A random thought that spark from the insults

When the day Shinhwa needs a stretcher really comes (maybe decades down the road), we’ll still be there for them. But I am wondering will the fans that are insulting us now stick to their band for 5 years?

Or worse… Will their band even be around after 5 years =O

Oh well… What have SHCJ not seen for the past 17 years?

Sticking with Shinhwa through all ups and downs over the years is the thing we take most pride in. Not the trophies (those are some nice extras to have) . If you really want to beat us, try doing what we did for Shinhwa for your band. By the 15 year mark you will earn our respect.

So… I was watching Shinhwa’s portion of Midnight TV Entertainment (I think that’s what it’s called) and I had to pause the video because I thought it was a girl who had her arms around Dongwan oppa… I was like OH SNAP, DOES OPPAYAM HAVE A GF?!? But.. It ended up being Hyesung oppa… LOL. Look at him, having his arms so naturally around Wannie oppa >////<


[Credit to Dailymotion video owner: http://www.ikoreantv.com/board.php?board=viewlik3&command=body&no=8577]

[Screen capture by glow4syung]


This change part ver is nicer and funnier ! ^^