Like most rookies, Domi says he doesn’t read about himself or watch highlights. No first-year player will admit they watch their highlights on repeat, even if they do. Most say they stay away from it entirely, or at least try to. It’s humility. But Domi’s reasoning has another layer. It’s advice he got years ago from Tie.

“The best guys he played with were the guys who didn’t ever watch highlights or read that stuff,” Domi says. “The media’s gonna get on you about the lows and they’re gonna get on you about the highs, too.
You don’t want to make the roller coaster even worse.” The rookie has got a point.

Studying is something we all have to do, but sadly we all don’t know what makes for an effective study session. I’ve decided to inform you all on something new that I’m doing, that’s been helping me. Enjoy! xoxo - Domi

You are going to need a studyguide. If your professor/teacher doesn’t provide you with one, refer to my post here on how I create mine.

I study 1-2 weeks before a period exam, which is less information than a Midterm or Final where I will make a post about later. Using this method the day before may/may not work, I highly recommend you stop procrastinating.

001; - Gather all of your class notes, powerpoints, and studyguides. In order to start studying you will need to have everything organized down to a “T” which means your notes should already be re-written, power-points should be in order, and you should have a study guide on-hand. If you still need to do any of these steps..then you’re not ready for the actual studying. When studying you shouldn’t be spending your time re-writing. Instead, you should  be focusing on allowing your brain to start reading + recognizing + retaining information that you’ve been taught. This means you should have already condensed information from your text books, and you no longer need to refer to it.

002; - Get rid of all distractions. If you need to travel away from home to study,then do so. I don’t study in the library because I don’t like overly quiet places. Maybe a coffee shop with soothing music in the background? Or a nook around Campus with great scenery? But anyways, turn off your cellphone, shut down your laptop, and your tablet. It’s proven that majority of the people learn more with the usual pen, and paper. Trying to read off a screen is not only straining to the eyes, but also has shown to not be helpful when trying to remember everything you’ve read. Keeping a small music player is okay, but if possible hide the device that the music is playing on, so that you aren’t tempted to get distracted.

003; - Read out loud. Now do you see why I can’t go to a library? Especially when I’m studying maths, I talk aloud to myself physically and mentally going through each step of a problem to figure out the answer. No matter what class you’re studying for. You will recall information better when you hear it several times. You need to get use to your own voice, and read aloud.

004; - Create a reward system. Have a favorite candy? Place ONE piece at the end of a section, paragraph, vocab word, or etc that you’re studying. Using #3 if you can read it out loud 5-10x correctly without looking at the paper, give yourself a snack. What happens if I get it wrong? You haven’t learned it, you don’t get a snack…;((( move the candy to a different section, paragraph, vocab word etc and now you have to memorize 2 things 5-10x instead of one. If you’re doing math, after every 5 problems you get right without cheating, you earn a candy. This is a disciplinary method not meant to stress you out, but  meant to teach you how to study the importance of what you need to learn, recognize word phrasing, and retain the information.

005; - Take a break. After you finish a chapter/section, chillax. You’re studying 1-2weeks ahead of time, so this gives you a window to breathe, but don’t allow that breathing room fill up with procrastination. I usually do 15-30min breaks depending on how rigorous the work is. If you follow schedule correctly, you can even chose to have a day to yourself, where you don’t study. I tend to use Sunday as my chill day.

006; - Break up your work. Don’t sit there and go over every chapter in 1 day. That’s way too much. You need to learn how to revisit your information appropriately. Split up the work evenly, and make a schedule (with the free printables so many people offer on here) and write which days you’re going to study which chapters/sections. Here’s the trick: If on Day 1 You study Chapter 1, then Day 2 you should study all of Chapter 2, and THEN spend about 30 mins revisiting what you’ve learned from Chapter 1. You shouldn’t have to necessarily look back through your Chapter 1 notes, but don’t stress yourself out if you forgot something, that’ll help you realize what you need to focus on.

007; - Form a study group. For the love of everything, get you a study partner. Study partners make the work seem so much easier, you have another human being who can actually interact with you, and help you come up with fun ways to remember information. I NEVER study for a test alone, I promise you…it’s so much harder just trying to drill information in your head alone. Having a friend with you makes you feel more relaxed knowing you’re not the only one. If you have social anxiety, or anything keeping you from making a friend in person. Find someone in the Studyblr community with that class, and try skyping or something so you speak/see them in the comfort of your own room. There’s a cool Studyblr Skype post going around, but I can’t find it, so if you do..please add it to this post as well.

008; - Don’t procrastinate. You are only doing yourself a huge favor. Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do to yourself in college (also plagiarizing), two things you just shouldn’t do. Now, I’m sure a handful of you have/will procrastinate (because I used to), but you have to learn how to discipline yourself. If you have no drive/motivation…find some from somewhere.

009; - Find practice problems. Go online, ask the teacher for some during class, find worksheets from a different school, get some from your textbook. Wherever you get them, do them. Practice problems can help be the difference from you getting an A instead of a B on a test. It shows that the more you take time to really practice, and understand the material…the better you’ll do. If you can’t find any, make one yourself. Go to Quizlet* or download the app, create your account, and plug in your problems. They offer very fun ways for you to study all of your information.

010; - Ask for help. Don’t feel ashamed. If you’re paying all that money for school, you’re damn right you better speak up and ask questions if you have any. Not asking questions that confuse you can haunt you on the test..and you’ll wish you asked them. Are you just way too shy? Email your professor/teacher formally and be as specific as possible.

011; - Reteach/help others. This is also where your friends who don’t have your class come into play. Hang out without and ask them if you can teach them somethings you’ve learned in class. ( I promise you, me and my best friend do this, I swear on everything I love I am not telling you to do something I, myself don’t do.) Talk to them and teach them what you know. Ask them if they understood what you said, and have them say it back to you. If they can say it without a slight bit of confusion, and if you can tell they understood it 99.9% then you’re good. This is the MOST important part. Reteaching material you learn helps gain your confidence that you understand the information. Having someone be able to recall what you say is self-satisfying.

Okay my little studybuddies (my new catchphrase name for you peeps)! Go out and conquer your exams :* Message me if you need me.

* I am in no way sponsored to have you all click on the “Quizlet” link.I am honestly giving you all a website that I use for studying

** I found the background picture re-uploaded on google and just added all text myself. Credit for the pictures is definitely whoever’s this is.

Vi el video de @domy-salv y me pregunte por que nunca había visto esto? en lugar de estar haciendo salseo por lo que dijo luzu acerca de rubelangel concentrémonos en esto las fotos no son mías ♥ 

posiblemente haya ocurrido un abrazo y beso wigetta y ustedes haciendo bardo por lo que dijo luzu, todavia no me cabe en la cabeza el por que alex borro el video, pero cuando mangel hace una seña para que se separen, me dio vida 

Vídeo de los momentos: 

Vídeo de domy: les recomiendo que lo vean que el explica todo lo de las imágenes