Don Giovanni Showcase


A quick vid I shot of Laura Stevenson and The Cans performing @ the Don Giovanni Showcase on 2/12/11 at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, BK

I never heard this group before, but honestly her voice is just SO lovely live.


Okay guys, sorry for the crazy delay, I’ve been completely swamped with shoots/editing/work! But I definitely want to talk about the Don Giovanni Showcase.

Byrds of Paradise kicked it off. 

I gotta say, they were pretty entertaining and the crowd seemed to have fun dancing along to them. There was also a man wearing a giant foamy cowboy hat who appeared to be their biggest fan. If your fans wear huge foamy cowboy hats, then you’re damn okay with me.

Next up was Lemuria

Don’t let this girl fool you. She may look sweet and sound sweet, but hand her a guitar and see what happens.

They were definitely a good warm up to Shellshag.

This band was absolutely wild. Such a GREAT live performance. They share one octogon-ish shaped amp that they built. Their set consisted of stacking drums, spitting water onto the skins to make little fountain explosions with each hit, wearing bells everywhere in order to maintain a beat while dancing, and rolling around the floor. I fucking loved it.

I got a great, sweaty hug in the end as well.

When Laura Stevenson and the Cans came on, all I could do was watch and listen at first. That girl’s voice live could make me cry. They remind me of a softer version of Eisley in a way.

And last, but certainly not least, were the Screaming Females. Holy shiiiat. The lead singer, Marissa, may be the most punk rock person I have ever seen. (Sorry boys). This seemingly small girl with thick bangs in her face, black tights, black flats, a black babydoll-esque dress, and a serious expression calmly walks onto the stage. But all of a sudden she picks up a guitar and it’s like someone gave her an electric shock, she came to life. And yeah, she can ACTUALLY play. The crowd was going fucking crazy. I couldn’t breathe from being pressed against the stage at some points, but I managed to get a few shots! I’d definitely want to see them again.

I took about a million other photos, you can see them all HERE.
I took about a million other photos, you can see them all HERE.
I took about a million other photos, you can see them all HERE.