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I’m not going to say who breaks up and who doesn’t, but they all — Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, Will/Emma, Rachel/Finn — get kicked in the nuts. And it’s all about how do they recover — and can they recover? And some don’t. Absolutely some don’t. Of those couples, not all of them are going to make it. It’s like Titanic.

Headcanon: Jason was once left to babysit Damian. It could have been a bonding experience.
Sadly, it ended in a citywide blackout, the South Side’s fire hydrants replaced with apple juice, Mongolian traders controlling the sewage system, and worst of all, Damian put on a leash.

“Stay in my line of vision!”

squad inside jokes (alternatively: the meme team™ suicide squad edition)

  • humming the darth vader theme whenever anyone so much as mentions amanda waller
  • digger pulling increasingly unlikely shit out of his coat. bologna sandwiches. piggy banks. a taxidermy beaver, once
  • digger very conspicuously bolting (like he did in the bar) whenever anyone questions where all of this shit comes from
  • everyone starts taking off their hats and putting one hand over their heart whenever flag enters the room
  • sometimes when someone tries to act super chummy with tatsu/katana she will slowly back out of the room while maintaining eye contact the entire time
  • floyd tries this exactly once and flag threatens to punch him in the face
  • addressing floyd out loud as dadshot
  • humming the jaws theme whenever croc is near a body of water (he gets really offended. they dont call him freaking killer shark)
  • most of the team has a running theory that half of the shit that digger says is just gibberish and not actually real words
  • belting out the beginning of bohemian rhapsody after killing literally anything. after killing a spider, even
  • flag, Not Having It: are yall fucking finished with doing this yet. squad: [eyes emoji] flag: this is a verbal conversation squad: …..[eyes emoji] digger: wat th fick is an emoji
August 21st

Happy Fan Fiction Appreciation day! 

Through all the hate they get, and all the love they send out. These guys are the only writers I know, (So far.) That are amazing in every way, excluding they’re writing that’s just as much. I thank them for sucking me into the fandom, helping me and letting me do the same. They always want me to make fan art to they’re fics as well. - Always keep fighting. 

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Okay okay, everyone freaking out about the new pet thing, here’s what it is.

Yes, you will not be able to TECHNICALLY see the talents BUT, you will be able to see how many common/uncommon/rare/blahblahblah you have. This makes it easier.

For example. My fish has 3 common talents, 1 uncommon, 0 rare, 5 ultra-rare, and 1 epic.

As for the adults only thing, you misunderstood. They say that the HATCHING MENU is only available for adults. For obvious reasons because you have to have two eligible candidates for hatching to see the menu.

Yes, I have checked this on my other pets. My baby pet too. Same numbers appear at the bottom, everything is fine, it’s not some mean trick to make you buy more mega snacks.

whatever you do
  • dont imagine Andrew helping renee out with dyeing her hair
  • dont imagine andrew looking a tad interested in different hair dye colors while waiting for renee to pick a color
  • “do you want to dye your hair?”
  • “maybe”
  • “why dont you pick out a color and i’ll help you out after i do mine”
  • dont imagine renee and andrew in the girl’s dorm’s bathroom
  • dont imagine andrew dong renee’s hair
  • dont imagine renee being extra gentle when she’s dying andrew’s hair
  • dont imagine renee taking a pcture with andrew while they’re both waiting for the dye to set
  • dont imagine the foxes prepring to watch a movie or something and renee enters the room with a new pastel pink dyed hair
  • dont imagine andrew coming up behind her with the tips of his hair dyed light blue
  • dont imagine dan and matt staring 
  • dont imagine alisson’s approving nod
  • dont imagine nicky freaking out and saying “holy shit renee you have to do my hair!”
  • dont imagine kevin and aaron not being even the slightest bit interested 
  • as long a it doesnt affect your game” 
  • “maybe now they’ll stop mstaking us for each other all the damn time”
  • and neil
  • dont imagine neil stuck on his spot on a beanbag chair
  • dont magine him staring at andrew as andrew makes his way up to him
  • dont imagine him asking yes or no 
  • dont imagine andrew not even finished saying yes when neils hand sld through his hair
  • dont imagine the foxes pretending to watch the move but are secretly looking at neil play with andrews hair

just dont imagine

Compromised - Ch 1

An Ending

Summary: The 6 years after Zurich, told from Jack’s perspective. AKA somebody wanted him and Gabe dead, and as far as he knows, they half succeeded. Now Jack won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of it.

Rating: M, blood, gore, psychological trauma, broken bones, head injuries, blind: 76 stuff as well  because it’s my favorite headcanon.

Notes: I posted this a while (a WHILE a while) ago on AO3 and… I was really nervous posting here because it was my first fic for reaper76 and it’s not even heavily such! So now I’m posting it, and I’ll post the later chapters in the following week. This piece is meant to be a companion to Decayed; both can be read separately but are more fulfilling together.

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The hardest part was coming to.

He took a gasp of life-giving breath and immediately regretted such a survivalist decision. Pain lanced through him like lightning, everything seizing. His body panicked, shaking with unrelenting convulsions. His ears ran, his face felt wet and hot, and his whole chest refused to cooperate with the frantic messages his brain was sending it. Panic rushed the adrenaline quickly through his veins, opening every nerve ending until finally, wretchedly, he coughed in the air his body was fighting so hard for.

It was released in an agony-filled scream, a tortured reminder to his ringing ears that his body still had the fight to stay alive.

He was dying. This had to be what dying felt like, sitting on the precipice but with no way of swinging all the way over. Or perhaps he had swung across, flinging himself into the fires of the hell that awaited him. With his grinding teeth and gnashing bones on top of the dark, sweltering, smoke filled air, he might as well already be there.

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Tabata please dont “Zack Fair” Noctis, him dying would be the worst thing and kind of stupid considering there was a whole movie based around everyone trying to secure the throne for him. I need the closure that everything is okay I keep seeing them say “we want you to cry” and I’m not ready for whatever they’re brewing up there. I WANT THAT DAMN CRYSTAL DESTROYED. So Noct can just live a normal reign other than the one that he was afraid of living. More importantly he’s far from the life that Regis mourned him living

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Yeah, Eduardo, you're going through some weird transformation thing. Are you okay...?

Jon: “O-Okay- DOnt freak out or anything but-”
Eduardo: “why would I freak out? I need water- my throats killing me

Eduardo: “…”
Mark: “Dont-”