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How do I get through a seemingly boring or uninteresting book? I'm required to read a really long book (Part I of Don Quixote) for English class over the summer, and I've been trying to read it for the past few weeks but I literally can't get past the first page. It just doesn't seem like the type of book I'd like, but I actually wanna read it and not SparkNotes it or anything, but it seems so hard!

I mean sometimes you just need to push through things that aren’t your deal because they’re required. If you can find even little things in there to keep going, you can get through the less cool stuff.

But I want to tell you a few things about Don Quixote that I find pretty rad. The first thing is that Don Quixote is essentially the anti-novel before the novel was even a thing. It’s what came immediately before what we now consider the novel and without Don Quixote, we wouldn’t have any novels, no classics like Austen and Dickens and no Harry Potter, either.

The really cool thing about Quixote, though? It’s basically all a super intense fanfic. The main character gets so obsessed with knight stories that he makes one up and inserts himself as the hero. Then he cosplays that hero. And his imagination kind of runs away without him until he’s fighting windmills. 

The term “tilting at windmills” and the word “quixotic” both come from this novel that’s not a novel which is really a fanfiction (but not the first one). I don’t know if that helps you or not, but you asked an English major turned librarian about a book and this is what happens. My advice to you is to actually not take this book seriously because glob knows the author didn’t.

The signs as ballets
  • Aries:Don Quixote
  • Taurus:The Sleeping Beauty
  • Gemini:Coppélia
  • Cancer:Raymonda
  • Leo:Nutcracker
  • Virgo:La Bayadére
  • Libra:Swan Lake
  • Scorpio:Manon
  • Sagittarius:Le Corsaire
  • Capricorn:Les Sylphides
  • Aquarius:Giselle
  • Pisces:Romeo and Juliet