Don't hug me I'm scared

Belated DHMIS analysis/theory

On June 19th, father’s day, Yellow Guy ran away from the house of his abusive father and stayed at his friends’ house. Sketchbook shows up - But they do not have any affiliation with Roy or the Teacher Machine at all. 

We already know Roy had no qualms with showing nudity in front of his son 

Not only is he browsing porn in front of his son, but there’s a picture of a naked lady on the wall. 

Keep in mind Yellow Guy is most likely a child. We also hear this little gem from him:

“Why are we in my dad’s house?” 


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Why do people not realise how potentially powerful Lamp is.

He can enter, roam, and manipulate dreams all he wants, which is the equivalent of him having full control over the subconscious mind.

He could easily find out the dearest hopes and worst fears of everyone, including the other teachers.

Lamp could force all the other teachers into submission towards him, or he could just take control of their own minds and basically brainwash them.

In a sense, Lamp is more powerful than Roy. Its even possible that Roy has been working under the influence of Lamp this whole time, including the other teachers.

Lamp could actually be the mastermind behind all of DHMIS, but hides it under the mask of a pitiful drunkard.

Can We Talk About How Backwards Fandoms Are?

Like, they’re the exact opposite of what the show/game/story is.

Steven Universe: About love in every way.

SU Fandom: Gets mad at people for shipping Pearl with a man.
UnderTale: About mercy and kindness.

UT Fandom: Wants to fuck the skeleton, has made edgy AUs, and fights SU Fandom about “Stronger Than You”.
Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared: Death everywhere and has a deeper meaning.

DHMIS Fandom: What if we put the clock in an oversized sweater? What if the computer had a cute tail? What if they were an adorable couple? What if we gave the notepad a flower crown? What if the steak was like a dad to his gang?
(Not trying to hate on the fandoms here)