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one piece characters as things my friends have said

sabo: kids will whip to anything these days

usopp: *watches a goalie make an incredible save during a soccer game* CAN YOU SAVE MY GRADES LIKE THAT

ace: genuine question is cereal technically categorized as soup

luffy: *watching a sandwich being made* this is better than the miracle of childbirth

zoro: yo i just woke up from the FATTEST nap this world has ever seen

shanks: look, if you want to succeed as much as you want to pee, you can do anything in life

buggy: my favorite band is the Beatles, pronounced “beat lees”

franky: i know im american but there is no doubt in my mind that america is the 9th circle of hell

doflamingo: anyone who thinks katy perry has a better fashion sense than me is about to be a sorry son of a bitch

brook: no one can hit a dab harder than the elderly

sanji: i don’t trust anyone who looks like their brows are painted on. like me, for instance

law: im only dead on the outside. on the inside i just wonder why no one has a fucking problem with the fact that squidward walks around with no pants all the time


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