Choose your own ending: Hyung Line edition

Scenario: youโ€™re at a frat party when you are given three options for your night. But who will you choose: Sunggyu, Dongwoo or Woohyun? Itโ€™s up to you!

You really, really hated these stupid frat parties that your friend always dragged you to. You werenโ€™t even in any sorority and this party lifestyle they all seemed to have irritated you no end. You honestly felt like youโ€™d be much, much happier staying in and watching some crappy TV alone in your dorm room. But unfortunately, youโ€™d been forced into attending yet another one.

One plus side was that this just so happened to be a party at the frat house one of your friends had joined and it meant you could hang out with him for a bit. It had been way too long since youโ€™d seen Woohyun, and once you arrived you set it as your mission to track him down as soon as possible and scam a drink from him.

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Sunshine of Each Boy Group
  • BTS:J-Hope
  • Got7:Youngjae
  • EXO:Chanyeol
  • Seventeen:DK
  • Day6:Wonpil
  • Infinite:Dongwoo
  • BIGBANG:Daesung
  • Winner:Jinwoo
  • VIXX:Ken
  • Monsta X:Minhyuk
  • SHINee:Onew
  • Topp Dogg:Hansol
  • KNK:Seungjun
  • Astro:All of them are sunshines bless.
  • Block B:N/A, they are all sinners, probs going to hell.