Donbass rebels’ Commander “Givi” was assassinated this morning. 

“In my battalion all fighters see the current conflict as a continuation of the war against the fascists of 1941-45. My granddad went through that war from Brest to Berlin; another one was severely wounded near Rostov. I will never let their names be dragged through the mud”, he said about his motivation. 

He was loved by the rebels as a charismatic commander and strongly hated by Ukrainian soldiers for numerous humiliations of the Ukrainian nationalists.

Via Dmytriy Kovalevich


May Day 2017 - Red March in Moscow

The United Communist Party of Russia (OKP), New Communist Movement, ROT Front and other supporters of the communist left welcomed a delegation of the Aurora communist women’s collective of Donetsk. After a march through the Russian capital, a rally was held at the Monument to Heroes of the 1905 Revolution.

Photos: OKP


From a little on going series made on the road in (mainly) east Ukraine. Because I almost never have money for drivers I spend a lot of time on busses which are cheap, slow, freezing cold and uncomfortable, and to overcome this I like to take pictures of the world going by. I did this for years, from trains, taxis or buses, mainly for myself to help me find locations later via Google Earth etc, but it became a bit of an obsession. Every window is either tinted, frozen, steamed up or dirty giving a soft painterly effect and strange colours. They are a collection of random, everyday moments inside a ‘conflict zone’. I like them because they are ‘bad’ pictures. They are not pretty - there is almost no control over composition, light, angle etc, but I feel like these fleeting moments reveal something about the time and place they were made. I have hundreds of these…