IT Movie Fan Cast // The (older) Losers Club

Beverly Marsh // Katherine McNamara
Mike Hanlon // Donald Glover
Stanley Uris // Jesse Eisenberg
Ben Hanscom // Chris Pratt
Eddie Kaspbrak // Ian Harding

Bill Denbrough // Dane Dehaan
Richie Tozer // Ezra Miller

DISCLAIMER: This a personal fan cast that I have made. You by no means have to agree with the actors/actress that I put alongside these characters. If you don’t agree, that’s cool. Whatever. But like, you don’t have to be rude about it, thanks<3

Things I loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming:

-Peters video diary opening during Civil War.
-The soundtrack
-Literally anything Ned said or did.
-Peter saving the cat from the fire too.
-The cheesy videos Cap had to make for detention and gym class.
-“Yeah he’s kind of a war criminal now, but the video is state required.”
-Tony on screen is always a good thing.
-Spidey trying to use web shooters in the suburbs.
- “No thanks, I don’t want to celebrate something built by slaves.”
-Marisa Tomei as Aunt May
-the diversity was pretty nice
-Him naming the suit lady Karen
-“Yeah Spider-man!”
-“Yeah Iron-man!”
-“If you really cared you would actually be here!” *Tony steps out of suit*
-The ‘I survive NYC’ shirt with hello kitty pj pants. -Michelle drawing people in distress.
-Peter during all the hoco pictures
-“I’m watching…. uh… porn?”
-Ned when he used the web shooter and saved peter.
-Tom Holland’s acting when the build collapsed on Peter.
-Peter not needing the fancy suit to still be a hero.
-“Actually, my friends call me MJ.”
-The bathroom scene with Happy and Peter.
-Possibly Pepper and Tony engagement??
-Aunt May in the end.