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Have the kids ever broken any bones? I could just imagine the parents reaction walking up to their parents with their arm bending a funny way. {That's what happened to my little cousin. I passed out XD}

Donnie: Oh I have thought of that, if something like that happens to the kids, but I already took measures for that.

Leo: Donnie, don’t you think that’s a bit too much?

Donnie: I’m their mother, I know what’s best for them.

I needed to draw super cute, bright and colorful fluff. I love B-team, they are my favorites because I’m a lot like Donnie and I’d be best friends with Mikey X3 I wish they got along more in the show. Seems like Donnie is always getting mad at Mikey ;w; And omg Sun Flowers, I really should draw flowers more.

Drawn with copic/sharpies. Edited in photoshop.

anonymous asked:

Donnie those early contractions, might the baby come early?

Donnie: I don’t know, that’s why we went with Rockwell to figure out what was going on exactly…but what we heard is something I wasn’t aware of.

Donnie: I love Leo’s determination towards me and the baby, and I’m glad for their help. Even if it was a bit late to figure out, I’m glad he did, better late than never.