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Do you actually support Hezbollah or was that just a sarcastic thing?? You know they want to literally kill as many jews as they can, right? Either way, please explain.

First of all, I think clarification of what “support” means is definitely needed.

However, I will say this: First, we need to recognize that right now, in the Levant, and middle east in general, the consequences of the imperialist division of countries following the First World War are really materializing and reaching their climax. The sectarian effects of the Sykes-Picot agreement that divided Ottoman Territories into nation-states were in part hidden by the anti-colonial struggle that rippled through the region following the Second World War. However as this wave of struggle ended, Western Imperialists supported the rise of these sectarian conflicts because otherwise the region would begin to reverse the effects of Sykes-Picot and fixing what it created. With the failure of leftist forces in the region, in part due to opportunism and in part due to social-imperialism masquerading as leftism, the seed of sectarian conflict in the hundred year old agreement is blooming and at a critical point of struggle. This region is where imperialism is focusing its guns on now too- in an attempt to regain the colonial power it lost. Imperialism, which created the forces it now fights in the middle east, is now faced once more with the possibility of an anti-neocolonial movement. This is the context where Hezbollah fits in, not as much in the sectarianism, but in the movement against imperialism.

Its important as Marxists that we dont cloud our judgement of things by their appearance, but by their objective relationships. Hezbollah occupies a position of genuine anti-imperialism (both of America and of Israel). Its role in fighting Israeli occupation of Lebanon especially, in addition to its protection of other religious minorities from salafist groups and Daesh, and, most importantly, its firm stance against Western imperialism and Zionism, have built a huge amount of popular support among the Lebanese masses and minority groups. Really, Hezbollah represents a genuine popular resistance movement, similar to Hamas in Palestine (altho i would say Hezbollah is not as religiously fundamentalist as Hamas is nor is it as socially reactionary as Hamas).

Now, while Hezbollah is objectively anti-imperialist, its subjective qualities vary. While it is incredibly progressive (especially when compared to ideologically similar groups like Hamas and Iran), it has made many different, sometimes even contradicting comments, when it comes to Jewish people. Hezbollah has definitely made many wildly anti-semitic remarks, and even engaged in holocaust denial (something that is more regionally accepted in the party but not a defining tenant. This is undeniable, and should not be emulated, or defended at all. It’s also important though to remember that supporters of Israel in America and Israeli Zionists often consider any claims of Israel’s illegitimacy and exploitative, colonialist nature as anti-semitic, and propaganda surrounding Hezbollah has certainly obfuscated their actual anti-semitism by making ridiculous claims like “they want to kill as many jews as they can.” Hezbollah’s anti-semitism is a problem, but what it is actually doing, and what it represents materially in anti-imperialist struggle, is not about anti-semitism at all (also remember: There are anti-Zionist Jews who voice support for Hezbollah because of this, while still critical of the reactionary language and ideas they espouse)

Lastly tho, i dont live in Lebanon. I never lived in Lebanon. So the success and failure of Hezbollah doesnt rest with me. I dont have anything to give Hezbollah, materially or otherwise. The organization’s political history will be determined by the people of Lebanon, not by me, or you, or anyone else who isnt directly effected by imperialism in the Levant.

Enough with blaming others on being heartless and selfish…Remember one thing- when you give love you get love…May be that person found only pain, hatred and insults…May be that person has nothing left to give you except the pain within…Dont be judgemental…You never know when the tables turn and you become that person…It is easy to point finger at others rather than have it pointed at you…
—  #HiddenOne

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I wish you would write a fic where Ronan surprises a four month clean (from drugs and alcohol) Kavinsky by waking him up in the morning with waffles with sprinkles and whip cream, strawberry milk and lots of cuddling and soft kisses and love bites all over the place. And Kavinsky is a sleepy gigglin blushin mess because its been awhile since he was this spoiled. I just love me some soft healthy Rovinsky okay pls dont judge me

No judgement here, angel! I also love soft, healthy rovinsky! This went a little domestic, but I hope I did you proud! 


 "Wake up, asshole.“

 "It’s ten a.m. on a goddamn Saturday.” K’s voice was muffled by the pillow he’d pulled over his head to block out the midmorning sunshine streaming in through the windows. Sprawled on Ronan’s bed, tangled in the sheets, he looked perfectly at home. “Someone better be dying.”

 Though his eyes rolled, Ronan slid onto the bed, straddling K’s hips and gently easing the pillow away. “It’s about you not dying, stupid.”

 A nod, sleepy-eyed and soft, and K breathed back, “Four months today.”

 "Figured you deserved waffles.“ Ronan said it as if it were nothing, shrugging tattooed shoulders, keenly aware of K’s dark, half-lidded eyes following the movement. Then, carefully, he asked, “How’s it feel?”

 "Half-hard, actually.“

 Eyes rolling again, Ronan pressed calloused hands to K’s shoulders, jostling him a bit. ”Dick.“

 An ages old, devilish smirk came over K’s face then, old and familiar and just a bit disconcerting. Even now, it sent a warm shiver crawling up Ronan’s spine. "That’s exactly what I was talking about.”

 ”Asshole.“ Coming from Ronan, it sounded like a term of endearment. Leaning in, he pressed a soft kiss to K’s lips, hands sliding up to his chest, feeling his heartbeat and trying desperately, futilely, to match them up. “C'mon. Breakfast’s getting cold.”

 "Still can’t believe you cook.“ Kavinsky didn’t sound at all displeased, hands drifting up to Ronan’s hips and pulling him close. ”Domestic.“

 Nuzzling the curve of K’s jaw, Ronan murmured against stubbled skin, "Couldn’t let you do the cooking. You’d’ve burned the place down.”

 "Prob'ly on purpose,“ K agreed. ”’M not a housewife.“

 "Sure.” A kiss to K’s throat, and Ronan pulled back, standing again, knowing full well that this time, K would follow. “Keep telling yourself that.”

 "‘Course.“ When Ronan held a hand out to him, an offer of unneeded help, K accepted.


If you go on a Mental Illness side blog, do NOT judge their character/person based on what they may or may not post! A lot of these blogs are vent blogs, and they use them to out negative emotions. It’s their safe space.

Do not judge somebody based on a blog they run, especially if it’s a blog where they use as an outlet. Everything they post isn’t all what or who they are. 

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So I'm sending you this cause what you just posted is how I feel all the time. I try to talk to my family about Spider-Man and they just roll their eyes or make fun of me and it just sucks. I totally get what you're feeling, the other day at the movies we saw a SP:H trailer and I got really excited and my sister afterwards said. "Yeah, it's just really embarrassing, i wish you would put all this effort into something that actually matters." It hurts a lot and not a lot of people get that 😘😘

like that’s why i just want to see the movie by myself, opening night. i dont want any judgement and just be in a room filled of people who get it. we’ll get through this. ❤️

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I like your blog, but, a personal question: What do you think of Alexander II of russia?

thank u anon x also i gotta say i’ve never read anything about him i’ve only really seen him mentioned here and there so i dont want to pass judgement on him as a tsar/leader/person but from what i have gleaned he seemed to be pretty progressive domestically but his foreign policy was much more of its time. again don’t quote me on that because i really don’t know much about him but russian history is really something i should look into in more depth since all i know is the ussr. if u have any opinions/book recommendations i’d love to hear them


TAKE THEM!! Ive done a lot of art and havent uploaded ANY of it so here. **Hands you a stack of art**

Altertale! Judge — Altertale by @friisans
Snazzy Code — Code!Sans by @c0de-sans
Ninjatore’s Error!Sans — Error by @loverofpiggies​ at @askerrorsans​ played by @ninjatore​ 
And CPAU! Judge – seriously judge…what are you doing…you arent even really a sans…why are you there? —CPAU by @loverofpiggies

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Sent in an audition THEN I started scrolling through your blog and u were like "everyone had made it interesting!" Mine is literally just me reacting to a meteor shower #dont judge

No judgement at all, don’t worry! In the end, it’s not you applying to write the thing, and no one is gonna not get in just because of the writing of their audition.

Also, meteor showers are always cool.

i want everyone to look at themselves in the mirror. relax your tummy and dont breathe in. let your face drop and just look at yourself. but dont stare with harsh judgement, try to see the beauty behind features you never thought were beautiful. look at the slight hook of your nose. look at the array of freckles across your cheeks. look at your crooked teeth. look at your less-than-flawless complexion. look at what makes you you. and realise you’re fucking beautiful. beacuse you are. please know that.


The Twitterverse has been roaring over the past 24 hours after X Factor New Zealand judges; Natalia Kills and husband, Willy Moon flat out BULLIED contestant, Joe Irvine. Saturday night, contestant Joe Irvine took the stage to perform his rendition of, “Cry Me A River.” Natalia and Willy were not pleased with the performance referring to Irvine as a “doppelgänger” and “laughing stock.” The cruel words continued to spew from the mouth of Natalia Kills before her husband chipped in with a Norman Bates reference. In a world where hopeful musicians from all walks of life, put everything they’ve got on the line for a chance to show the world their talent, this type of behaviour and commentary is definitely unexpected and uncalled for from the judging panel. In less than 24 hours after the show was aired, fans banded together online with a petition which garnered over 70,000 signatures urging TV3 to fire the two judges. MediaWorks chief executive, Mark Weldon, made a statement Monday saying, “Contestants put their all into this competition and they should expect to receive feedback and criticism that is professional and constructive. We no longer have confidence that Kills and Moon are the right people to perform the role of X Factor judges and they will leave the show, effective immediately.“ Two new judges are set to replace Kills and Moon next week.

Judge Melanie Blatt was clearly unhappy with the comments made from her fellow judging panel, and you could see the look of disgust written all over her face. She soon jumped to Irvine’s defense, telling him, “Do you know what, Joe? I don’t think many people have believed in you in your life. I’ll tell you right now: I believe in you. You have got what it takes. You have got a beautiful tone. Please don’t listen.”

Melanie Blatt was not the only one to offer words of kindness and support for the contestant however, New Zealand native, Lorde, also got wind of what had happened and sent her support to Joe in the form of cupcakes and a sweet, handwritten note.

“Hi Joe, Just wanted to say: Your individuality, positive energy, and spirit are infectious, I think you’re doing an awesome job on the show so far.” She continued, “I’m a performer too, and I wanted to say that no matter how many people make fun of me for how I dress, move, and act, I’m being me — and that’s what’s important,” she added. “Good luck and lots of love, Lorde.

Joe shared with his Twitter fans a photo of the cupcakes along with a message back to Lorde, “Hey you are awsome, I love ur music and wanna meet you thank u so much for the cupcakes xo… I love them.”

As for Natalia Kills and Willy Mood, they have apparently fled the country after a storm of backlash from media outlets alike. In a world where there is so much destruction and intolerance towards one another, it is a shame that two very popular performers who have the ability to be a voice and platform for those who have been silenced by these flaws of society, would use their power to tear down and belittle another person in such a revolting and unsettling manner. Intolerance has become second nature for a lot of us, bullying is a way of life for those who feel that there is no other way to feel good about themselves unless they are putting others down. This is not okay and this is no way to live your life for any party involved. It is refreshing to see so many people reach out to Joe Irvine and turn a negative experience to an extremely positive one for him. The world is rooting for you Joe, good luck with the competition and I want everyone to remember to keep being original, to quote one of my favourite characters of all times, David Gordon from Lizzie McGuire, “YOU ROCK! DON’T EVER CHANGE!” remember that. 


this is for all the girls out there, yes all of you. love yourself, believe in your strenghts, accept your flaws, fight for what you believe in, be badasses and dont care about other people’s judgement, we can be whoever we want to be, cry for boys/girls (it’s okay), have fun, fight for your rights, demand to be treated with respect, dont ask it, demand it. why? YOU DESERVE IT, dont believe otherwise, get rid of whoever makes you think you dont.

but above all make history *cough* herstory.

[listen here]