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@ anyone thinking about talking shit about hollence that will validate your ship by making the hollence shippers feel bad here’s a tutorial for you

Step 1: type out your post

Step 2: save as a draft

step 3: go to your drafts

step 4: click on the little gear on the post {no, not the post button, the gear}

step 5: click delete

step 6: click ok

step 7: sit back and bask in the fact that you decided not to be part of the embarrassing side of your fandom whose posts add nothing to the discussion other than validating your ship at the cost of making other people who are doing their own thing angry/sad/upset 

I wanna make a campaign called “I wish Sophie Hunter had married me instead of that Bananas & Cucumbers guy”



To all my fellow rucas shippers, I know we all have seen the Q&A on Twitter and all I wanna say is that we shouldn’t give up, no matter what happens. If you really believe in them, just like Riley believes in Pluto, don’t ever give up. Things happen for a reason but I know rucas is gonna happen. I know it will. It can’t completely end. I know it won’t. Just don’t toss the towel just yet. Hold on to it for a while longer.

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"He knows he's [Barry] is everything wants in a guy." I wonder if Oliver still feels this in his gut sometimes, even after season 3. Both Ray and Barry have been pretty polarizing to Oliver. I would call them contrasting more than a parallel (no matter what the writers said about ray in season 3). Coupled with Oliver's self worth issues, I can't help but think that's something he thinks about.

The part of me that loves conflict and contrasting issues and parallels says, “Yes!” because it highlights what’s so great about Olicity - they aren’t the same. In many ways, they are quite different, even fundamentally so.

And that’s what makes a good damn OTP, in my opinion.

In many ways they are quite opposite, and this is one of them: Oliver won’t ever be able to talk about tech/science/etc. the way she does/did with Barry and Ray. Let’s say Oliver is super into sports (when he’s not, you know, saving the city) - let’s say he’s Amell-level into sports. I can’t see Felicity wanting to spend four hours talking about his teams with the passion she does about her tech. And then they see the other person talking about that thing with someone who gets it, it’s natural to feel like you’re lacking in something - that’s human nature, to a degree (especially when you are starting to get into a serious relationship, and you find out you’re not able to meet certain things with the other person).

So yes, to answer your question, I imagine Oliver does think that…


I don’t think it will bother Oliver nearly as much as it did when he didn’t have Felicity. Now that he’s with her, now that he’s got her finally and they are in love and happy and building something, he’ll appreciate that part of her vs. seeing it as something he can’t achieve, something he can’t be to be better for her. 

Now that he’s with her, when he sees her geeking out with Barry, he’ll simply sit back and smile, because that’s his girl, being her beautiful self, and that will make him so happy.

I do agree with you about Ray vs. Oliver in Season 3, it definitely came off as more of a contrasting relationship (sort of like what we’ll get with Oliver’s past love in the flashbacks for Season 4), and same with Barry. It highlighted why Olicity works rather than giving us another love interest option for Felicity.

Their Love Don’t Cost a Thing!! i think spending some time here sharing posts happily with everyone is the cutest thing ever.. no matter what happen will never forget those moments..just wanna hug everyone who shares the same Love,feelings about super junior in time nobody in my real life knows anythin’ about THEM ..what a lost..well i believe that super junior is the best thing happened to me (along with the great things in real life)super junior are the ones that never hurts me i always feel happy just by watchin’ them and tracking them daily…never gets bored of’s a job for my towards them for giving me wide smile in my face..i awe them most of my happy times..(Love you since 2005)

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Tell us about ur kiddos, my friendly genies B)

Thundurus: …I suppose your right…

Stanford: It’ll be fine! They all wanna know anyway, Honda.

Thundurus: Wait, what?

Thundurus: Why’s everyone so interested in our kids?!

Stanford: We must give the audience what they want!

Thundurus: I…wow. Sighs. Very well.

Stanford: Their names are Alaraph and VW! Or, Al and Bug. Bug’s four. Al’s off doing her own thing! …maybe we should visit them…both!

Drowzee: W-w-wait what?!

Stanford: I’ve decided!! We’re going to go visit Alaraph and VW!

If you life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? Put your music on shuffle and don’t skip a song!

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by their taste in music. Hit shuffle on your iPod, music player or whatever and write down the first 20 songs on your playlist. No skipping, then tag 20 people.

I got tagged by several people about music shuffles, so I’ll just combine them all together. I was tagged by strawberryishness (ty Max!!), luiskaimanly (ty Lu!!), and krismemore (ty Niko!!).

So, here are twenty songs:D

  1. “The Flower Duet” Charlotte Church
  2. “Cassiopeia” Sara Bareilles
  3. “Simple Song” Miley Cyrus”
  4. “I Need U” BTS
  5. “Secrets” OneRepublic
  6. “The Driveway” Miley Cyrus
  7. “Treasure” Bruno Mars
  8. “Iingatan Ka” Carol Banawa
  9. “Alone Again (Naturally)” Gilbert O’Sullivan
  10. “Feel This Moment” Christina Aguilera; Pitbull
  11. “The Boys” Girls Generation
  12. “You Picked Me” Fine Frenzy
  13. “Nowhere Man” The Beatles
  14. “Sunday Morning” Maroon 5
  15. “Exodus” EXO
  16. “Somebody That I Used to Know” Gotye; Kimbra
  17. “Bottle It Up” Sara Bareilles
  18. “First Love” EXO
  19. “Hurt” EXO
  20. “Here, There, and Everywhere” Paul McCartney

…^-^ Yup! So, that’s it. My playlist is a little all-over the place 😅 Some of these songs are old/I haven’t listened to them for a while all the nonkpop ones T-T

I tag: adoringdo (I know Max already tagged you but I’ll tag you anyway:D) , nightynargles , real-pcbye , kkaebsongchanyeol , ohya-kkaebsong , kaisoos-noodles , parkoyeolo , blondejonginnie , lycheepeaches , bin-soo , oh-my-junmyeon , kyungsuebaek , aubco27 , pamyungsoo , wuyaoifan , exochickenmania , oh-sehuns-ass , bubbletae-chanbae , aesthetic-kitkat , and exohasaholdonme

now pls excuse me my arms and hands hurt from all the tagging

About me?

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Thanks for the tag! <3 <3 <3 <3​

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2. Answer the questions/tasks and then tag 20 people. Let them know they have been tagged.


1. How tall are you?

Like 164. ;-; I wanna keep growing to 170 but I think I’ve stopped :(

2. What style and color is your hair?

Very very very very dark brown since I don’t think black is a colour plus, under the sun my hair is brown? xDD and just past shoulder length, it used to be longer but I cut off like 30cms like whyyyy

3. What color are your eyes?

Really dark brown

4. Do you wear glasses/contacts

Nah although I think I need to soon if I stay up on tumblr until 12 everyday.

5. Do you wear braces?

Perfect teeth baby

6. What is your fashion style?

Idk. I like cute af clothes but I don’t fit it. I’m so mad come at me cute clothes. I’d wear crop tops but idk it feels weird? So normally its just a tee with jacket or jumper depends on temperature and tights or skinny jeans if I feel like it.

7. What is your full name?

Uh, lets skip this question yeah?

8. When were you born?

This too xD

9. How old are you?
15 man

10. Where are you from/live now?

Born and made in China. I’m in Australia now. Down under

11. Do you have siblings?

Yup, 2. Young. Like seriously young. I’m like a grandma next to them. I’ve been mistaken for their mum once like bitch please.

12. What school/college do you go to?


13. What kind of student are you?

I guess quiet? I don’t really like to voice my opinion because people in my class are very attacking. Like calm down mate.

14. Do you even like school?

Yeah sure, if there wasn’t assignments or assessments. I love how the word ‘even’ just changes the whole tone of the question. Do you even like school? Like bitch I know you don’t so don’t say you do. Cus school is for the weak. Nah just kidding. We’d all be dumb.

15. What are your favorite school subject?

Commerce. And music but its such a bludge lesson so its pretty boring. Sometimes geography too but eh.

16. What are your favorite shows?

Hahaha my siblings watch TV like 24/7.

17. What are your favorite movies?

Quite a few Western Movies but in K-Movies Miracles in Cell No.7. I died a bit. The feels were real.

18. What are your favorite books?

Heaps and heaps and heaps. But I rarely read now. There’s a series called House of Night and gosh it is so bae. Like sometimes they have explicit scenes and I just like can’t. 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t bad though the poon bits were nice I guess? ;)

19. What is your favorite past time?

Lmao really? Changing my tumblr theme which I messed up completely last night and now its so ugly I don’t even want to talk about it. But writing, hanging out with friends except they all live so far away from me. Cries.

20. Do you have any regrets?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes. Don’t even ask me.

21. What is your dream job?

I have no idea at all. I guess a hotel manager atm. It used to be a nurse or teacher and way back it was a detective. Hell yeah.

22. Would you like to get married and where?

Sure thing. I don’t really mind. I’ll know the place when I see it?

23. Would you like to have kids one day?

Yeah why not.

24. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl or a tomboy?

I guess a regular girl?

25. Do you like shopping?

Hell yes. Where did the money go?

26. What countries have you visited so far?

China and a part of France. And when I say a part, its literally a part. Like a island lmao.

27. What is the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?

Quite a few actually. All my nightmares are scary to me but I rarely have any so its a relief. But I remember one from when I was young and I was stuck somewhere all dark and black and wherever I walked it was the same place like I don’t even know. But just let me say this, nightmares about something happening to people close to me, especially family, are the worst of the worst. Oh yeah, I also dreamt that I lost all my teeth once and I got so scared when I woke up.

28. Do you have enemies?

Nah. I love everyone. Well most people.

29. Who are your bestfriends?

I’ve got one and she’s awesome af. And no, I’m not saying her name, what if you steal her? ;3

30. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what are their names?
Hahahahaha I don’t. Wouldn’t it be quite a burden though. Like “omg, what do I wear?” “omg, does my breath stink like shit?” “omg, what the fuck do they want for their birthday?”

Put your phone on shuffle and write the first 10 songs without skipping!

I don’t have any English songs downloaded but I do like quite a few by Tove Lo and Pia Mia. You guys should check them out? And I’ve been too lazy to download new songs like BTS ITMFL, AOA Heart Attack and EXID Up and Down.

1. Mad Clown- Without You

2. Block B- Very Good

3. EXO- Christmas Day

4. Jay Park- Go

5. BTOB- Insane

6. GD X Taeyang- Good Boy

7. High 4- Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms

8. Supreme Team- Dang Dang Dang

9. BTS- Hormone War

10. AKMU- 200%

marshmallow-welfare itsjennienotjenny run-you-raggedy-man squishyfeelsprincess deargodlook thekpoptrashlife christylovesfob noir0neko song-that-im-singingve-e slaylayslay kawaiii-slut lady-of-dragons cutie-seokjin exo-lklutz

You guys don’t need to do this at all. Free will.

<3 I can’t be bothered counting but its not 20 but meh <3 if you guys have been tagged already, I’m super sorry XD you know you’re loved.

OH. The other week my mum was complaining about tattoo’s on someone so I was like.. arguing my point, ‘cause I like them (within reason of course, there are some horrific ones..) but she went apeshit when my sister got one and it’s made me terrified since..

but she essentially told me she’ll never like it or agree with me, but I can do what I want.. And the places I want them are relatively hidden away and not going to be thrown in her face all the time so it’s not too bad. 

Time to start planning/saving! 

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hiya there just wanna let you know that halsey is openly transphobic :(. so you might want to just be aware of that. and i know her music is good and i find them catchy too put i wouldnt promote her in your tags.

What are you for real???
Openly transphobic ????? Are you sure *sigh*
And I thought for a second that there might be jUST ONE celebrity that is an unproblematic faveeeee