The Little Girl with Bright Red Curls

She sits in a corner all alone, hair draping over her shoulders as she stares at her phone.
Crystal blue eyes as dark as the stormy skies brim with tears as she can’t control her fears.
Unavoidable pain shows with tears as small as rain, steaming down her cheeks.
She cries, “when will everything get better.” As she tries to pull herself together.
A little girl with bright red curls sees the girl sobbing, she can almost hear her heart throbbing.
“What’s wrong, is it anything that can be fixed with a song?”
A simple melody sprang from her lips, softly at first but it seemed to spread all the way through her body, including her finger tips.
“Hold on dear one, I know it’s hard, you just have to look at this as an open invitation to learn something new.”
The tears stopped falling as she heard what the little girl was calling. “Everything will get better and nothing lasts forever.”
The little girl with her bright red curls danced away and made her realize, there was always hope for another day.

-A. m.

We know all the kind words to say
We know what helps to heal the pain
We know cuddles help a rainy day
We know friendship helps to keep us all sane

Why do we not show ourselves the same
Compassion, instead of taunts that blame?

—  G.Lotus; You, And Me, And We

Jeffrey Marsh: “I know it’s hard sometimes, but you have got this. Don’t give up.”

(they/them pronouns)