I think one of my favourite things about redeemed!Kylo is the thought of him coming face-to-face with Hux.

Scruffy and feral Hux who’s still hurt from Kylo abandoning him, abandoning them.

Hux, who’s lost everything now that the First Order is in ruins, is almost growling as Kylo stands in front of him. He tries not to think of how his Ren has been replaced by this cowardly, false hero with Ren’s body, the body that Hux knows so well.

And Kylo is at peace with himself so he’s unnaturally calm in front of Hux, so opposite of what Hux’s Ren would be like, his eyes soft and his tone warm despite being able to sense the intense anger and hatred rolling off Hux in tsunami-like waves.

Hux calls him ‘Ben’, sneering at him as though the name is an insult and Kylo tries not to react, tries not to show how much Hux’s fury is hurting him.

Kylo promises Hux that he’ll be unharmed if he surrenders quietly, that he doesn’t want to cause Hux any more pain. And he means it.

But Hux won’t surrender, especially not to Ben Solo, the man who killed Kylo Ren and took everything from him.

This is Hux’s last stand.

And it’s against the man who he’s sold his heart and soul to.

OK may I just point out one thing:

Ash has all these people (and countless friends who are not in Kalos) rooting for him

While Alain has only her:

And it’s sad.

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     Elena looked at him, her mouth hanging open in shock just a little. How the hell was she supposed to leave? Her friends were here. Mystic Falls was what she knew. Sure, she could see the allure in getting away, starting over new, maybe. Some place where no one knew who they were. But she couldn’t just up and leave behind everyone else she cared about.

     “And you think our problems won’t follow us?!” she practically yelled. She didn’t know how to make Damon happy, and she desperately wanted to. She wanted to make this work. It was a different kind of attraction than what she had had with Stefan, and maybe it was because becoming a vampire had changed her. But Damon challenged her, and she liked that. As much as arguing was a pain in the ass, at least he didn’t just give in.

     She dropped her arms to her sides. “I don’t know how else to tell you that you’re not going to lose me. You’re being paranoid.”


Jo Koy’s “Ting Ting”: mild-mannered anecdote transforms into monstrous hulk of hilarity. 


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I think that if you look at Hillary's track record, you'll find that she is rather appalling as well. And it's funny that people really think that the plan for the wall will actually get through Senate, it would never be passed.

but really, you can’t compare hillary to trump.
trump is on a whole different level of appalling. 

the senate can’t do anything about trump completely destroying our foreign relations. the rich people would gain most of the benefits from his supposed plan to fix the economy and we would lose a lot of money from his plan. 

not only that, his plans for trade are indefinite and we’d be violating a number of trade agreements (resulting in worsening relations with other countries, saddling us with sanctions and retaliations from other organizations and countries, possibly endangering the economies of other countries, etc). 

under him, we would lose a significant amount of immigrant workers based on his plans of “deporting the immigrants.” we may not have a wall, but our workforce would be decimated and the amount of money spent to deport them would be unimaginable. (not to mention the massive number of shattered hopes and dreams)

god, i can’t even think about the atrocities that he would say and instigate towards poc, lgbtq+, women, etc. a fucking kkk leader endorsed him and trump refused to do anything about it three times. his campaign and his statements are fraught with disrespectful statements. 

although he may not be able to pass legislation involving those issues such as the wall, it certainly wouldn’t do anything to the rampant institutionalized racism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism still remaining in the united states. in fact, based on his campaign so far, i’d say that even more white supremacist / sexist / racist / homophobic / transphobic people would show up and attempt to make their hateful opinions heard.

either way, you really can’t convince me that trump is better than hillary. yes, you may not like hillary. however, do you really want trump with the presidency?? the answer is no and that’s final.
i’m afraid you won’t ever be able to convince me that trump is better.