Enough with blaming others on being heartless and selfish…Remember one thing- when you give love you get love…May be that person found only pain, hatred and insults…May be that person has nothing left to give you except the pain within…Dont be judgemental…You never know when the tables turn and you become that person…It is easy to point finger at others rather than have it pointed at you…
—  #HiddenOne
Steve x Bucky: Air Travel

in which the ending to civil war never happened and my two favourite gays calmly left Russia on a plane together

this really has no plot b warned it’s just fluff

Steve nodded in reassurance with an encouraging smile, lacing his fingers between Bucky’s. His boyfriend’s grip was tight, their hands pressed on the armrest between them. Steve squeezed Bucky’s hand back, leaning over to murmur words of comfort in his ear, after which Bucky’s knuckles became less white. Bucky leaned back in the seat, closing his eyes as the plane hurtled up to cruising altitude. 

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TAKE THEM!! Ive done a lot of art and havent uploaded ANY of it so here. **Hands you a stack of art**

Altertale! Judge — Altertale by @friisans
Snazzy Code — Code!Sans by @c0de-sans
Ninjatore’s Error!Sans — Error by @loverofpiggies​ at @askerrorsans​ played by @ninjatore​ 
And CPAU! Judge – seriously judge…what are you doing…you arent even really a sans…why are you there? —CPAU by @loverofpiggies


If you go on a Mental Illness side blog, do NOT judge their character/person based on what they may or may not post! A lot of these blogs are vent blogs, and they use them to out negative emotions. It’s their safe space.

Do not judge somebody based on a blog they run, especially if it’s a blog where they use as an outlet. Everything they post isn’t all what or who they are. 

anonymous asked:

hey, the dragon maid anime doesnt fetishize lesbians. yeah there are sexual elements like the d-cup running joke but non of it has to do with the lesbians themselves. kobayashi and tohru (the main characters) are both portrayed as lesbians who love each other, tohru infatuated and kobayashi just starting to find herself. it shows them growing together, not anything sexual or unnecessary. please dont pass judgement on things u dont know much about

not only do i not care about anime discourse i made that post weeks ago also even if it doesnt that wasnt really the point of the post just that i dont like boys kinsieing lesbians