Don (2006) & Don 2 (2011) → Don & Roma

“It´s a very strange dynamic: On the one hand you have this character who has sworn revenge. Obviously she can´t kill him, now that she is the law enforcement agency. So she has to get him arrested. And on the other hand, somewhere because she had opened up her heart to this man and had fallen in love with him without realizing who he truly is. It´s difficult to just kind of close that door completely. […] And that´s what creates that incredible sort of love-hate kind of chemistry between Don and Roma.”

Farhan Akhtar & Priyanka Chopra

[30 days of Don: The Challenge
Day (2) “Your Favorite Couple

I guess this was also quite predictable. But what else did you expect, they are the “love story” of the movie. An extraordinary love story to be exact. And that’s what makes this couple so special. You really have to think about what kind of a relationship these two actually have. A combination of hatred, enmity and surprisingly - Love.

I thought Anita and Don were kinda cute sometimes, she was his official girlfriend after all. But I’m not really a fan of Isha Koppikar and they pretty much had no chemistry - at all. Lara aka Ayesha (or Aisha), Don’s girlfriend in the sequel (what happened to Anita though, lol) was not as awkward as Anita and I like Lara Dutta, but she does’t really have something to do with him besides carrying out jobs and maybe flirting. Unlike Roma. You all know what I’m trying to say, this couple is definitely the movie’s main couple. What I didn’t like about their “moments” in the sequel though is: there weren’t many of them. I know, she won’t be hanging out with him like she did in the first one and she’s mad at him anyway. But nevermind, they somehow made up for it during the climax. The thing is that many say she actually fell in love with “Vijay” and his pureness. Which makes sense at first (especially when you believe it’s Vijay instead of Don - which is the movie’s twist though). Think about it…- Don didn’t really know how Vijay acts like. All he knew about were those few informations concerning the plan he took out of that conversation with D'Silva (and maybe he also secretly witnessed some clumsy reactions or silly arguments of him). So Don basically acted like the nice version of himself, his own interpretation of being nice just to make everyone think you are someone else. In that case, still him. So Roman fell in love with the “Nice Don” because she knows the bad Don is her enemy. The one she wants to take revenge on. And that’s were all the complications started.

Her wasting the opportunity to shoot him speaks for itself. As much as the side of her, that hates him for murdering her brother and his fiancee, want to kill him and make him pay for his sins, she still probably didn’t want him to leave this world, because she maybe still hopes for that “Nice Don”, the one she fell in love with,  to return. And that’s exactly her problem, she doesn’t know which side is more dominant. He kept talking about wanting to be a free man and how he regrets doind all this and that he’s really sorry and stuff. Not sure if he really meant it (probably not, because he knew he was a step away from success), but he maybe said those things, because he knows what she wants to secretly hear or maybe to test her reaction or to just spend intimate moments with her. She obviously ignored it, because she won’t make the same mistake again to trust him. That’s an expected attitude. But not the truth. You could totally tell how she tried really hard to not fall for him again. Her stiff and serious gaze to show strength and to hide the weakness - for him, to not show her actual feelings. So she won’t get hurt again at the end of the day (see what I did there lol). And Don? I think he actually does care about her. They spend a lot of time toghether in the first movie, he knows her well and he really enjoys to irritate her with that “Juglee Billi” nickname and those “kinky comments”. They’re like those couples that try to show how much they hate each other, but it’s actually love. The way he described her as a “bad habit I can’t get rid off” means in other words, he shouldn’t be but he is - addicted to her.