I wanted to doodle some everyday things he might tote around in his backpack. (Note: Phone and wallet are in pockets, thus not-pictured.)

  1. Old man thermos full of spaghetti O’s tea
  2. Lens cleaning cloth
  3. Moleskine no. 83792 full of new ways to kill people
  4. Tangled headphones
  5. Peppermint Lip Balm ayyyyyy
  6. Nearly empty Aspirin bottle
  7. Lubeeeee
  8. Travel Umbrella
  9. Sharpie Graveyard
  10. Portable Soldering Kit
  11. Lunch Receipts
  12. Terre d’Hermès cologne (he should have just gotten the travel-size if he’s gonna tote it around like this because he’s living dangerously)
  13. Beretta knife
  14. Hi-Chew
  15. Deodorant
  16. Precision Screwdriver set
  17. Flashlight
  18. Emergency tea