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Pann: An idol group leader’s mentality

Minwoo had to pay off a huge amount of debt due to personal issues. He didn’t know how he’d pay it off.

On Minwoo’s birthday, Eric followed Minwoo to the bathroom and hugged him. Eric said,“Minbong-ah, this is your birthday present.”

The members had gifted him a big amount of money for his debt. After Eric left the bathroom, Minwoo held the wall and cried. He thought,“I’ve met such good people…”

Eric says he doesn’t actually remember the scene

When Eric was dominating CFs, he called the members to his house and gave them bonus money.


1. [+154, -2] There’s a reason why a group is lasting long

2. [+138, -2] He’s the leader but he was never bossy. He was always supporting Shinhwa from the back since debut. He made a company of their names and he’s the rep. He must be pressured but he always puts Shinhwa first. I’m always thankful that Eric oppa is Shinhwa’s leader. Let’s be together forever! Shinhwa <3

3. [+128, -4] When Eric was on his peak, he dominated CFs with Lee Hyori. Eric was controversial many times because of his religion but he’s such a good person. It’s amazing how Shinhwa is still here until today ^^ The fans are amazing, too ^^

4. [+84, -0] I’m non-fan but what makes me sad is that Shinhwa is underrated. They’ve released 12 albums for 17 years without a member change. They’ve also been doing individual promotions like solo, dramas, and movies. And they’ve won 10 awards total. This is not easy… They’re not supported by a big company but their concerts are always sold out. When people say Shinhwa is not popular anymore, I ask them if their group can release 12 albums for 17 years without a member change. They’ve had many scandals but Shinhwa as singers is amazing

5. [+83, -0] When Shinhwa just left their company, Eric was a top celebrity. Eric dominated CFs and dramas. His pay was so high but he rejected all to protect Shinhwa. These days, idol leaders get many credits but Eric is the only one who acted on it

6. [+72, -0] When they were caught in copyright violations after leaving SM, Eric worked with lawyers in suit to protect Shinhwa ㅠㅠ He’s such a cool leader. He’s not showing off or anything so he’s more likable

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Alright, let’s add more to what Eric has done for Shinhwa.  When Shinhwa’s contract with SM Ent ended, this happened: he got high contract offers that “honestly, other would think about this offer for a month, but Eric rejected them immediately” (Dongwan).  Eric knew what is more important to him. He sees things far ahead.

That was waaaay back then.  Fast forward to another milestone for Shinhwa.  Eric got Shinhwa together and form a company of their own in order to keep their promise with the fans before they went in military duty hiatus in 2008.

When Shinhwa members brought up Eric rejected very high solo offers to keep the group in tact, Eric replied with: “My choice wasn’t a sacrifice but it’s the best decision of my life”.  Can you be any more humble?

Despite being called “Shinhwa’s secret to longevity, the answer is leader Eric“, what Eric thinks of himself as a leader?  He remains humble, very humble.

For what he had done, Eric never thinks highly of himself or thinks what he did was extraordinary than some one else. He does what it feels right to him.  And for that, we think you’re even more AWESOME.  Be it Shinhwa’s Leader or Mun Jung Hyuk, he stays a very humble person as well as a man of characters.

Wrap this up with a quote from Minwoo:

"Eric isn’t a leader for nothing. His role as the eldest isn’t easy. Instead of standing in front, he has the kind of leadership where he takes care of things by the side. That is what made Shinhwa now”  - Lee Minwoo

Leader Eric will always be Shinhwa’s reliable base.

Eric Mun, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin, Andy Lee, forever SHINHWA, no matter what :)

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