Live reaction to Doctor who's 'The Stolen Earth'

And here we are. The beginning of the end.

Its interesting that Ten assumes that whatever Bad Wolf thing was going to happen, it was going to be in 2009 London.

Ahh. Should have watched it on Saturday. Fridays are good Too.

A milkman! I have a similar thing over here, but with the water cooler type of cars.

Not really. That whole hybrid prophecy, could probably be about Rose and Ten.

Hello Martha Jones!

Hello Ianto Jones! Oh, and the rest of Torchwood. Weren’t there more locations? I know that Torchwood India ended badly, but there has to be more.

Use the platform lift! That would have been a good time to show off to the Who Crowd!

Oh, Sarah Jane was in London the whole time! How come she didn’t interact with Ten more often then?

She looked outside!

Now that was an introduction! The lower budget version of the Avengers. Espeically in how one has to see a lot of episodes in order to get everyone’s backstory.

parks and rec tho

ok parks and rec right:

- has a dark-skinned, fat black woman as the sexy mysterious hottie of the office and it’s not about her “overcoming” anything or anything it’s just a thing, and she’s not “killing men with her sharp eyeliner” or being a bad person at the same time she’s just very confident and she also gets married without losing that (Donna)

- there’s a biracial latina who isn’t all spicy or fiery or remotely stereotypical at all but her heritage and culture aren’t ignored either and her plot line doesn’t center around that (April)

- has a gay guy but there’s no coming out scene or no big stink about it, it just kinda ends up coming up, and he isn’t stereotyped, nor does his story revolve around that (Craig)

- has a depiction of depression that isn’t traditional or stereotypical, especially because the character that gets it is so positive, and shows the character dealing in a healthy way and overcoming it and he’s not reduced to his mental illness and you can see that he is more than that (Chris)

- has an Indian character who deals with racism but is also allowed to be a complete multi-dimensional character with recognizable experiences and qualities separate from that, and also who ends up owning a successful business (Tom)

- there are modern native americans interacting with the people who took their land generations later and exposes some of their issues (Ken Hotate and the Wamapoke)

- shows the bad side of government and the realistic racism, sexism, bureaucracy, etc. that goes on but it also has good hearted candidates who show what good people can do when we believe in them and vote for them (Leslie)

- so much other stuff

in conclusion: parks and rec