Omg, Brain. Stop. You’ve already given me all these ideas for fics that you then won’t even let me write without massive delay and teeth gnashing and now you keep bugging me about a villain amnesia trope fic with Loki that you want to turn into a Loki/Darcy/Steve poly ship with Bucky/Sharon on the side? What even is that? There are no ship names for either of those things because NO ONE HAS ASKED FOR THEM.



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I found out from my sister that my friend in primary school (whom I lost contact with when we entered high school) had an accident and he’s now paralyzed. Surprised, I prodded for further details but she only looked at me and said, “This is your friend. You should know better than me?”

Told her that I don’t keep in touch with people I know from high school, let alone primary school. I am the absolute worse when it comes to reaching out and contacting people. It’s not that I’m a snob, but I just don’t know how? I keep thinking that it would be weird to just call and ask how he’s doing. I wasn’t friends with him on Facebook either so I didn’t think that it’s that big of a deal because clearly ties were severed and we’ve gone different paths. We’re not friends in high school, and we weren’t close in primary school either but he was a friend because we’re in the same class together.

Normally, I don’t bother. I usually just pray that he’ll show improvements in physio, and that he will get well soon. But the my sister had to remind me about her friend who died of cancer. My sister wasn’t in contact with him after primary school too, and they weren’t friends in high school. Exactly like me and this friend of mine. But my sister was devastated when he died, and she said that it was the worst regret she ever felt. It didn’t matter that they weren’t close, but she said it’s the worst feeling, not getting to say goodbye.

I really don’t know what to do.

I’m really worried, because, well…thing is, I use a LOT of royalty free soundfonts, plugins, and samples when I make my music. The problem? I can’t even remember where half the stuff I use even came from, so I have no clue which ones ask me to credit the maker, or even WHO the maker is most of the time!

This worries me a lot, because even though I don’t really plan on going commercial or whatever (though I would love to put together an album and sell it online someday), I still fear that not being able to properly credit all of that stuff I use will land me in big trouble…