nick: ‘i dont think [danatole] are romantically involved, but they dont put labels or judgements on their desires :)’

me: YES boy EXACTLY 😩💦 your word is LAW i AGREE 💯 i cant believe nick choksi broke into my house and punched me in the FACE with this DANATOLE ARE FUCK BUDDIES #2K17 👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻😤👏🏻😩😍

also me: …so anyway dolokov was majorly in love with anato-

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if ur doin that meme: E1 for Aizawa and/or N3 for Present Mic?

Mic is having a lovely time sleeping in, and Aizawa just came out of his room in the dorms to see an on-fire couch 

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Do you actually support Hezbollah or was that just a sarcastic thing?? You know they want to literally kill as many jews as they can, right? Either way, please explain.

First of all, I think clarification of what “support” means is definitely needed.

However, I will say this: First, we need to recognize that right now, in the Levant, and middle east in general, the consequences of the imperialist division of countries following the First World War are really materializing and reaching their climax. The sectarian effects of the Sykes-Picot agreement that divided Ottoman Territories into nation-states were in part hidden by the anti-colonial struggle that rippled through the region following the Second World War. However as this wave of struggle ended, Western Imperialists supported the rise of these sectarian conflicts because otherwise the region would begin to reverse the effects of Sykes-Picot and fixing what it created. With the failure of leftist forces in the region, in part due to opportunism and in part due to social-imperialism masquerading as leftism, the seed of sectarian conflict in the hundred year old agreement is blooming and at a critical point of struggle. This region is where imperialism is focusing its guns on now too- in an attempt to regain the colonial power it lost. Imperialism, which created the forces it now fights in the middle east, is now faced once more with the possibility of an anti-neocolonial movement. This is the context where Hezbollah fits in, not as much in the sectarianism, but in the movement against imperialism.

Its important as Marxists that we dont cloud our judgement of things by their appearance, but by their objective relationships. Hezbollah occupies a position of genuine anti-imperialism (both of America and of Israel). Its role in fighting Israeli occupation of Lebanon especially, in addition to its protection of other religious minorities from salafist groups and Daesh, and, most importantly, its firm stance against Western imperialism and Zionism, have built a huge amount of popular support among the Lebanese masses and minority groups. Really, Hezbollah represents a genuine popular resistance movement, similar to Hamas in Palestine (altho i would say Hezbollah is not as religiously fundamentalist as Hamas is nor is it as socially reactionary as Hamas).

Now, while Hezbollah is objectively anti-imperialist, its subjective qualities vary. While it is incredibly progressive (especially when compared to ideologically similar groups like Hamas and Iran), it has made many different, sometimes even contradicting comments, when it comes to Jewish people. Hezbollah has definitely made many wildly anti-semitic remarks, and even engaged in holocaust denial (something that is more regionally accepted in the party but not a defining tenant. This is undeniable, and should not be emulated, or defended at all. It’s also important though to remember that supporters of Israel in America and Israeli Zionists often consider any claims of Israel’s illegitimacy and exploitative, colonialist nature as anti-semitic, and propaganda surrounding Hezbollah has certainly obfuscated their actual anti-semitism by making ridiculous claims like “they want to kill as many jews as they can.” Hezbollah’s anti-semitism is a problem, but what it is actually doing, and what it represents materially in anti-imperialist struggle, is not about anti-semitism at all (also remember: There are anti-Zionist Jews who voice support for Hezbollah because of this, while still critical of the reactionary language and ideas they espouse)

Lastly tho, i dont live in Lebanon. I never lived in Lebanon. So the success and failure of Hezbollah doesnt rest with me. I dont have anything to give Hezbollah, materially or otherwise. The organization’s political history will be determined by the people of Lebanon, not by me, or you, or anyone else who isnt directly effected by imperialism in the Levant.

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I wish you would write a fic where Ronan surprises a four month clean (from drugs and alcohol) Kavinsky by waking him up in the morning with waffles with sprinkles and whip cream, strawberry milk and lots of cuddling and soft kisses and love bites all over the place. And Kavinsky is a sleepy gigglin blushin mess because its been awhile since he was this spoiled. I just love me some soft healthy Rovinsky okay pls dont judge me

No judgement here, angel! I also love soft, healthy rovinsky! This went a little domestic, but I hope I did you proud! 


 "Wake up, asshole.“

 "It’s ten a.m. on a goddamn Saturday.” K’s voice was muffled by the pillow he’d pulled over his head to block out the midmorning sunshine streaming in through the windows. Sprawled on Ronan’s bed, tangled in the sheets, he looked perfectly at home. “Someone better be dying.”

 Though his eyes rolled, Ronan slid onto the bed, straddling K’s hips and gently easing the pillow away. “It’s about you not dying, stupid.”

 A nod, sleepy-eyed and soft, and K breathed back, “Four months today.”

 "Figured you deserved waffles.“ Ronan said it as if it were nothing, shrugging tattooed shoulders, keenly aware of K’s dark, half-lidded eyes following the movement. Then, carefully, he asked, “How’s it feel?”

 "Half-hard, actually.“

 Eyes rolling again, Ronan pressed calloused hands to K’s shoulders, jostling him a bit. ”Dick.“

 An ages old, devilish smirk came over K’s face then, old and familiar and just a bit disconcerting. Even now, it sent a warm shiver crawling up Ronan’s spine. "That’s exactly what I was talking about.”

 ”Asshole.“ Coming from Ronan, it sounded like a term of endearment. Leaning in, he pressed a soft kiss to K’s lips, hands sliding up to his chest, feeling his heartbeat and trying desperately, futilely, to match them up. “C'mon. Breakfast’s getting cold.”

 "Still can’t believe you cook.“ Kavinsky didn’t sound at all displeased, hands drifting up to Ronan’s hips and pulling him close. ”Domestic.“

 Nuzzling the curve of K’s jaw, Ronan murmured against stubbled skin, "Couldn’t let you do the cooking. You’d’ve burned the place down.”

 "Prob'ly on purpose,“ K agreed. ”’M not a housewife.“

 "Sure.” A kiss to K’s throat, and Ronan pulled back, standing again, knowing full well that this time, K would follow. “Keep telling yourself that.”

 "‘Course.“ When Ronan held a hand out to him, an offer of unneeded help, K accepted.

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Do you think Laurent and Andrew would hypothetically get along? They have so many similarities but are also so different! Idk I just wonder what the dynamic between them would be and I trust your judgment


I mean, they have many shared experiences, and i’m not reducing them to their respective traumas by saying that that kind of shared suffering can really bring people together. BUT, that being said, i don’t think they’d get along. Well, not immediately, anyway. It depends on their circumstances, how they meet and why. If we just kinda downloaded the entirety of captive prince into a modern setting and made them all exy players, i can see andrew and laurent being intense rivals.

Imagine the foxes versus the akielon/veretians. From the outset of the match, Laurent, the genius strategist, would have identified Neil as the biggest threat on the field, simply because he’s so damn fast and all the giant Akielons wouldn’t be able to see him coming before he gets right under their noses. I imagine Laurent is the goalie (just cos), so when Neil goes to score he plays a little dirty and they both end up on the ground. Andrew, of course, is not happy about this (no sir). There would of course be retribution, and Andrew is neither blind nor an idiot, so he knows that, in the world of tit for tat, he needs to send a very clear message to Laurent that he doesn’t get to touch Neil Josten without consequences. So imagine, Damen is a striker and he’s going for the goal, he gets in really close and then suddenly he’s on his back because Andrew’s racket just so happened to clip his shoulder as he blocked (dunno how that works on a physical level, lets just pretend science doesnt exist). Laurent gets the message loud and clear: touch what’s mine, and i’ll break what’s yours. Boyfriends Neil and Damen are both incredibly confused and entirely oblivious.

Andrew is almost intrigued by Laurent, and i imagine that’s what constitutes half of his interest in interacting with him at all. He’s pretty and fit and obviously a talented player, but he has such a cold and apathetic exterior, and he doesn’t let anyone close but his brute of a boyfriend. He doesn’t have a past, not officially, he’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a determination to see Andrew defeated.

Laurent just wants to win. if you ask him, Andrew Minyard started it. (No one gets to knock Damen on his ass but Laurent, thanks)

It escalates from there. Every match they play they always fight to win. Neither of them drag Neil or Damen into the crossfire, the consequences no doubt implicit, but that doesn’t stop them from going at it like hell cats. As goalies, they’re ridiculously unstoppable.

They get asked about their apparent venomous rivalry in the press (subtlety is not something either of them know how to do, it’s very obvious they have it out for each other) and neither of them shy away from admitting dislike of the other and determination to beat them. It’s a ridiculous situation that spirals into what essentially becomes a war between them, a war to be better, stronger, and win against the other.

Then, they go professional and end up on the same team.

It’s tense at first, everyone gives them a ten-foot berth whenever they’re in the same room, and though they don’t talk or acknowledge each other the tension is fuckin palpable everytime they’re in each other’s vicinity. i’m a little fuzzy on the details after that, but i think forced proximity via away matches when they have to share a hotel and the fact that their boyfriends would probably get along, probably forces them to act civilly towards each other. Then, i like to imagine Andrew drags Laurent to Eden, determined to get him drunk and find out more about him (specifically whether he poses anything more than a superficial threat) and somehow, somewhere, the two of them start bonding? Like, Andrew is actually very smart and he studied law like Laurent, so they have some decently intelligent conversations. And Laurent appreciates his bluntness and lack of care for literally everything, he almost kind of admires it. Andrew thinks Laurent is essentially harmless, but he can be deadly dangerous if he wants to be, just like Andrew, and Andrew kind of respects that. There would be things that would endear them to each other, i think, beyond the blatantly obvious similarities they share, and i think once they get past their antagonistic and caustic natures they might actually see eye to eye more than they might think.

Essentially, i don’t think they’d ever be best mates, but given the right situation and context, i can definitely see them becoming somewhat allies. Then again, given a different situation and context, they could be arch nemesis too.

like if you have facial hair that bad that clearly didnt happen naturally just fix it, you went out of your way to look like a steampunk bartender like, on purpose. for other people to see you in your daily life. why would you do that to yourself as an adult person who should know better. but on the other hand if you’re the type of person who unironically blogs to the entire world that you want a human pet you dont have good judgement anyway


If you go on a Mental Illness side blog, do NOT judge their character/person based on what they may or may not post! A lot of these blogs are vent blogs, and they use them to out negative emotions. It’s their safe space.

Do not judge somebody based on a blog they run, especially if it’s a blog where they use as an outlet. Everything they post isn’t all what or who they are. 

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im an artist on a games development degree course and i shit you not (an i dont mean to be overly judgemental here) there is not a single conventionally attractive person out of the 300+ that take it and id make a bet that over half are sweaty and have a half assed beard

The Chad (his literal name) that made cuphead stole their looks and confined them into his singular persona

time to jack off drink booze and whinge about nazis

did i mention i smoke weed and hate capitalism

yes i still live my parents at 25 years of age, so? dont be so fucking judgemental you stupid fucking inbred hick cunt i hope you drown in a hurricane

Who else is always scared to talk about how they feel with anyone because they dont want to hear their judgements on what you did wrong

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So I had sex for the first time the other night and the guy I was with made a comment about how dark my pussy lips are compared to my pale body. It didn’t bother me at first but later on, he kept saying I didn’t look like the other girls he’s been with down there. And it started to really hurt my feelings. I know this is bad but I also don’t know this guy too well, which is dumb but I got caught up in the moment and now I’m really scared to have sex again with anyone bc I feel gross and ugly

that guy is an asshole!! pussies come in gradients n variations n any mature n knowledgeable guy would know that. u don’t need that kind of criticism in ur life, u dont need that judgement, n u dont need to give any of ur time or energies to a person like that. he just sounds plain dumb. ur not gross or ugly.