Wild Kratts Soul Mate AU where you have a clock on your wrist that starts counting down the moment you’re born and stops at 0 the moment you meet your soulmate.

  • Martin’s has been at 0 since as long as he can remember. He was apparently very small when his clock ran out and no one noticed who he was talking to when it happened.
  • Jimmy’s is still counting, strong and sure. Jimmy never looks at his clock- he doesn’t think he’ll need a timer to tell him when he’ll meet his soulmate, hes sure he’ll find them on his own
  • .Kokis is still counting down, but she doesn’t bother waiting. She still goes on dates and has a nice time- shes going to marry someone that’s not her soulmate. It’s not uncommon, especially since her clock still has 60 years left.
  • Not everyone ends up with their soulmate. Sometimes, someone may be your soulmate, but you’re not theirs. Chris’s clock hit 0 when he met Aviva, hers still has 3 years left.
  • Zachs clock was at 0 the moment he was born. He never had a count down to begin with.
  • Gourmands countdown ended on a blind date, and her countdown stopped too. They parted ways, and she never called him back. She knew what he was.
  • Donitas countdown stopped when she hired Dabio. Sometimes soulmates aren’t romantic. Dabio is like her brother.
  • Dabio and Rex’s countdowns stopped at the exact same time, the moment they saw each other.
  • Paisleys counter stopped at 4 months before she met her soulmate and never moved again. No one knows for sure why that happens- but some theorize it’s because something went wrong, that the universe got off track. Some say it’s because your soulmate died.

I just saw the Wild Kratts Christmas special. I can’t believe those three would do that even during the Holidays, therefore proving Batman right about crime never taking a vacation! And I still can’t believe that these two ass holes

share the same voice actor with someone as sweet and innocent as this guy.

(Ignore the girl, she’s not who I’m talking about.)

I wish I could ask the writers of Wild Kratts to write some climactic episode with Zack, Gormound, and Donita finally meeting their permanent end. I just don’t know what to do with them. Seriously, if I ever hear the words “Wild Rats” (and Zack, I know you’re reading this), I will find you, I will kill you, I will come at you with the entire Underworld army at my disposal. You will have an inter species war on your hands. YOU HEAR ME, YOU FUCK!

… Happy Holidays.


Throwback Thursday to last year’s “Under Frozen Pond”! Love this episode! Can’t wait to see the new winter themed episode “A Creature Christmas” tomorrow! Happy holidays everyone! :D