Burning feathers, not an angel, Heaven’s closed , Hell’s sold out.
So I walk on the earth, behind the curtains, hidden from everyone,
until I find a new life to ruin again
. (x)


Faster Pussycat - don’t change that song

the a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e perfection


100 Day Song Challenge:  92. A song cover better than the original

I Kissed A Girl (covered by McFly)

I kissed a girl and I liked it,
the taste of her cherry chapstick.
I kissed a girl just to try it,
I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it.


Ok. So this was when I was into glam club music and performances and crazy get-ups. I bought this record on vinyl based on the cover alone (those were the days). I think it was 1986. Just a guess. So yeah, there’s that age thing again. And no, it’s not lost on me that the band looks prettier than the actual women in this video. 


I just love Brent’s creeperness in this video.

Faster Pussycat-Don’t Change That Song


Don’t Change On Me - The Zodiacs (Hey Rugh Nut / Don’t Change On Me, 1972)

The lovely art-changes tagged me to do the song-name tag and I’m finally doing it :)

T: Through The Dark – One Direction

E: (The) Energy Never Dies – The Script

S: Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON

S: Sparks – James Bay

A: Alles brennt – Johannes Oerding

I tag

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need you now.

Cecilia had been without Rowan for almost a month now. It was crazy to think that it had been so long since she could even talk to him. She missed the feeling of being in his arms, the way he always knew how to make her feel special, his kisses, how he made seeing suitors bearable by joking about them with her, and mostly just being able to know that she had the love of her life by her side. The thought brought new tears to her eyes. She was currently sitting in one of the clearing he had brought her to before the breakup. The worst part about all of it was that her original tears weren’t for him, even if the fresh ones were.

Her mom had been killed. She could still remember getting the news. The Queen had gone to visit her sister, whose kingdom was currently involved in a war and she had been on her way home when her carriage had been attacked. There had been no survivors.

The news devastated Cecilia, especially when they told her that she needed to plan the funeral. It had only been a week since her mother’s death but the wounds were still raw. Normally, her father would have planned it but since they knew who was behind the attack, they were planning to go to war. Cecilia had to sit in on all the war councils and then afterwards she had to work on planning her mother’s funeral. She never even had time to grieve. This was her first chance to actually be alone. She would go back to being busy tomorrow, she needed to get in contact with all her suitors and see who would be willing to help her kingdom with the oncoming war. Her father had told her to offer herself as a possible reward for helping but so far she was planning on offering her ladies. It was horrible but she still couldn’t bring herself to let another man have her. There was only one man who owned her heart. 

Earlier that morning she had asked one of her trusted ladies to deliver him a note asking him to meet her there. She had said that it was because she was going to meet with him about the food but that wasn’t true. If he had moved on in their time apart she could live with it but she couldn’t deal with the hole in her heart that he had left along with the new one that was caused by her mother’s death, she at least needed him to be her friend. He was a necessity in her life.

She couldn’t hold back a sob as she pulled her knees closer to her chest, she was sitting on the cloak she had worn for the walk here. Cecilia was wiping the tears away when she heard a noise. “I didn’t think you would come.” Her voice was weak and she couldn’t bring herself to look to see if it was actually him or if she was just hoping it would be.

{The Song of Danger} Closed RP -- berserktailx



A soft, melodic tune played

endlessly in Shirosaki’s ears, piquing his curiosity. It was
thrumming pleasantly in his brain ( the voice was practically
hypnotic ), creating a static feeling, hazing his moral sense &
starting to feel internally empty. Taking a deep breath, Shirosaki
drew closer to the source of the talented voice … Something
foreboding is bound to happen. Two perspectives about this
situation created the dragging of his feet against the ground
( someone snap him out of this! ), never stopping. 

                   It wasn’t long ( or it didn’t seem like it ) that he ended up in a
                   place unknown to him. Shirosaki’s trance was undone by his
                   growing anger, enough to control his own body & mind for
                   now. The haze dispersed and eyes darted back & forth to
                   scan for what he was searching for. Goddammit, the voice
                   was louder! The Hollow shook his head frantically, the
                   effects growing. Shirosaki’s palms were pressed to his
                   ears, making a protective barrier to the singing ( was
                   it going to pierce through it anyway? ). The tune was
                   minimal now … Was there someone here? 

                                      “Who the hell pulled me here?” Shirosaki wasn’t interested in
                                      singing, but this one was different. Frustration flew out of him
                                      like waves with his sporadic movements at any   o t h e r  
                                      s o u n d   b e s i d e s   t h e   s o n g . 

We can work this out together!
“I can’t control the curse!”
We’ll reverse the storm you’ve made!
“Anna, please, you’ll only make it worse!”
Don’t panic!
“There’s so much fear!”
We’ll make the sun shine bright!
“You’re not safe here!”
We can face this thing together!
We can change this winter weather!
“I I I I I I I…”
And everything will be all right…
“I CAN’T!”
—  Frozen